Which thumb to use for spacebar?

In the demo, you show the left thumb being used for spaces and the right thumb for holding down for the modifier function. Is this programmable? In other words, can spacing be done by the right thumb and the modifier invoked from another zone on the spacebar / battery unit?

I tried spacing using my left thumb (I was taught to use the right thumb in typing class) and spacing with the left thumb felt very unnatural. It slowed my typing speed down to about 25% of normal.

You can type spaces with either thumb.

Symbols + numbers are accessed by holding down the spacebar, and this works with either thumb too.

The SpaceBlade is a MultiTouch surface, and detects where you press. It is possible for different zones (like the corners) to be mapped to different functions. MultiMap lets you control what these corners do.

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Ooh, neat. Can the zones be mapped to modifier keys as well? (e.g. ctrl, alt, super, etc.)

Yep. The default config comes with the left corner mapped to Command.