Who has the earliest order date?

Reprising the classic thread;

I now bring you its magnificent progeny

The thread title says delivery, but more interesting is shipment
(we aren’t here to measure FedEx performance in Madagascar)

I can no longer edit the OP of the order thread so I will collect future order dates here also.

Please mention your layout, especially if not QWERTY
(build & ship is batched so later qwerty may trump earlier Klingon)
… and… FIGHT
******* ORDER LEADER BOARD ********

Jan 13 09:00 PST Gruff07

Jan 13 11:14 PST XenDeKhra

Jan 13 12:14 PST honus ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 13 12:34 PST mizzou

Jan 13 12:40 PST adam ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 13 13:00* PST Conrad

Jan 13 (13:21 PST) 21:21 GMT Megapode

Jan 13 13:16 PST vaerie

Jan 13th 14:40 PST dahowe

Jan 13 14:55 MST soloact ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 13 14:53 PST michael

Jan 13 15:19 PST Dave [Blank]

Jan 13 18:28 PST toonetown ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 13 23:43 PST (01:43 CST) Travelingtech

Jan 13 ebelew (x2)

Jan 13 michael

Jan 14 06:14 EST petek

Jan 14 06:47 PST spamray

Jan 14 07:07 PST Iarmic

Jan 14 8:20 PST Irideducs

Jan 14 11:00 nico_h

Jan 14 11:59 PST (14:59 EST) deltakilosierra

Jan 14 12:33 Lazlo

Jan 14 15:09 PST mp3monkey

Jan 15 16:30 PST (Jan 15 00:30 GMT) Rocky ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 14 20:56 CST Dani

Jan 14 20:23 PST ubi

Jan 14 20:50 PST twoboxen

Jan 14 23:48 PST MidwestSurfer

Jan 15 10:47 PST adamda30 ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 15 12:51 PST virbing

Jan 15th at 14:24 PST Holydiver ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 15 16:20 PST pcar ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 15 dws3

Jan 15 boototter [Danish]

Jan 16 05:21 patrickgeelen

January 16 8:47 PST seth

Jan 16 10:45 marcusa

Jan 16 Jakkris ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 16 bnewport ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 16 20:54PM PST MaggieL ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 17 09:56 PST CanoeBC

Jan 17 Gumby

Jan 17 rick

Jan 17 Jonvaljean

Jan 17 Aeter ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 17 Mensachicken ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Jan 18 18:23 PST werebear [Korean]

Jan 18 18:46 PST Rob

Jan 18 19:09 Guyturf

Jan 19 RedMenace

Jan 19 nyb

Jan 19 Hangie

Jan 20 16:45 CST bryan

Jan 20 AlexBBrown

Jan 22 Norman

Jan 22 flapperjay

Jan 30 dinchamion ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Feb 01 09:37 EST imarc

Feb 01 04:05 PST jeani

Feb 01 rjtumble

Feb 02 10:39 PST Quique

Feb 02 16:27 CST Timrand

Feb 03 gkrash ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Feb 04 BrettB

Feb 05 01:59 PST Kadege ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Feb 06 jahfre [QWERTY]

Feb 07 00:23 GMT rekuron

Feb 07 sg1000

Feb 07 20:04 GMT ajp10304

Feb 07 doublebars ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Feb 24 Trickflow ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Mar 7 13:16 PST HuntAndPeckTypist

Mar 7 cjr

Mar 7 chappel [Dvorak]

Mar 7 OldBlue

Mar 7 Athan

Mar 8 23:40 GMT (SGT?) divefroggy

Mar 8 TommyCR

Mar 9 04:48 PST wilsonlaidlaw

Mar 9 16:25 MST bcharleson ----------------------------- CANCELLED

Mar 9 jinchoung

Mar 9 Laverda

Mar 9 dabigwalloftext

Mar 12 08:37 GMT dshields

Mar 12 brandon

Mar 13 Jim

Mar 14 schizo_224

Mar 14 09:24 EDT imarc the extravagant

Mar 15 13:00 GMT rberenguel ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Mar 30 CanoeBC

Apr 2 komidore64 ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Apr 3 discokvn

Apr 6 Bryce

Apr 9 awh_tokyo

Apr 22 RominRonin (cancelled & reinstated)

Apr 11 CSeresin

May 12 adriandday

May 26 20:06 MST StarShadow ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Jun 15 wieb83zd ------------------------------ CANCELLED

Jun 29 black_jaquar

Jul 31 20:12 PST FeebleOldMan

Oct 27 chappel [QWERTY]




Order Jan 19, but reported as Jan 20 on order page.

I had similar, order and confirmation email was a day ahead of what now shows on the status page.

I noticed when I was in Canada last month, the dates on my order history all showed up as a day earlier than they show in Japan. So it takes local time zone into account on the display. So maybe people ordered near midnight and there’s some daylight savings thing going on?

Ah! This is likely it. Thanks, despite being a timezone refugee I did not factor that.

Oh, checking my order confirmation I noted:

So that should be “24/7/366” now I suppose…until 2017, when it becomes “24/7/365” for a while.

Logically, it should be 24-7-52 or 24-365. There aren’t 365 weeks in a year (at least not on Earth).

January 18th at 7:09 pm - Guyturf!

