What is the possibility of backlighting keys?

I would very much like to see backlit key markings. Is that feature being given any consideration?

I doubt it. Since one’s hands rarely leave the home row and cover most of the keyboard in that situation, I suspect it would be of limited value (at least to a lot of users). I think it would negatively impact battery life and make keycap variations more effort.


i would use backlit keys. especially if it could be configured to only light up the non primary keys. I still struggle sometimes to find a few keys after years of typing. Especially special keys used when programming. My keys are worn enough that sometimes in certain lighting conditions I can no longer see the characters and the paint has worn off on most of my keys.

I don’t know if it is practical on a device like the TB, but I can see some use for it. You mention the little used keys - though I will say that for some that may still be a problem if they do any customizing after they get it since then those customized characters would no longer line up.

But another benefit if that isn’t a problem is when you just want to reach out and hit a key. I’ve seen studies that say even proficient typists often don’t know where many specific keys actually are. That is, when typing, they move automatically, but if they just want to hit one character without being in normal typing position, they don’t know where some keys are!

So lighting would help in situations where you don’t have much light. Of course, with good lighting, the ink situation is important - though I believe any ink eventually will wear off.

It’s a great idea … for v2 in a few years :wink: