What will your set-up with TextBlade look like?

Brilliant! Well done!

Looks really good. Someday :tm: I’d like one of those, too!

So after a few years, my poor man’s TB https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Foldable-Bluetooth-Keyboard-44652RD/dp/B00DWMPMFG has stopped working. I thought it would hold me over until my TB was shipped, but, alas, 2.5 years later here we are.

Anyone have a suggestion of something shipping that would work for a while? I figure it will have to work at least another year until TB ships (pending the manufacturer updating its customers, of course).

Absolutely minimalist. I’m envious of the setup.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. @Ludvig just timed assembly and it takes about 20 seconds or so to unpack and slide all the blades into place. @LexBaer like your thinking. – WayTools, if you’re watching, how about we go mass market with this so I can retire on the royalties :wink:?

Would love to see other people’s setups if you’d like to share. I get a sense from TREG (no hard evidence, just my gut feeling) that WayTools really are on the final short straight to general release. “Soon” has been overused but it does feel that way. Fingers crossed.


@LexBaer I originally had the limbs of the blade shorter so that there was no overhang left and right. Then I lengthened them so that each blade is the length of the spaceblade (that way the LapBlade case is same length as TextbBlade case – just for symmetry. Nothing to stop the blades being longer still, or deeper. For me, this length (blades names length as TextBlades) is just wide enough.


Leaving outh the part holding the device so you only have the desk for the textblade, I see two possible issues. The length across you lap is quite similar to a thin board I’ve used and, while it works, I’d get more stability as I type if it was longer.

The other is about the depth. My board is almost twice as deep yet stability seems even a bigger deal in that direction.

I don’t mean the board falls off or something, but the act of typing on something that small causes “bouncing” of the desk every time you hit it.

Using my roughly 9x12 inch plexiglass sheet provides good stability. In fact, it also lets me rest my wrists on desk which probably makes it even more stable.

I can’t tell from your picture if the part that holds the tablet would also increase stability in the depth or not.

But it is a brilliant idea for many situations. I have sometimes wondered about creating something that would have rigid strips slide out to give more stability. Wouldn’t have to be real long to do that.

@dabigkahuna it works much better with a phone than tablet. The iPad uses the apple case as a stand. It stands up on my legs but never feels that stable. With the phone it is much more stable. Works great if legs are flat on floor or lying in bed etc. This setup is a go anywhere minimalist setup with obvious compromises. I does work very well in my car, with iPad resting on steering wheel and platform on lap.
What I really want is something that folds this small with the rigidity and stability of something like the Microsoft universal keyboard…


How about something like a set of small shutters that spread while connected. Something like folding cups do.
Like a set of connected venetian blinds that accordian down to the size of the spaceblade.
I’ll let the engineers figure this one out. I’m too clumsy to prototype.

Not sure if I follow the concept completely, but it seems to me that anything like that would have to deal with rigidity needs. It it could flex while typing, it may be usable, but it will definitely affect your typing ability.

non stop for me… Was using all morning at work…


I will be using this solid black keyboard cover (with or without Karabiner).


This is really amazing! You should seriously look into either a patent or at least marketing it. Get going as soon as possible before TB is actually released. You could really cash in on the early momentum TB will have at release. I’d buy one!

Thanks Ken, remember where you saw it first!

Kickstart it!

That way we can guarantee to get at least a Chinese copy within a few days

What? Kickstart has become the china ideas provider?

Hi all
I just supported CozyTap https://igg.me/at/cozy/emal/5333607 on IndieGoGo. It’s a little mirror/periscope that hangs over the webcam on a laptop and zeros in on hand gestures. The software then recognizes the hand gestures and converts them into multi-touch control. For example, tucking your thumb activates cursor movement, rubbing index finger on thumb controls zoom in or out, rubbing 2nd finger on thumb controls scrolling. Normal support fee is $34; today only it’s $19. So far it only works on laptops, but I’m still dreaming of a tablet, a TextBlade, and waving my fingers at a little above the keys - without moving my hands! Call me a dreamer, sigh.

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And then I ran into a review of the iClever iOS folding bluetooth keyboard. https://sixcolors.com/post/2017/06/iclever-bluetooth-keyboard-review-compact-and-long-lasting-but-not-without-quirks/
So I took the liberty of emailing the author the following

Thanks for a good review of the iClever.

But wait 'til you see the TextBlade keyboard! Check it out at WayTools.com It’s real; it will be out soon – I’m typing on a “pre-release/beta/TestGroup” TextBlade for this note.

  • The keys are mechanical switches, with butterflies underneath: nice travel, clicks, etc. It feels great!
  • But each of the (eight!) keys is actually touch sensitive to distinguish between the letters on each key (QAZ or EDC or RFVTGB). All that differentiation comes from lots of computing power: each of the three “blades” has a CPU, plus a fourth for the Bluetooth.
  • All the “extra” keys are easily accessed, just like the number board on an iOS device, with layers (hold the space bar) or chords (for cursor movement/selection/editing/undo). Really well thought out.

It’s size beats everything else.

  1. For typing, it feels completely full size, but as soon as you go back to a “regular” keyboard it feels like you are reaching for the moon every time you leave the home row. “How can the regular keyboard be SO awkward? How have I been typing all these years?”
  2. Whestrong textn it’s time to go portable, pull the three blades apart (from the magnets that hold them together), stack the blades, and it’s like a pack of gum! Shorter than a phone, only 1/3 as wide and only half again as thick as an iPhone 7
  3. I got excited by the portability, but now that I’m using it, it is the single best keyboard I have ever typed on.

Just watch for it, and be impressed; be very impressed.

Lex Baer

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Did you mean to leave your telephone number at the end of your post?

I just got these:

Pretty hard to beat 9 for $12. Now, they aren’t for putting in your wallet, but work fine for keeping one or more at convenient home locations, one for work, one in a tablet bag, one in your suitcase - pretty much guaranteeing you have access anyplace.

I just came from the Apple store to test it. There are 5 positions. The two least upright can’t be used with a 12+ inch iPad pro in portrait mode. I wouldn’t use the middle position either. But the two most upright seem to work fine.