Jan 13th at 2:40 pm PST. David

“24 hours a day” => all day
“7 days a week” => all week
“365[/6] days a year” => all year

are the usual idioms… the second one even spawned a Beatles song.

“Logically” by your lights, wouldn’t it be 24-168-8760 ?

January 13th (2015); 12:34 PST

No, that’s not logical.

24 hours/day = all hours of the day. Fine.

7 days/week = all days of the week. Fine. (8 if you’re a Beatle.)

365 days/year doesn’t follow, since we’ve already used days directly above. 52 weeks/year (= all weeks of the year) follows the pattern set up by the first two. It drives me nuts that people don’t say 24-7-52. What’s the purpose of the 7 if you’re going to jump to 365 days/year? Just skip the 7 in that case.

It would be like saying 60-60-1440 for seconds-minutes-hours (wrong) instead of 60-60-24.

The rest of the world is wrong to use the 24-7-365 idiom – I’m not crazy! :wink:


Since a year actually has more than 52 weeks we typically wouldn’t say 52 weeks of the year…

April 11 here


I’m back, did you miss me?

Welcome back!

I guess you did not retain your original order date?

So, among folks who care enough to be here and speak up, right now we see:

50 orders at announcement in January.
10 in February, when shipments were first supposed to begin.
15 true believers in March.
Onsies and twosies until July.
Then crickets.

I wouldn’t worry about mechanical supply once they first get the firmware out the door, we’ve probably already seen photos of enough TextBlades to fulfill all the existing orders.

And in only one trip to the FedEx box…

Once there actually is product and early user reports get out, then things could change. Depending on the reports, of course…

The blog post from Jan 28 claims the entire Keys for Kids program was filled, thus also claiming sales of at least 10,000 units in the first 2 weeks. Make of that what you will…

At the launch of TextBlade, WayTools set up a matching donation program, to reach its goal of granting 10,000 TextBlades. As orders for TextBlade swelled from over 70 countries, in less than two days, the entire Keys for Kids mission was fully endowed. WayTools is now reviewing applications for grants to be awarded this summer.

From the York Academy Newsletter to Parents, February 13 2015:

A last note to parents about opportunities for York Academy Let me tell you all a little story…

On January 18, while surfing the internet looking for an easy-to-carry, in-my-jacket pocket folding keyboard for my iPhone to use it as a mini computer in classrooms and around school, when I discovered a brand new device called the TextBlade: https://waytools.com/products/textblade/1/trailer After reading their entire website, and discovering that they would be donating some of their production of TextBlades to “schools in need” I wrote the company the following email:

Dear WayTools,

My name is Jim Pastore and I am the CAO (Chief Academic Officer) for York Academy Regional Charter School in York, PA. I just wrote a grant to get our school 120 more ipads…and if you are looking for a school where your “Text Blade” keyboards can have an immediate impact, it is this school, York Academy. We currently have 39 iPads in our three grade 5 classrooms, and coupling your innovative and game changing keyboards will help my students as they work towards their International Baccalaureate culminating project in May. This “Exhibition” will be a community event and your WayTools keyboards would be a very valuable tool for the students, which could then be used in summer school by students, and given to some students to use at home over the summer…and into the next school year. I would be willing to discuss with your managers a collaboration with our school as a promotional backdrop for your product. I myself bought one of your keyboards to use with my iPhone6+ so that I can use it as a much more functional mini-computer in classroom for evaluations and writing notes to teachers and students. We are a not for profit educational institution. There is no holding company, no board member has a stake in the school- all are volunteers- and I run the school as the administrator in charge. However, we only get approximately 80% of the funds generated by taxes for each student, due to the funding formulas set up in our state. I like to say “…we do 100% with only 80% of the funding others get!” We are a Title 1 school, and our school is an incredible mix of ethnic groups- 37% white, 33% African American, 20% Hispanic, 10% mixed race, the rest “other.” We are also 65% urban students and 35% suburban- a truly regional school that is a model “melting pot” of what charter schools are supposed to be. In my 18 months here at the school (we are in year 4 right now,) we have pushed past initial start-up growth pains and are taking great strides towards being the best elementary school in any urban environment in this state. I believe firmly this will happen within three years at the most. We just gained our International Baccalaureate PYP (Primary Years Programme) Authorization, and it came 6-8 months early; that is how well we were prepared for the site visit in October. We are currently grades K-5 and growing to K-6 next year, and then on to K-12 by 2022, when we will graduate our first seniors, many who will have the IB diploma. I cannot think of a school that could serve as a better background for your product. Please consider contacting us about how we can work together. Please think about contacting me about this opportunity, and thank you so much for your 1:1 donation idea in the first month. That is amazing, and I hope we can somehow be a part of where you spread out your donated TextBlades. Have a great rest of your weekend, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Jim Pastore

I invite you to go to the following link to read about how that late night email led to a wonderful opportunity for our students and school ( https://waytools.com/us/news/press/2015/january/28/press-release ). We have obtained a tech donation of special keyboards to use with iPads (and other blue toothed devices) that will permit our students to type more efficiently and effectively, thereby permitting them to express themselves more and more. Have a great weekend, everyone! Sincerely,
“Teaching children HOW to think, not what to think.”
James Pastore
Chief Academic Officer

Pastore left York five months later, BTW…

I expect to, but lets wait and see…