Where's WayTools? (with apologies to Martin Handford)

Last Blog Update: March
Last Status Update: June 16
Last Forum Update: July 17


bfrank - great art, thanks!

Briefly - We’re checking off a few more Bluetooth related items so we have a clearer view to update. Working on a new release right now to test that with some TREG users this week. Will post next update after user feedback on the new release.

Thank you


Would it be possible to also include an update on the Green Ink formulation and printing in your next update?
The last Green Ink update was on May 12th.

Thanks in advance!

I see two QBots

I found Waldo almost straight away!

More importantly, did you find the TextBlade?

Yes I did, but it took me a fair bit longer!

Really, really what follows is not sarcasm, I put my order on Jan 15, and really, I’m not longer sure about Jan of what year.
You are writing about a new TREG release. My order says Summer and fall comes in 40 days or so, and it still says summer, no finer timeframe yet. So?
It’s a keyboard!!!
Ya sé que para uds. es la próxima maravilla de la tecnología, pero se usa para tipear, es un teclado y le erran por años!!


Ah, I found the TB too. It was easier to find Waldo.

I found Evil Waldo first, then Waldo and finally the TB, but not sure if it’s really the TB in the pic or something else. If any only if we have enough of these puzzles to keep us occupied until we all get a TB. I’ve already cancelled my pre-order and will pay retail price for it when it do get release. If and only if I can get on TREG, I would hop back on the Pre-order wagon without a second thought. WB, wink wink. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I wonder if DBK works at WT, I see DBK start a post or respond to a post no matter where I look. DBK, are you typing on your TB when you write on here?

@rsambuelli - you made me laugh. Specially your last sentence in Spanish - you should have done it in English.

Translated it for you: “I know that for you, (the TB) is an upcoming technological marvel, but it is (just) used for typing, it is a keyboard, and you have missed (GR) for years!!


There are a couple things that I wondered about whether they were supposed to be the TextBlade, mostly based on some angles (like the arms of the robots), but once I found the TB, it was obvious.

I don’t work for WayTools. My total connection to them is as a customer and as a member of Treg.

I probably see most posts here - thus respond quickly - for a number of reasons. When at home, I’m pretty much always at the computer setup, which is also set up for TV. This is because I invested a lot of money in a chair to help with my bad back. Can’t sit long anyplace else without a lot of pain. So, whether watching TV, reading a book, or actually doing work on the computer, I always have quick access to the computer and have a bunch of tabs set up for things I check regularly, which includes this site. I’ll tend to do other things, but regularly just check out some of those tabs. Even if not at the computer, I’ll hear notifications for updates.

And, yes, almost every post I make is typed on the TB, unless I’m out someplace else (doctor, dentist, etc) and respond to something with my iPhone. Even if I have the TB with me, I usually don’t bother to get it out for one post.

I found Waldo’s head - body is hidden behind another - and finally found the TextBlade - good puzzle.

I wish I could find my textblade.


really hope the reason i can’t find the textblade is i’m not a treg’er.


DBK and other TREG’s,

Have you scene a new release this week?

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It can’t be anything else. See below.


I have a prerelease of the latest firmware. This sometimes happens when they want some feedback before finalizing the version for all treg members. I usually get them because I have told them I’m always willing to take on any risk to have the latest and also because they know I’ll immediately give it a serious workout.

They did say some other stuff will be added when they send out the regular release.

I can say that, so far, I haven’t seen any issues, but then, I usually don’t anyway. One thing they did say they improved was the time to make an update (actually, this was part of the App update which also came very recently). It definitely went a lot faster when I installed the latest firmware - maybe something like 33% faster or maybe even better than that.

I only know for sure of one other person who got the prerelease and they haven’t posted any issues.