What will your set-up with TextBlade look like?

There’s a Sports Authority store in the Waikele shopping center.

There’s another one in town also - Ward Ave by Starbucks across from Ward Center

There’s also MccCully’s Bikes on Hausten St.

I’ll definitely try the DarnTough brand if I like the ones I have (“Smartwool”). I was at Costco today and didn’t much choice in socks at all! Guess that would have to be ordered online.

Some of the stuff that confuses me are comments about they don’t feel itchy - but when I felt the Smartwool ones before buying, they did seem to have the coarseness I vaguely recall about wool (been ages since I’ve actually had wool clothing though). Seemed comfortable enough the one time I’ve worn them though. But it made me wonder if I wasn’t getting the good stuff. Then there is the matter of the thread thickness. I’ve seen different numbers and apparently the narrower, the more comfortable? But most things don’t even give those details.

Heck, I looked at a place that sold merino wool “blankets” (sort of big, loose knit, things to wrap yourself in on the couch or something. In their general descriptions, they said they usually used the 17 size, but found some “nice properties” in the 23 size. Yet every single item I read about on their site listed 23! And nothing really to explain the advantages of each anyway. So this has been kinda frustrating research!

Mostly, since I try to ride 2-3 times a week at least. But I’ll also get stuff from when I fly to the East Coast - those will be higher socks rather than the low-cut for cycling. I need them for the airplane, but also for while visiting if it is cold enough not to wear shorts. When I do wear shorts, I normally don’t wear socks at all.

Haven’t been there, but I have been to the one in Honolulu. But either they didn’t have them or the people I talked to didn’t know. First person directed me to socks in the athletic area, but the people there said they didn’t have them and none of the socks I found said they had this in them. The Smartwool ones I did get were found at one of the big stores in Ala Moana shopping center (maybe Norstroms). Didn’t have any other clothing items with it to even see what they felt like.

My bike came from McCully’s, but I didn’t check for socks there. I did check at the Bicycle Factory as well as the bike store a couple doors up from it. No luck.

A good online store for bicycle and bicycling products is Performance Bikes. http://www.performancebike.com/

I’ve bought some stuff at Performance Bikes. the bicycle shorts I usually wear came from there - their house brand actually, but when I tried to find some more just like them, I couldn’t tell from the descriptions what was the same anyway. Since the shorts are black, the only color difference is the padding - and that can be changed from year to year anyway. Wish I could figure it out because they were cheap too. I only remember the padding is fairly thin so not so blasted bulky. I have some Pearl Izumi from them more recently. More expensive, but the are okay. Not my preference though.

Guess I should check them out on the socks though.

What will your set-up with a Product Yet To Be Seen has now become Merrino Socks?? I’ve totally lost it!

Why should it matter? Someone was interested and part of what their own situation was involved being able to travel very light - which meant it wasn’t just about the size of the TB, but everything else they carried. And that included merino wool products.

I’ve already apologized once in this thread for the off-topic nature of this information. However, there obviously isn’t a whole lot to substantive talk about with the TextBlade in terms of set-up. Until then, I’m rather enjoying a conversation that is civil which is seemingly rare on this forum.


Merino itchiness I think is a YMMV thing dependent on your skin and the material the manufacturer uses. My Wool&Prince shirts can sometimes make my neck slightly itchy, but I have no problems with base layers. So, for me, I think I have a slight reaction but its dependent on the wool source.

Ah, so some of the hype is just that it doesn’t bother some people and maybe is less of an issue than other wool for all people, but not a cure-all. Have you observed any differences in the various versions (the thread thicknesses?).

Not sure about tomorrow, but my current TextBlade setup looks like a one hundred dollar bill shaped hole in my checking account.

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Great, like I needed another tech device to crave. I’m resisting, for now. Looks awesome. But I have to wonder if you wouldn’t be better off with a small laptop or iPad. Although I definitely sympathize with the idea of traveling with a micro projector. Must resist.

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It’s pretty fun tech, you should do it :smile:

It’s a good question on the small laptop or ipad. For my usage scenarios, it just became extra unnecessary weight and stuff to have to bring. I look at it this way, I’m going to be bringing my phone no matter what, so I might as well make it my main computing device.

I used to travel with a 8" windows tablet PC. It works well, but I just felt dragged down having it on me all the time. When I have to wear a suit, there’s no place to pocket it, so I have to bring a small satchel-like man-bag when I go to conferences or meetings. And you will always be conscious of it. A phone or projector can go in any pocket and you won’t notice it. The tablet is also only Atom powered, so not a lot of horsepower. I’ve found that it was better to use RDP to do any sort of serious number crunching. Dragging a laptop around is a non-starter for me when it comes to lightweight travel.

The other issue I had was security. Depending on some international hotels, sometimes there is no safe in the room or you’d have to rely on some front desk lockbox. So I just felt it was much safer to bring a phone with me than it was to leave a tablet at the hotel. And, at least in Europe or Asia, I feel like I can always get another replacement phone from a telco shop, whereas I think a laptop/tablet would be tougher to shop for and re-set up.

The projector is about the same footprint as my Note 4, maybe about 30% thicker and about the same weight. Plus, this can replace an external battery charger, which I used to bring anyway. The projector isn’t perfect by any means. Small fonts aren’t clear like you see on laptop monitors, I think anything below 12 pt is hard to read. And if you don’t have a nice wall handy at the moment of need, you’re kinda SOL.

Anyway, don’t resist! I work for a forward thinking company, so having tech like this matches our MO when I do presentations. Pairing all this stuff with a TextBlade is going to be an interesting day.

I do not learn from my mistakes. In summer I bought a bluetooth 4.0 smartphone to match my going-to-be new keyboard. Now I bought a tablet to replace my laptop. I really hope the textblade will ship soon!

I wonder what mouse is best to that set-up.

I would suggest this mouse for your setup.


I picked up a couple things to experiment with today for using the TB on my lap - all my typing on my iMac is done that way. I got two things. One was a 6x9 inch black clipboard which I turn over to give pretty much the whole surface to play with. The other was a clear sign hold.r. It is 9.5x11. The plastic loops over itself to create a slot for a sheet of paper for your sign. That could actually be useful for including a picture of the layout or whatever.

What I really want is something that would let the magnets work. So when I got home, I held the clipboard against the refrigerator and then checked to see how much grip a key blade had. Very little! Maybe enough to hold extra well in place on your lap, but you could never turn it on it’s end without the thing falling off!

The sign holder seemed better but only if only one layer of plastic was between. So what I need to find is some very thin metal sheets to slide into where a sign would go. It MIGHT be strong enough to set on end and hold the TB. Well, if I don’t bang it when setting it down. Don’t know how thin I can find this metal. Clearly don’t eat to add a lot of weight. A foil type steel would be good, if there is such a thing and if, being really thin, it still gives enough grip on the magnets.

Here’s a picture of the TB and the two “lap desks” stacked on each other. The top of both items are lined up together.

Looks good. I wish something like this would come out for Mac! (no offense), besides the too-large Modbook.

You could have used a cookie sheet or cake bake pan. I am not sure of the sound or look but should work.

Didn’t think of a cookie sheet, but I can see some issues. For one, I don’t necessary want too strong a magnetic attraction since it makes removing the TB more difficult. Weight could be higher but maybe not. And the cookie sheet may not be as rigid as I’d like. But a thin cookie sheet may serve as raw material for strips of metal to slide inside the plastic sign so I’d only add a little weight to it. I also would like to find the sign in a smaller size, but bigger than the black clipboard.

Thanks for the idea. Now I have other stores I can check that I never thought of.