“What’s in Your Bag?” (idea2go #WIYB edition)

I found this the other day.

I don’t know how much the nano stand weighs, but I like the concept of this one. Not sure if I trust their 80,000 bends claim though.

I backed this even if I already have a bullz-i/amenö on my phone.

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Interesting, but I’d wonder about the endurance too. I remember when a lot of band instruments started coming in cases that had a new hinge mechanism. We were told they were great because they had been tested and shown to last through many thousands or repetitions (I forget the number, but it was at least 50,000).

But many kids managed to get them to break within a year!


Thanks for the find @deckaddict … I just added my pledge.

I’m loving anything that helps with thinning down my #WIYB kit for maximum functionality with minimal carrying burden.

I’ve significantly improved my original setup in terms of both the battery and the earphone thickness … haven’t had a chance to post updated photos and product links but it’s working great, and I will post soon.


I got this too.

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And if you pledged for the kickstarter special, then you can take new photos without the ruler in your picture. :slight_smile:

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I got two of those stands. Very handy…

@idea2go, @jimz1, @Rob:
Slightly off topic now…
Is there anyone who chose the standeasy kickstarter special and figured out any good text to engrave?

I hadn’t thought about it until the survey arrived this morning and tried to figure out something clever while I still was in bed and didn’t have the kids climbing all over. In the end I settled for this:
? = To rule or not to rule

I’m not engraving anything. Concerned it wlll just add time to the process.

Good idea. Didn’t think about that. Now I’m probably dead last in the manufacturing line.

I have selected “Only talking to the cat today.”


FedEx just rang on my door and delivered my pair of Zungle Panthers. Luckily I had already watched some reviews of it.

It is hard to say whether they really implement bone conduction or not because they bleed so much sound that it truly sounds like a pair of speakers hidden behind some rubber pads.

I’ll try later with some earplugs to see what happens. But I think that the possibility to reduce the amount of gear by replacing the headphones with something built in to glasses apparently is quite some time into the future.

Edit: Did some additional testing. Keeping a really low volume together with ear plugs makes it possible to listen to something without noise bleed that everyone else hears. Putting the frames on a cardboard box gives a pretty good volume too that sounds impressive if you would think that it comes from some earphones. However, it still doesn’t reach the same volume or sound quality as putting my LG G5 on max volume… at least it does show that there is some kind of vibration transfer of the sound.

Hi all — for those of you interested in the Goodnotes app I mentioned above, there’s a 50% back to school sale running at https://twitter.com/GoodNotesApp/status/889749757576478720 (unfortunately, that’s not a referral link so I don’t get anything! :wink: )

I mentioned above that I like Goodnotes, but now that they’ve solved their iCloud sync issues I’ve totally fallen in love with it as part of my mobile, minimalist, paperless lifestyle!

Also, I know I owe this thread some updated photos that I mentioned. In short, I’ve solved the “thick apple earbud case” problem with a sleek zipcase, gotten an even better thin battery, and even use one fewer USB cable because the battery has an integrated cable.

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I just received my standeazy in the mail. It works good, but I’m even more skeptical to the endurance now thar I’ve felt it.

Typed on built-in LG keyboard. Once more with a toddler in my lap. This time one year stronger and climbs more.


What’s the biggest device you’ve put on the StandEasy? I’m wondering if it would be a good fit for an iPad Pro 12.9”.

I currently use a dollar store tablet stand that was recommended on the forum, and it works really well. The angle is good, stability is good. The only downside is that the plastic hard cover I put on the back of the iPad makes it too thick, so the chamfered edges of the iPad actually cut a little bit of the rubber holders off each time I put it into the stand, so it’s not a sustainable thing to do.

The most upright position is almost vertical so it seems like it can carry almost anything. I tried a 10" cutting board and a 17" sized tray.


So there I was at a conference room meeting, with my iPad floating above the table on it’s minimalist stand multitasking between various app’s, iPhone perched on the waytools textblade stand running Slack, and my textblade letting me smoothly jump between the two devices and provide keyboard mapping efficiency for all functions. During a pause in the conversation the guy sitting next to me gestures at my setup and says “that is SO cool”. By now I’m used to this sort of thing, when people admire the unusual but so elegant setup. But it turns out he was referring to the waytools iphone stand, not the paradigm bending keyboard that enabled the whole thing. In retrospect that’s fine the stand/sleeve is well made and deserves some love too.

P.s. if the aforementioned gawker is here reading, apologies for any poetic license I took with the storytelling :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for a minimal wall charger for lightning plugs, check this thing out:

(Also comes in various other plug types, if you aren’t living in Apple iOrchard)

Or for a combo plug-in, battery, USB charger, there are all sorts of variations on this theme:

What I have found is that the best way to shrink my carry kit is to leave the stuff behind that I won’t need. The only problem is that I’m not always right about what I don’t need.

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Way back when in this post I mentioned that I solved the thick earbud case problem by using a thin zip sturdy case. but I never got around to posting a picture. Here it is!

The reason I thought about it is today’s new AirPods 2 announcement. I’d really love to upgrade to these AirPods but the case is so damn thick it would be an inconvenience for me to travel with as part of my standard set.


You’d get over that real quick. Airpods are pretty amazing to use, and the case isn’t large at all, just a bit larger than what you have there :slight_smile:

The thickness is what breaks my whole system …