Who will deliver first? Elon or WayTools

Elon has shown his proof of concept neural link. At least one intent is to be able to convey information directly from the brain to a computer. If Elan comes through first, we won’t need a TextBlade, we’ll just think about what we want to type. Will be interesting to see how speed varies between people

Neuralink is doing the first steps of what will ultimately change humanity.

This does involve drilling a one inch hole in your skull, installing a metal puck to replace the lost bone, and robotically threading 1024 wires into your neocortex brain tissues, which is … well, brain surgery.

Surprisingly, it still relies on pesky Bluetooth and your smartphone to connect to the cloud.

The Bluetooth spec will change, and they will switch to their own secure radio protocol - because of life safety requirements.

Once they get past the experimental phase, they’ll offer a version 1 therapeutic device for people with severe brain or spinal injuries.

Sometime in the 2030’s, healthy folks might get it implanted. This will not only replace your keyboard, but at the same time your iPhone, PC, TV, and in fact, all your screens and UI devices. You’ll just see images in your head.

Long before that happens, you won’t be driving a car so much. Autonomous AI will be at least 10X safer than the most skilled human drivers.

Neuralink is doing noble work that will help many who suffer today, whom we currently can’t help.

Ultimately though, once this technology is deployed practically, there’s no turning back.

ThIs link will in reality be a kind of gateway step, on the path to to replacing our entire bodies. Our species will change, to a new form created by intelligent design, rather than the fortuitous evolutionary accidents that have brought us here.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride with these remarkably capable bodies and minds we are so lucky to have been given.

TextBlade will have a most excellent run during this time, helping us achieve achieve more, and labor less, using our increasingly awesome computers.

We will likely look back upon this era as a golden age, where we reach the pinnacle of human endeavor.

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Please Waytools Team can you respond to the ever present request for the update you promised us over a year ago.

It is insulting that you are able to make posts like this but yet not provide the update you promised on your own progress.

The stream of people cancelling orders looks to be growing, not because they do not believe in the product, rather because you are repeatedly dishonouring your promises. This degrading by your own team of Waytools credibility is not something we are enjoying watching.

I have also been chasing an update on my returned unit that has been with you for a month now without any feedback despite regular requests via the App. It is very hard to go back to a conventional keyboard after using the Textblade for so long.

It IS a great product and we do want to see it come to the open market but if you do not review your own process and customer facing attitudes you may find it harder than you believe. From experience it is easier to take your customer with you than have to fight to regain their good will.

One unhappy client will tell a hundred how bad you are, one happy client will tell ten how happy they are with your product and service!


Laverda - above comment is a bit more of a topic for the update thread, where we’ve also posted several incremental updates describing our progress and focus of current work.

The topic of Neuralink was not raised by us, but it is a legitimate question. If we all get brain implants soon, why would we need any iPhones or TextBlades?

We think this change will eventually come, but for the event horizon, we’ll all be craving more and better smartphones, and high quality keyboards. As your post clearly underlines.

We certainly empathize with your sentiments, prompted by missing your TextBlade shipped to us for repair.

This is sort of the conundrum of creating something good - users squawk loudly when it’s temporarily away from them. Understandably so. We’re very sorry for that inconvenience. It’s another reason why we’re working so hard to make them very abundant. We know how much they’re needed.

Our apologies for the logistics hurdles at the moment, There are odd short term effects from covid lockdowns, but we will make sure yours gets shipped back to you in pristine operating condition.

Sorry we didn’t respond to your ping earlier. We’ll be able to confirm timing for you on the app, once some replacement parts arrive at our shelter-in-place locations.

Finally, we deeply appreciate your expression of fondness for the product. It is a great affirmation of our mission, and motivates and inspires us to do all that it takes to bring this to everyone.


“TextBlade will have a most excellent run during this time”

Me thinks someone else just watch the new Bill & Ted movie :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: