Waytools: What’s the latest info on updates?

We don’t need a highly technical update. Just something that gives us an idea of where the project is…


Typically the answer to that question will be “next week” or “after the weekend”.

And then … it will generally be many months (at least!) before you get an actual update.

At least this is my experience so far…


Tholo - Heavens! Pls calm the ebullient cheerleading, lest you risk being labeled a fanboy.

Corwinjr - we’re working on the new firmware infrastructure fork that we’ve been posting about recently.

We’ll reveal some interesting tech details after we’ve proven a few more steps in our dev labs. Not ready to comment publicly yet, but think you’ll really like the upsides for users. They’re significant.


Blah blah blah. Ship it already, sheesh. Four years already. I haven’t waited four years for anything. Much less a keyboard

What are you guys working on the cure for cancer.

You guys are ridiculous!!! And have lost all credibility!!!

You’ve lied to us repeatedly about updates that were coming, you’ve lied from the get go, with missed shipping dates that mean absolutely nothing for the past four years. And now you give us some bs about some coming tech details ? I won’t hold my breath. Get your shit together, and your head out of your ass. Your customers that gave you money four years ago are pissed and want to see some tangible results. Not just more bullshit! (lip service). Either give us a REAL update or ship it. We deserve it. And the fact that you don’t see that, makes you pathetic!

I know I can get a refund. Tired of that bs too. So save it.


You gave us that update already (I think it was mid June). Maybe try an actual update that isn’t something that we have heard.


Don’t hold your breath since we have no real idea when we might get something.

If you want to hypothesize, we can factor in a couple probable facts:

  1. Christmas is coming soon an I expect they’ll take some time off. I forget how long it was when they announced this in some prior year, but I would expect not working at least starting on Christmas Eve. And quite likely not coming back until the day after New Year’s Day.

  2. Mondays at least used to be a review day and we’d get an update a day or two after that back in the day.

So, for an update to come before Christmas, the single most likely time would be sometime this coming week - after the review day but before the following Monday when they will likely be closed for the holidays since that is Christmas Eve.

That’s the possible good news.

The bad news would be that if they don’t update in relation to this coming Monday, it likely won’t happen until at least the next review day. My guess is that that may not be until the Monday after New Year’s Day - January 7th plus whatever days after that to get it out.

Or later, of course. But I think those are the two closest possibilities.

There are other possibilities. We know Mark often does things very late at night after work hours (updates posted well after midnight for example). So they could do their review this Monday, but Mark takes it home and takes time to write it up so it comes out the following week rather than the same week.

I’d certainly like to see something!

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For a company that has held my money for nearly four years with no end insight, due to the fact they stopped giving us updates. I would hope they get their butts back to work the day after Xmas and figure it out. They really don’t deserve anytime off, other than Xmas day. GET TO WORK WAYTOOLS.

In fact, the people responsible for updates should get no time off or vacation. Due to the fact they’ve been on vacation since June. Put an update out, maybe I’d give you Xmas off, until then, NOTHING


You really seem to have run out of Patience this time.


Wow, and people say Jobs was a slave driver.


At least Apple put a product out once in a while. My apologies if you think four years of holding a customers money for a product that was promoted as being nearly finished four years ago is acceptable to you. I must be expecting to much. My bad.

But honestly, just looking for an update. Is that to much to ask ??? Maybe I wouldn’t have to complain if I knew what was going on. It’s been since June, JUNE!


Patience - you’ve edited your posts after people responded to them.

Last status page update was Fall, and we’ve posted on the forum since then.

When we post updates, you routinely dismiss them as ‘blah-blah-blah’, lies, and bs. That’s not really ‘honestly just looking for an update’. You’ve consistently mocked them.

The repeated abusive statements toward hard-working people who make something better for everyone - these statements aim to brow-beat staff to placate you. This squeaky wheel strategy simply makes it unpleasant, and is unfair to all others who constructively encourage its completion. Negative noise doesn’t promote faster completion.

We don’t hold anything. With knowledge of our status, you chose to keep an order, and you know you can take your money at any time.

Finally, you’ve maligned our refund policy as bs. But that’s not true either. So we’re refunding you. Please use it for something that lifts your spirits, and enjoy the holidays. We want to make folks happy, not frustrate them. The folks using TextBlade right now are pretty happy we’re making this, and we hope later on you might get some joy from it too.

Peace and joyful holidays to you and your family.


You implied to patience that negative posts slowed delivery…

Here’s a positive one. The Waytools team, process, and product are awesome! Coming as close to perfection as can be achieved by mere mortals!

Now can I have my TextBlade?


