Will TextBlade work with Plover?

Title says it all: http://www.openstenoproject.org/plover/

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I personally haven’t used Plover or another Steno system–might be something to try going forwards but I’m not there yet–but a quick readthrough on the Plover site shows that it will work on any NKRO-capable keyboard, which I do believe TextBlade is. https://github.com/openstenoproject/plover/wiki/Supported-Hardware#keyboards

The only problem I can imagine would be if Plover wants you pressing a sequence of keys that TextBlade interprets as a chord of its own–Edit, Select, Macro, Jumps, Ctrl, Alt, Cmd, Etc. But that should be a fairly simple fix on the TextBlade side, once it gets to general release and you have multimap to rearrange what everything does. Maybe a simple switch from Plover mode to regular and back on TextBlade?

There might also be a problem if Plover wants you to press two keys that are on the same physical key with TextBlade.

But, it seems to me that these problems are mostly software-level, and TextBlade is easy to update and change on the software side, far more so than any other keyboard I can think of.

As a sidenote, with TextBlade and possibly things like steno and Plover, I’m going to have to start cyber-augmenting my brain just so it can actually reach the full potential of how fast I can type. Of course, actually being able to think and type as fast as a Stenofied TextBlade would allow would be…awesome, but also terrifying.
I’ve had a few people describe my typing on TextBlade as sounding like rain on a tin roof when I get going, and that’s with plain old Colemak. Add Steno to that, and brain augments so I can actually think fast enough to keep up with my fingers…I might actually be able to do a million words in a month, or more!

Thank you for your insight. Steno (or any other type of chording) was always of interest to me (I also liked the idea of one handed typing). Unfortunately it took me two passes through typing class (yes, back in the day, we had such things) to master QWERTY.

I also wonder about the gamers out there - the re-maping might be nice but things may not be fast enough over bluetooth.

In any case, since I still await delivery, all I can do is muse about it all mentally.

crcowan - plover is essentially a mapper, and TextBlade also has a built-in mapper.

So combining them is possible, but you’re effectively stacking two mapping layers, with the potential for unintended contention.

You also have to install plover on each host where you want its services, whereas TextBlade’s mapping is integral to the device, and therefore portable and universal across all hosts, without any installation at all.

At issue during treg has been the degree of generalization of arbitrary mappings that users want. A driver like plover’s main utility is leveraging generality to emulate steno.

Users have lobbied for integrating that more generalized power into the firmware of TextBlade itself. Our new firmware is built to do this, and even provides user config control not possible on apps like plover.

There is a much finer degree of control over configuration when you can redefine the multitouch zones on TextBlade’s maglever mechanical switch technology. That’s not possible with soldered fixed switches.


it makes sense that you guys like to promote the textblade at every opportunity, but that’s not so much comparing apples to oranges as apples to floorboards. they’re doing completely different things… unless you’re telling us that the new firmware can keep full custom steno dictionaries with 10s of 1000s … /googles … no, 100s of 1000s of chord to word mappings.