Would like Waytools app to be able to export a PDF "cheat sheet"

The on-screen legends are great, but I’d like the app to be able to generate a PDF file or something so I can print out a cheat sheet for use on devices that don’t explicitly support the software yet. I plan to try and use the TextBlade for everything once I get it, including with my Windows and OS X computers, so that might help with the learning curve.


Here is a stitched screenshot of the legends you can print.


Oh, I never thought of that! Good work, that’s exactly what I was talking about, except I need Dvorak instead of QWERTY. Did you use a particular software to generate that, or just cut-and-paste a bunch of images into Photoshop and align them manually?

I just took screen shots and used an app called Stitch It!. Here is Dvorak:


And Colemak:


Thanks, this is great!

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And emoji just for fun:

Glad I could help. There is a paid version of the Stitch It! App, but I just use the free version.

@Jim -

Thanks for pulling those together and doing the various layouts!! Very much appreciated!

I am pushing myself to learn Colemak. I just got Keyboard covers and stickers to put on them to learn the layout. I am not a touch typist on a flat keyboard because I cannot gague the distance from one key to the next without looking. Nor do I have the manual dexterity to twist my fingers into the necessary positions. But I am hoping the reduced finger travel of the TextBlade will enable me to develop so I don’t have to watch the keyboard ALL the time.

Any increase I can get in my typing speed will help me work that much faster. So I am preparing to make the jump to Colemak on ALL my keyboards. I have four I use regularly throughout the day, not including my iPhone or iPad.

Are you trying to adopt correct fingering now with Colemak?

I was pseudo touch typing on qwerty,

The efficiency gains of Colemak, Dvorak, etc are relative to correct typing on qwerty. I would think hunt and pecking on them would lose most of the benefit.

Learning a new layout seems like the time you can learn correct fingering in parallel so effectively for free. It felt that way to me.

Nice one Jim.

Hi @Dave,

If that question was directed at me, the answer is yes. I am hoping to learn the layout and touch-type with the TextBlade. As I’ve mentioned, I am too clumsy to touch-type on a flat keyboard. The only time I was able to type without looking was when I used to use a special ergonomic keyboard called the DataHand. [picture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DataHand#/media/File:DataHand_overhead_view.jpg ]
It’s unique format allowed me to touch-type.

This is one of the primary reasons I want my TextBlades so badly - the hope that it will enable my fingers to keep up with my brain! :smiley:

Good plan. I think Colemak / Dvorak users will have a significant advantage when adapting to TextBlade - less than half the hits on the smaller adjacent keys so the device is a lot more like a conventional keyboard for us.

Adding maps for international QWERTY (UK) and Danish for @boototter: