“What’s in Your Bag?” (idea2go #WIYB edition)

Plastc looks pretty nice (and sophisticated), but it seems like the “minimum” use case is a lot of effort compared to coin or traditional credit card? With coin the default use case is just press the single button to wake it up, and go!

I’m impressed that they have a solution to support the chip technology, although I wonder how many vendors will go to the trouble of dealing with a small startup like that to make custom arrangements.

They are on they’re 4th or 5th gen hardware, and elbow-deep in firmware iterations. They are shooting for a June release. There are still a number of things from the promotional video they still can’t do yet.

What can’t they do that is on the videos?

Just not built out yet. They are very up front about where they stand and what they are up to. In fact, the CEO regularly communicates with, and thanks, all the people that have “backed” plastc. While coin was pioneering this type of payment platform, they provided updates on a semi-annual basis until about 3 months before they shipped.

For those of you watching, I’m still on the exact same setup as shown at the start of this thread and really liking it. I take it with me everywhere. Regarding the Goodnotes software I mentioned, there are some iCloud syncing issues so you can’t always see all of your iPad documents on your iPhone, but I have my iPad close by almost any time that matters.

As mentioned in my original post the TextBlade was really the inspiration that convinced me to collapse everything I need to do into one ultra-thin go bag for both day usage and longer trips. More and more often I find myself setting up BOTH the iPhone and iPad which, combined with the TB’s “jump” capabilitiy, provides an almost desktop like environment. I can have three simultanous app views (iPhone plus two on the iPad with their multitasking view) plus interactable pop-up notifications. Use of the Apple pencil turns it into a notebook or markup device (which I wish included audio snippets) and the TB is great for any non scribbling data entry.

Since this #WIYB thread has wandered on occasion into other kinds of new innovative tech, I’d be curious to hear if any of you have heard of or tried out the Sense device? I just heard of it but it sounds pretty interesting. Sense Video

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Another update.

Sadly, my Bubm iPad case developed a tear near the zipper and now often gets stuck zipping and unzipping (see photo). This is pretty disappointing after just a few months, and I do not put a lot of stress on it so it seems to be a quality issue. :sob:

I have not found anything else so perfectly sized for my needs. It exactly fits around the iPad Pro, holds my thin accessories in place and well organized, adds very little thickness and weight, and is just structured/sturdy enough to provide the casual protection I need for small falls or light rain. I hate to do this, but I’m going to reward their defect by buying a second one (just $9.94 on ebay).

On the bright side and relevant to this @waytools forum, the fact I’m willing to swallow my pride and order another is a testament to this overall concept of minimalist mobility with maximal capability that was inspired by having a Textblade.

p.s. I solved the Apple earbuds problem with a soft thin zip sleeve for them instead of Apple’s hard case.

(update - when I went back to ebay I found out the replacement is $19.95 for the iPad size BUBM, not $9.94. In for a penny, in for a pound. :frowning: )

I really like to think about these things and I have bought a jacket from globaltravelclothing.com which I hope will carry my needs for both daily usage and maybe even single overnighters.

Tech-wise my current stuff:
LG G5 phone equipped with bullz-i.com
Nexus 7 2012
USB-charger (when in US I have the chargetech wallcharger unfortunately I haven’t found any similar with european plug though)
USB cables inCharge, 1 micro USB, 1 type C
1 BT mouse Visenta - Recon
Flyshark 2 iLepo365 keyboard
MicroSD card readers both for type C and standard USB I used to have this only before type C entered the battlefield: https://www.startech.com/m/HDD/Card-Readers/USB-Card-Readers/micro-sd-usb-micro-usb-adapter~MSDREADU2OTG
In-ear headphones Bose QC-20

Future stuff I’m dreaming about:
Change keyboard to TB
Change headphones to bone conduction glasses (like Zungle or Vue) paired up with Isolate Mini ear buds. Note that the charging solution for Vue renders it practically useless for travel.
Decide on a good screen adapter cable for the phone.


Thanks for the GoodNotes mention - I picked it up today when I forgot my notes binder for a Ham radio class, but had the PDFs. Great tool for marking up PDFs!

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Hey @deckaddict that’s an interesting jacket. How well does it hold gadgets in place? In other words do things slosh around as you walk or run or are things held pretty firmly in one place?

Unfortunately I haven’t really had the time to use it that much in practice yet due to being on parental leave. But I’ll give my best feeling for it.

As the jacket is made for pretty general purposes the pockets are quite big and smaller things are likely to swoosh around a bit. The two larger pockets have a velcro divider making it two compartments 1/3 and 2/3 pockets in size if desired.

I believe that it may be good to have some additional simpler cases for some things to keep fully organized though.

There is also the Baubax jacket which has slightly nicer feeling materials and is more specifically made for certain gear. It can however not bring a 10" tablet and is missing zippers for some pockets making them unusable. It is also not as nicely constructed as their promotion videos try to show.

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You could check out SCOTTeVEST who has products with tech in mind. They can do 10" tablets in several of their jackets.


I found this the other day.

I don’t know how much the nano stand weighs, but I like the concept of this one. Not sure if I trust their 80,000 bends claim though.

I backed this even if I already have a bullz-i/amenö on my phone.

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Interesting, but I’d wonder about the endurance too. I remember when a lot of band instruments started coming in cases that had a new hinge mechanism. We were told they were great because they had been tested and shown to last through many thousands or repetitions (I forget the number, but it was at least 50,000).

But many kids managed to get them to break within a year!


Thanks for the find @deckaddict … I just added my pledge.

I’m loving anything that helps with thinning down my #WIYB kit for maximum functionality with minimal carrying burden.

I’ve significantly improved my original setup in terms of both the battery and the earphone thickness … haven’t had a chance to post updated photos and product links but it’s working great, and I will post soon.


I got this too.

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And if you pledged for the kickstarter special, then you can take new photos without the ruler in your picture. :slight_smile:

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I got two of those stands. Very handy…

@idea2go, @jimz1, @Rob:
Slightly off topic now…
Is there anyone who chose the standeasy kickstarter special and figured out any good text to engrave?

I hadn’t thought about it until the survey arrived this morning and tried to figure out something clever while I still was in bed and didn’t have the kids climbing all over. In the end I settled for this:
? = To rule or not to rule

I’m not engraving anything. Concerned it wlll just add time to the process.

Good idea. Didn’t think about that. Now I’m probably dead last in the manufacturing line.