What stand for iPad Pro

This appears to be the most upright angle for the Standeasy.

Made a trip to the Apple store and took my SmartStand with me. Set the large iPad Pro on it and it seemed fine. In portrait mode I could certainly push it enough to cause a problem, but I didn’t have any problem in normal use. In landscape it seemed very solid.

Hmm, maybe my logic is not working. But to me that looks like the second least upright angle.

Yes - that is definitely not one of the most upright positions. If you go to the Standeazy web site it shows the various positions and the most upright is when it is clipped into the bottom hole.

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I did some rough calculations based on estimates from the photo on kickstarter with the ruler added.

With those assumptions it seems like the stand will almost have a straight angle up. However taking the base size and thickness of the iPad pro into account it would end up having a 70 degree angle. This in turn mean that in landscape mode the iPad will have a base below of roughly 80 mm which divided by two is less than the 50-55 mm which seems to be the base size of the stand behind ensuring that the center of the weight is above the plate. So with that I assume that the 12.9" iPad shall be able to stand there. However using the touchscreen may be an issue.

Again my logic might be wrong. The parental leave brain is not the strongest.

I’m sure you could probably write to Standeazy to ask for an honest report on whether the iPad Pro will be supported by it. Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t have a Standeazy, but I do have a folding aluminum laptop stand that looks like similar construction. I have used it for many years and it is durable and lightweight. Heavy use has not destroyed the hinges. Hopefully the Standeazy is constructed just as well. The device I have is this: https://www.aviiq.com/collections/frontpage/products/portable-laptop-stand

For some reason, the product pictures don’t show it folded (which is really stupid!). If you click on the video tab (no direct link available) you can see them taking it from folded to unfolded to get an idea of it’s similarity with the Standeazy.

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Yeah, yeah. Realized that after I posted. :blush:

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I looked at other options that struck me as similar to the standeasy, but were already available. Got this today:

Excellent price. Some pictures, first, how much space it took inside the box:

Yes, that was the only thing in the box, other than packing paper!

Next, the envelope holding the stand, placed on my SmartStand with the nano-stand in front for comparison:

Next, showing the back of the stand. The part that sets the angle snaps into place. At the bottom, you can see the small part that sticks out a little bit towards the opposite side which holds the bottom of your device. It doesn’t seem to snap in, though if put inside a wallet or something, it will press down pretty flat. This, btw, is an area I worry about long term. I had to flex it outward to fit the device in it and I wonder if that flexing will eventually cause it to break. Of course, you aso have the flexing of two other parts any time you get it out of your wallet or wherever you keep it. Otoh, it doesn’t cost much to replace!

Next is the front side. Again, you can see the part at the bottom which needs bending out to fit your device.

Finally, holding my iPad Pro 9.7". Seems stable enough to me. Don’t know how a 12+ inch size would work though. I didn’t get this until after I got back from the Apple store:

I should add that stability varies with angle when using something big like the iPad Pro. There are 12 angles. The one that tilts back the most is unusable in portrait and I wouldn’t trust the next 2 either. But the other 9 seem workable. In landscape, all 12 look good.

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That stand looks nice. Just for clarification, the Standeazy is already available in plastic (it appears that this stand is also plastic). It’s the aluminum one that is currently being developed from the Kickstarter campaign. I expect the aluminum version is stronger than the plastic one (which only costs a few dollars).

Thanks for sharing though. Looks nice.

Our Slim-Pro is made of stainless steel fortified with molded sturdy plastic.

Oh, I see. Very nice, thanks! I only looked at the pictures, I didn’t read the details that closely. Pretty inexpensive too. I may give it a try…

It’s hard to tell where the metal may be. You can see the piece that lifts up to fit in the notches has exposed metal and plastic probably covering more metal. The base could be metal inside but I can’t tell.

I think the standeazy is 1.4mm thick where this one is 2.2mm thick. Standeazy is 7 grams don’t know about the weight on this. But personally I always put volume higher on the priority list.

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14 grams according to my scale.

For the Standeazy, I see various options, but what about postage? Some places can kill you just for “postage and handling” fees!

I paid £13 for the kickstarter special one so it is definitely not cheap. But when it comes to geekiness the price difference sometimes doesn’t matter if it still is on the level of a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun at a café.

I agree, up to a point. I wouldn’t be happy to spend that much and have it break right away or be unusable for some other reason. Sort of like the first TB I got. May have been a big problem for the average customer, but for me, even with the problems, I enjoyed it and was immediately willing to stop using my old keyboard. But there were times serious problems came up requiring I be sent a quick replacement. If it had started out that bad and it was a general release device, I wouldn’t have been happy at all!

I ended up buying a couple of Standeazys, so maybe another month until delivery.
Honestly though, I’d prefer a more “native” TB solution.
Ideally it would support my 12.9 iPad Pro in portrait but that might be too tall an order…

I have ordered a few of the plastic StandEazy stands, but they don’t hold up to frequent use: after a few months they all broke while folding. So the idea that you can fold them, put them in a bag and unfold again when you want to work doesn’t work so great…

Maybe the metal version will be better, but it’s taking them an awful long time to actually produce it, even though it’s way simpler than a TextBlade :wink:

The Smart Stand is still my favorite, after a couple of years of use. Very sturdy and reliable, though not as slim as the StandEazy.