While we wait, how about we get to learn TextBlade Shortcuts?

I, for one, haven’t posted on this forum in quite a while. It’s amusing reading all the posts out there (and how creative people can get).

Ok, so the TextBlade is late and some of us are starting to question the company’s legitimacy. But, I think our time is best spent learning about that gizmo. I know there are a couple of vids showcasing its capabilities, but I’m more interested in learning the different shortcuts and key combinations. So, when I finally get it, I wont pass most of my time in the dreadful learning curve.

How about a list of most common shortcuts. Most of us, me included, may be using this device to write on a daily basis (coding, articles, etc…), and most importantly, being able to type on different devices without the hassle of re-pairing. I think, a list of shortcuts is well warranted to familiarize ourselves with this device.

Waytools, do you have an instructions guide for “default” shortcuts? I know we can customize, but why do so when most of the available shortcuts are readily installed by default (correct me if I’m wrong).

Are there more shortcuts than what is portrayed in the vids?

Do not despair, it will be done, eventually. I know how this process works (not on the software side though).


A very useful call to action, I’d like to direct Mac OS X users to the following topic, in which @wmertens shares his TextBlade firmware emulation via an OS X remapping tool callled Karabiner:

I have been using (and customising) the layout profile, and am TOTALLY in love with it, to the extent that I’m in the process of building a custom keyboard with the firmware built in as standard.


RominRonin sure sounds VERY FAMILIAR with the TextBlade operation… you don’t suppose…he’s someone on the inside do you…??? :wink:


If he was, we’d have been treated better, and they’d have shipped by now.


This sounds great.

Any idea if there is a Karabiner equivalent for Windows, especially one that can load this keyboard profile?

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I’m a very basic user of Karabiner already, and this thread really interests me!

Once again, I’m extremely basic, so far using it simply to swap my Option / Command keys in a VM and make them Windows / Alt. Stuff like that.

Reading that post, I’m confused by what is meant by chording S+D+F. I’ve got the private.xml code from wmertens, so I’ll just go through that line by line until I “get it,” but perhaps people who are unfamiliar with looking at Karabiner code (or code in general) could use a little more color?

I’d do it myself but I’m hardly qualifed…

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I think you might be able to get that kind of functionality from a global hotkey manager, though I haven’t tried this myself.

I don’t use windows that often, but it would be nice to have the same keyboard across all of my devices. Ultimately that’s why I’d like to build my own keyboard and program my own firmware… Have you considered it yourself?

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Chording implies pressing multiple keys simultaneously, in your example, the S, D and F keys. When those keys are pressed together, the enable the arrow keys to make a selection. Watch the videos on the WayTools homepage for more of their shortcuts…

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Thanks for the reply, RominRonin! I’m aware of what chording is. I wasn’t sure what it would accomplish, but now that you’ve reminded me about the how-to videos, I’ll be able to brush up on all of these.

It’s been a while since I watched them…