We need a Microstand

Nanostand is great for phone use, almost weightless at only 5g (for those that prefer ganga to coke, that is less than a quarter ounce).

But… It can’t hold a tablet in portrait, and maybe not even some heavier tablets in landscape, that’s a shame.

How about a more substantial stand with a longer tail made from thicker or stronger material?


I like this idea. +1


My new 9.7 inch iPad pro won’t stand up in landscape, even using two nano stands. Not sure about the iPad mini since I haven’t tried it with the case off and it won’t fit with it on.

Maybe they could make longer stand that slides over the whole TB to protect it rather than using two nano-stands. And, if possible while maintaining enough support structure, they could have a slot at both ends that are different sizes to allow for a tablet with or without a case.

Might not be possible to have two slots since one of them wouldn’t have an end piece for extra support.


I’d hate to introduce more moving parts, but they could make the stand have a piece that slides out in the back to make it go as far back as necessary to support the device.

Still fits small over the TextBlade and lets you use the interlocking strength of two of them, but holds almost anything up.

Now, if only there were a way to adjust the front part to fit your case…

Yes, this seems like the obvious thing to do. Not sure why this wasn’t the default design. It would have been more versatile and useful, i think.

I have this idea for full sleeve made out of a hollowed out piece of hardwood that would have a diagonal cut so it can double as a stand. I want to commission a woodworker to make it for me. Maybe someone on Etsy?

I might be able to help you with that. Here is a picture of some of the hollowed out hardwood things I have made:

I just received a blue ribbon for the Maple one fourth from the left at the Northeast Woodworker’s Showcase in Saratoga, NY this weekend.


These are truly beautiful. What sort of flutes are they?

Thank you. They are Native American Style flutes.



You sure have some skill there Jim! Lovely stuff!

Thank you.


So, you’re saying that the nano stand won’t hold up an iPad Pro 9.7 in landscape?? I’m pretty sure I’m seeing an iPad Air 2 being used in landscape orientation with a nano stand here:

Would you mind confirming this? Using TextBlade with my iPad Air 2 and (soon to be) iPad Pro 9.7 is a major use case for me…


That’s the thicker and heavier original iPad Air 9.7 shown in the frame above.

It’s the worst-case mass load, and the newer ones are lighter and thinner, so they’re actually easier to support in landscape mode.

All iPad Airs can work in the NanoStand, but you need to install a rubber pad for the thinner ones. It"s an adhesive-backed label, so you just peel and stick on.

DBK’s TREG unit doesn’t have that pad yet, but they do come standard with the general release.

Based on your iPad Air version, you can configure it with the rubber pad to suit your use case.


I believe that @dabigkahuna has the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I ripped mine from out of it’s Gumdrop case to demonstrate that, well, yes, it ‘can’ work, but even with my fix, it’s iffy. Due to its size and weight, the Pro may be mobile, but not, as I perceive it, portable. I didn’t try a standard-sized iPad oriented vertically, hurrying to post these photos. Both NanoStands are augmented by one Sharpie each, and you can still see that the stands no longer cling to the countertop.

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Brotherlea is very handy with those sharpies!

We have a couple of unannounced accessories coming that address iPad Pro and some other use cases.


Given that the iPad Air 2 is 32 grams lighter than the air and the 9.7 pro is exactly the same weight (437g) and size shouldn’t it work with the pro?

Whoops–I thought that you had the first Pro and then acquired a smaller Pro. Quite some time ago I posted a flippant comment about jamming a couple of pencils into a NanoStand; wanted to prove my claim…

Any idea how soon you are likely to be able to give out more news on these? I have an iPad Pro so am very interested in that particular use case,


To clarify the wish expressed in the OP I’d like to see the existing stand design extended the full length of the stowed TextBlade and appropriately stronger.

To be fair, the existing design is like a lot of the
Textblade, ie the absolute minimum physical size that still does a good job of it’s intended purpose.

A quick test with a heavy old iPad 2 with wedge of paper folded 16x to give it a more upright posture shows the existing stand will hold it up ok. In this state it can even withstand light taps to the upper screen - bit of a wobble but without keeling over backwards.

It works but its not secure enough to call it a reccomended use.

If I were frequently using a tablet in portrait like this I would be tempted to put some little rubber bumpers on the corners of the tablet to limit the pitching left / right.

Using a normal size tablet in portrait is appealing also because it raises the eyeline.

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Beautiful work.