Well.. better late than never

Well, here’s my tragic attempt at comic relief: TB spotted in the “wild” at US National Figure Skating Championships this past weekend… of course, it’s me! Wanted to get it out sooner, but I was unwilling to use public wifi.

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Nice nails! And as a Cubs fan, you should have no issue waiting for GR and being disappointed with the lack of updates.


“no issue” is a very interesting choice of words. As a Cubs fan, I am very used to waiting. But I do not find waiting to be a satisfactory activity, especially when it comes to waiting over a year for an update that was promised … gosh, @dabigkahuna is more up on the particulars than I am.

To be sure, I am very unhappy with WT’s communicaton effort. And I wish it were different. But it isn’t. Have you ever tried to make your pet do something they just didn’t want to do?

A parallel is when you are running late to get somewhere and you feel like you want to call, but that would take away from getting to your destination…

So, I disagree about having “no issue” on/with these points

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Unfortunately, no one is up on particulars for a long time! Everything I know of that is remotely “recent” - as in a bunch of months - is contained in the bits of info WT posts from time to time here. I doubt that will change until treg gets the new firmware. I mean, we aren’t likely to experience anything new after all this time with the old firmware so we have little reason to report to WT and thus they have little reason to report to us with anything they don’t post here.

Meanwhile, since we still have the “Winter” shipping estimate, we have 41 more days to get an update, treg, and GR for that to be accurate. I still think treg testing will be planned for a month if we don’t find big problems. I know, could be more. OTOH, it could even be less. After all, from all they learned from us with the initial treg, they may well have some automated testing that covers much of the stuff we did. If so, it is possible they could be satisfied with just a couple weeks of successful testing. I just don’t expect that.

Of course, an update to give some insight into that too! :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be any more of a commitment than the Winter estimate. It would only tell us what they would do IF it tested fine in treg.

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@dabigkahuna I think she was looking for the “particular” date we were first promised an update. IIRC it was June 2018.

After all this time, there aren’t any satisfactory particulars short of a new date for resumption of treg testing (new firmware, hardware, anywhere) or GR.