What's in your bag? More report on the iPad journey

If you filter for iPad apps only, just the first one appears. If you filter for iPhone apps only, just the second one appears.

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Interesting. They both say they support iPhone and iPad though. Only the Splashtop Personal for iPhone is free right now. That’s the one I downloaded. I’ll see if there is missing functions when I try it on the iPad this weekend.

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I’ve used screens for years and you don’t have to pay for the Mac part to get connected to your Mac. You just need to buy the iOS version. The Mac software is to use that machine to connect to other machines

With the 12.9" iPad and TextBlade, I now need to figure out the best way to type while on the subway. I have 40 min. commute to and from work each day and I usually use that to type on my laptop. Now that some of you have experience with this, what have you found as a good way to set up an iPad and TB on your lap in an unstable, moving seat? I did order an iPad case w/stand that has a wide base for extra stability, so that should help.

I tested Splashtop Personal for iPhone from my 12.9" iPad Pro and my 15" MacBook Pro. It worked fine, except I was unable to find any resolution that filled my iPad screen. It seems the window for the app was reduced and then fit my laptop screen inside that window. Has anyone who has used Splashtop experienced this? Is it normal?

Perhaps this is the difference between the iPhone version and the other one? I’d hate to pay $10 just to find out that it’s exactly the same.

I did get it to play sound though! So there is that…

I haven’t used Splashtop, but I have seen that in general with iphone apps on ipad. The max resolution for the phones is less than the ipad resolution.

Hi PT_Ken,

I set the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 on Splashtop, so text appears larger.

Here is a photo of how my Mac screen appears in the Splashtop app on my iPhone X.you can see some black bars on either side because my iPhone X has a much wider screen resolution than on my iPad

Here is a screenshot of the Splashtop app and how it appears using the iPad app on my iPad 10.5. Note there are no black bars because the setting on my Mac screen is set to a resolution of 1024 x 768 on my Mac, which more closely mirrors the shape of my iPad screen (which is more square).

So to answer your question, the iPad app will fill your entire screen as long as the remote computer mirrors the shape of your iPad screen. If your remote computer is setup as a very “wide” screen (which is popular nowadays with wide screen monitors) then you will likely see black bars surrounding the image.

Hope that helps! You can also use Jump Desktop and “manually” change your remote display properties to something like 1024 x 768 to achieve the same result.


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Thank you. The screen shots really helped. I think it’s the iPhone app is the problem. It’s not that I’m seeing black bars on two sides, I see a reduced screen with black on all four sides. This “window” can be dragged around and the laptop’s screen is fit inside of this window. So I guess I have to buy the other app!

Thanks for the help. I’ll report back later to state if this was the solution.

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I need some help from anyone using the SwiftPoint GT Mouse with a Mac. I’ve contacted support at both Jump Desktop and SwiftPoint, but no responses yet from either.

Do you remember how you set it up? After I connect BlueTooth to the iPad, I launch Jump Desktop and go to the settings for the mouse. It says it’s not connected yet and I need to first set up something with the driver on the computer.

After installing the driver though, there is nothing else I can do to set it up the way they say. My problem is the WiFi/BlueTooth card on the computer is dead! I’ve been using a WiFi USB solution instead, but I have no way to connect to BlueTooth on the computer.

Do you recall needing to connect to BlueTooth on the computer in order to set this up? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Are you trying to connect through the iPad? Or through Mac?

The MacBook Pro (with the dead BlueTooth) is the one to broadcast. I will remote in from the iPad.

But never mind! SwiftPoint finally got back to me. I don’t need BlueTooth on the Mac. I just reset the mouse and re-paired with the iPad and it just worked. I think the first time was stumped because I plugged the dongle in the computer and docked the mouse to it so I could fully charge it BEFORE I paired it with anything. So my mistake.

Anyhow, works like a charm! Today is the first day I left the laptop at home and brought the iPad instead. I’m still waiting for a new bag (mine is overkill for this), but already it felt like I lost a lot of the “heft”. :slight_smile: It’s still slightly heavier than I had hoped, but maybe once I move to the new bag it will be more noticeably lighter.


I have purchased so many items over the years as I wait for GR of the TextBlade. Many of them I learned about from reading comments on this forum (e.g. can anyone say “TStand”? LOL! I still use it to this day!)

I recently purchased the Swiftpoint GT Mouse and find it a very convenient tool when working remotely. It is a bit on the small side for my tastes (I have big hands) but it is definitely good for traveling because it is so compact.

I also learned about Jump Desktop app from these forums and read the website and learned the app also works with a Citrix X1 Mouse (in addition to the Swiftpoint GT mouse). I purchased the Citrix X1 mouse from the Citrix website directly. The mouse is the same size as a regular mouse and I find it much more enjoyable to use over extended periods of time. It even seems to more reliably connect to my iPad too. To top it off, the Citrix X1 Mouse ($60) is less than half the price of the Swiftpoint GT Mouse ($150). Highly recommend it as an addition to anyone’s tech toolbag!

Typed on a Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5

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Thanks for the info. The Citrix X1 Mouse, however, does not work with Mac OS, only Windows. So, the SwiftPoint GT mouse was the only option for me.

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The Swiftpint GT is right-handed only, so the Citrix X1 Mouse looks like the only option for remote work on an iPad if you are left-handed. I’m glad to hear that it works for you. Thanks for mentioning it! I’ve been sitting on the fence thinking about trying out that mouse as I wait for the TextBlade.

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I do not understand what is special with the citrix X1 mouse.

Why not something more travel friendly like Visenta Recon Bluetooth version instead if symmetry is required?

From reading the Jumps support pages, the only mice that work with their remote desktop IOS app is the Citrix X1 or the Swiftpoint GT. Don’t think just any Bluetooth mouse works with IOS, mainly because IOS doesn’t natively support a mouse-like pointing device. If I missed something, and there are other options, I’d like to know.

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No, you are right Bryce!

Citrix X1 mouse can be shared between an iPad and an iPhone without any trouble. Not need to perform the initial Bluetooth “pairing” process again. I am having difficulty doing the same with my Swiftpoint GT Mouse. For some reason I need to always go through that initial “pairing” process setup again, which is not very convenient and doesn’t always work.

Obviously I know too little about iOS. I thought that they had standard support for something like a BT mouse like android has had since at least 2011.

Sorry for disturbing.

An update on using my new tiny mobile setup! The TB is of course the central piece. The GT mouse works great as long as I have a good internet connection. Here is the catch. I usually work from public wifi, Panera, Library, etc. Therefore, I connect my iPad to wifi then enable Personal Internet Access (PIA) which is a virtual private network. When connected to public wifi with PIA enables, the mouse is jumpy and laggy. :frowning: I had thought it would work well because I can stream video with it on with no problems, but I’m guessing that enough video gets cached before it has to play that the play is seamless. In the case of the mouse, I need the connection to be constant and fluid. Even scrolling with the scroll wheel is almost useless! It lags, it jumps around. Cursor movement and clicking is fantastic, but the gestures for scrolling, etc., do not seem to work well when using PIA.

Has anyone else experienced this?