Years later; will the gift be good enough?

Obviously I know no one is allowed to tell us what the gift is. But since it’s been an couple of years now—what do you think? Will the early adopters gift be good enough?

Still looking forward one day to find out what it is!

Well, that depends, because even those of us in Treg, who know the “top” gift, have no idea what lower level gifts are, or even what dates result in a lower level.

So, right off the bat, even we can only evaluate the top gift, but still don’t know who qualifies for it.

Let’s begin by assuming you would qualify for the top gift. In that case (assuming it ships) then, yes, it absolutely is worth it.

I base this on things people made conjecture about when it was first announced.

Of course, there were those who always criticize and assume the worst - like saying the top gift will just be a coffee cup or t-shirt. In fact, they said such things even when WT said the top gift was NOT like that.

So we move on to the other things that people suggested/hoped for. I don’t recall most of them, but I do recall some which I never thought were reasonable to expect.

But, in my opinion, when I saw what it actually was, I would say it was better than the most optimistic guesses, assuming I didn’t miss any of those.

Still, it only matters if it ships.


Thanks! I placed my order on 3/9/15 so I’ve been assuming I qualify for the top gift. It’s been quite a while!

Well, we ordered the same day - but I wouldn’t assume anything. We have really nothing to go by at this point.

I recall some pretty high numbers for sales just the first couple days so there is going to be the issue of how many of the top gift can they afford to give?

Then there is the question of whether it chances as people drop out. Supose they are going to give 10,000 of the top gift. If 500 of the first 10,000 drop out, do they extend it to the next 500? Or just save by only needing to do 9,500?

I have no idea!

But I will add this - I consider this keyboard to be a steal not only at the original $100 price, but they did talk here long ago about how the price will likely go up when shipping starts. So let’s say it goes up by $30. I’d still consider it a steal.

Not only because of how good the typing feel is, not only because it is fantastic for avoiding stress, not only because of it’s customization, but because I can use just 1 keyboard for every device I have, as long as someone else isn’t using one at the same time I’m using another.

Oh, and the extreme portability and I can easily connect it to any friends computer, etc, as it is easy to carry anyplace I go.

But it still has to actually ship!


Depends if you want a Clinton/Kaine 2016 bumper sticker… ah oops, forget I said that.


Kamikasky - confirm that your priority date gets max gift, which is equal to dbk’ s.

General release non-preorder price is being adjusted to $129.

All current pre-orders keep their $99 price + gift.


Well, I’m pretty sure this is the vey first time we even had a clue as to the time frame for the top gift! Good to know!

Of course, I suspect there will now be a rush from those with later order dates asking if they qualify- which is why I’m actually surprised you said this much! But I’m glad you did. Thanks.


Can you tell us what the cut off date is for the top gift? Up until now, I did not realize there were tiers, and I am sure several of us would like to know if we made the top tier.

Now I wonder if I qualify for top tier gift too :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a little later with 29th March 2015, but here’s hoping it covers the whole of March. Although I suspect @dabigkahuna is correct with a set number. Hopefully we will all get to find out this year when it arrives in the post :crossed_fingers:

Talking about years later, it was 6 years ago today when I placed my order.


Certainly understandable that people are going to want to know if they qualify for the top gift, but really, it is just as important to know the other levels and that their gift would be - not that I expect them to ever announce before release what any gift is!

I would add that there is also the question as to whether any time frame they give is locked in. Assuming it ships, I can’t see them reducing any announced date. Thus it would definitely go to March 9, 2015 order date.

But who knows, maybe with the very long delays, the original time limit was the end of January and they quietly extended it because of the delays. Or may extend it in the future for that reason.

Still, it only matters if it ships.

Gifts are nice but getting the basic product purchased would be the biggest gift in my view.


Absolutely. Which is why I keep referencing with comments like “if it ships”! After all, if it doesn’t, then there is no gift at all.

Me too: 3/9/15

Like I mentioned in another thread, I had to cancel and reorder, but I’m still here and still waiting. In 4 months I’ll hit the 6 year mark myself. I was even early enough that I made it onto this thread: Who has the earliest order?

It’s a Tesla Roadster.

But yeah, at this point, I’d rather see the GA TextBlade :rofl:

funny, I never saw that thread… 1/13/2015 14:23… would be pretty close to the top on that list.

Gift? 1/17/2015 12.12 GMT. I missed my 6th year anniversary, will it be opportunity to join the TREG?