Will TextBlade have USB C charging system?

Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers are changing their USB A interface to USB C. How about TextBlade?.. Does Waytools have the plan to change?

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We do. An adapter is in the works.

Because the usb C male shell is thicker than the NanoCharger, we have to do it a little different way. But we think we can make it pretty convenient.


lol, I wouldn’t push them on that. I believe there’s a good chance USB releases a D or E standard before GR :see_no_evil:


I would love wireless charging the way the Samsung Galaxy Buds charge by placing them on your phone. My only dislike of the TB is the way it charges. However, I’d also prefer USB C over current solution so am happy to see that.

I think an upgrade to USB C would be better than carrying around a dongle. Only my kobo has the regular USB and I’ll upgrade it ASAP.

Wow that stinks I now predict GR in 2023.