We need a Microstand

And, obviously, many of us have a smart case or cover that would support the iPad for TB use without the need of Nano stands. That said – I’d love a way to use an iPad or iPhone on my lap! :wink:


Oops, I just tried it again and it will BARELY work - it wobbles so any bump would knock it over. And it must use the narrower stand so it tilts slightly less. Even using one of each, it will fall over unless the narrow one is near the middle. I do have the 9.7 one.

I thought of a problem with that. To cover the whose thing AND protect both ends, you wouldn’t have an easy way to pull it off. They are already tight so longer will create even more friction even if you had a way to grip it to pull it apart.

Need not be a problem. Keep the existing taper plus stop little short of the end, should leave plenty to grab on to.

Mold / press the shape so there is some relief at the extension and the friction fit remains the same.

That would still leave the problem of one end having no protection. Maybe a solution would be one longer one and one shorter one if a shorter one could still handle an iPhone 6 plus or larger Samsung phone in portrait position without tipping over, then the longer one could be that much longer. Or maybe a design where the base extends further out on only one half of the base so, when two stands are attached, both can actually be longer than now but they slide together with long sides opposite each other.

I’m actually not concerned about the protection. I did order 2 stands and that was equal parts protection and covering off the size options but since I’ve had the TB in hand I not so bothered about the extra protection.

A little more cover from the longer stand is no bad thing but my interest is portrait mode with more than just phones.

Think more three dimensionally. The TextBlade is a well-crafted self-assembling gadget, so its stand can collapse to shield and protect the blade stack, as well as open to create a large footprint when functioning as a stand. I’m no mechanical engineer, but fan out several stand components to create a sort of ‘duck foot’ (…why a duck?) or an articulated slot that clamps onto and grips a device placed into it, with clamping force a function of the device’s weight. We understand that smart phones are the intended mobile device, but phablets and tablets require a bit more engineering.


Disappointing to hear about the iPad pro 9.7", and I assume similar iPads.

As a consolation prize The Onker stands are super cheap, light weight, portable, and seem to hold just about anything (sometimes with a bit of care when setting it).

At Amazon you can get six of them for $3.62. http://amzn.com/B00EBNDOIC

(Edit … when I ordered them in May they were Onker, now it seems they are Ectown. LOL same stand).

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Since I can’t post new topics … I’m going to latch on here… My suggestion is for WT to release 3d files for both stands so customers can print and decide which size they need. Possibly also allow customers to innovate the stand for other devices to meet your needs.


Fire up your 3D printer.

Are there files? I haven’t seen them?

Here is a little stand I picked up at Office Depot. The two vertical sections fold together and then both pivot down into the base for a small package. It has two positions but I saw someone comment on Amazon that that one once had one position. Only question for me is whether or not the part that locks the position holds up over time.

I’ll gave to double check, but I think the $9.99 price is much more than I paid locally in Hawaii!

Works on all my devices, with or without cases, from iPhone 6s, to iPad mini to the new 9.7 inch iPad pro in portrait and landscape.

Plenty of pictures at the link: