What should be the title for the post announcing the first shipment?

Ideally this would be a poll but I don’t see an option for that so just post 'em up!
How about “liking” your favorite and we can count from there.

“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.”
(You can use this but you might need permission from Chuck P.)

*I am not affiliated with WayTools, just a customer waiting for my TB with a little free time and a lot of hope.

Key Stroke.

“There you go. Now quit bugging us.”

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“Now will everyone calm the fuck down…”


“Oops, hit the wrong button, meant to hit ‘delayed’…”

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Forum title - “We are excited to announce…”

Body “We will deliver the next blog post in the next week.”

“Never in the field of human conflict (about keyboards) have so many waited so long for so little (a keyboard).”


“Behold, a rare case of cows coming home!”

“Merry Christmas!”…!


We were gonna pack and ship your keyboard, then we got high


Haha @Jjcaro has my vote!

That’s a good one, but it requires a link to the video.

“Told you it was real, allow us to introduce… MOUSEBLADE! Shipping next week, preorder now!”

“The Red Sea has parted, and Christ has risen from the dead!”

At long last, despite Skynets efforts to eliminate Touch Typing on planet earth, we have won. Earth is for Humans.

The question is, after the units start to ship, how long will it take to get the blog post announcing that TextBlades are shipping? “Just a few more days, guys, we have something really exciting to put on the blog! Stay tuned!”

“Good news for Textblade early adopters: Satan seen lacing up his skates”