WT - Do you have any progress with the post promised for release yesterday?

Continuing the discussion from New Blog Post Up!:

Continuing the discussion from Robustness, how tough is this thing?:

In the above post WT state there will be an update and some pictures: has anyone seen these yet?

WT can you please provide an update.

They just did - Robustness, how tough is this thing?

Yep, go here.

And the progress update?

By the way this design is A1 there is no question about this. After all that is why we have ordered from you: we just want to understand what the progress is and when we can expect to receive one to use.

WT, you have made several long posts on these pages in response to comment but still not update on the code freeze or progress in general.

How are you doing? October, November or December, which is it?


‘Working hard during weekend, made progress on intergeneration artifact. Looking cool. Make update soon, punchlist is getting shorter.’

Probably something like that.

New post concerning updates on firmware