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Well, if anything will happen before Christmas, this starts the most likely week. As I said above, they used to have reviews on Monday so if that is still happening on the same schedule, that fits. I was going to add that we are also just a few days away from the end of the Fall so they’d need to update the date on the Status Page. But I looked today and the Fall estimate already says Winter now. I have no idea when it changed though. Every time I checked that page (every day), I just looked to see if the picture was different as well as the first two paragraphs. No change there so I hadn’t looked further until today.

this doesn’t have anything to do with this thread but I can’t seem to create a new post in here so i’m adding it as reply to this post…

My order status page says “Sorry we couldn’t charge your card. We’ve emailed ideas that can help” with a button that says “fix.” If I click on “fix”, it takes me to the order page where I can put in new credit card info. But no matter what credit card I put in there, it gives exact same error. I get an email from Waytools that says

We received your request to update your order.

Your Visa will be charged $107, and the original amount of $107 will be refunded.
You can access your order 24 hours a day to check status, ship date, and make changes. Just touch the links below for instant access to our order system.

instantly followed by another email that says

Sorry we couldn’t charge your credit card to complete your order.

Usually, this is for one of the following simple reasons:

  1. A typo in the card number, expiration date, or security code
  1. Part of the billing address didn’t match your card.
  1. You can call your bank to approve the transaction.
  1. For international orders, you can call your bank to approve a US dollar purchase.

You can follow up to complete your order by touching the link below:

Now I’ve gone through this process over 10 times. I’ve used many different credit cards and entered them multiple times. I emailed ask@waytools.com several times asking about this problem but I haven’t gotten any answers.

I actually want TextBlade. I don’t want to cancel my order or get a refund but just want the product. What can I do to fix my issue?

Sangpark - we can speak with you by phone if you’d like someone to help you with updating your order.

Please email us at ask@waytools.com, and write your ‘sangpark’ forum handle in the email title, and we’ll set up a time for you.

We have recently responded to an inquiry similar to yours, but perhaps the email didn’t go through properly (or it could simply be another customer).

We’ll get this sorted for you.


Assuming WT will close no later than today for the holidays, the only way I see an update coming before January is if the update info is mostly already decided and Mark is going to put it together during the holiday period on his own.

“With “Star Citizen” [crowd-funded video game] in the works since 2011, Cloud Imperium has displayed an impressive amount of transparency regarding the funding and the game’s development process. While the lengthy development time has become a running joke among some gamers, daily communication from the team behind the game has helped maintain trust with the game’s community.”

Just sayin’

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I don’t know. I certainly don’t have time or motivation to search through everything Cloud Imperium has said in all those years, but I looked at some recent stuff. Funny thing, but much of it sounded like the kind of stuff WayTool has said about pushing boundaries, etc.

First crowdfunding campaign in 2012 asked for $500,000. They are now at 256 million in investment. Assuming I haven’t missed anything, they have no games actually released yet, though two, related ones, are in the works. But it also looks like they are only in an Alpha stage at best and estimates of release won’t happen until 2020 - after originally planning a 2014 release.

Apparently you can get an alpha version, which MAY be good - that would depend on how much you can do with such a version, how buggy it is, etc.

It also looked like a lot of the update stuff they show isn’t a good comparison to the TB. I mean, I may list “new ships” for a given quarter. Or characters. Etc. You could do that forever but never actually solve the core issues that make the game playable.

Sure, we have seen things added to the TB beyond basic functionality, but most of the stuff has been about core issues. I suspect that game has core issues or it wouldn’t be in an alpha state. But then, I don’t know how well that alpha version plays or what the limits are.

Oh, and it is worth noting that in one of the things I read, it said they were redoing the code in 2018, which sounds a lot like what WT is doing with the forked firmware.


Michael - Star Citizen is a rather unique case - they’ve raised a quarter of a billion dollars, mostly through 8 years of preorders and teaser releases of alpha builds, with partial, appetizer functionality.

The product in their case is a game of fictional narrative, for entertainment. It’s logical for them to post regular narrative to entertain their clientele. Storytelling is their industry.

In contrast, TextBlade isn’t a game app - it’s a powerful hardware tool that users depend on every day to get serious work done. They don’t buy it for entertainment, they want its power to let them do what they want to do.

TextBlade has a lot of hardware, software and mechanical engineering in it, and has a complex supply chain with hundreds of parts - silicon chips, molds, magnets, circuit boards, assembly factories, QA testing robots, and distribution logistics, all carefully orchestrated together to deliver 1.5 oz of new magic into your hands.

So the standards we must work to in our industry are very different from a game. A game can be anything, and work in any way, simply because its writers say so.

But new hardware - a better tool for writing - that requires hardcore engineering, alloyed and finessed with industrial art. It must seriously perform the precise utility its users require, and delight them while doing it.

In a nutshell, this sums up how Silicon Valley culture is so different from Hollywood. Both are significant, but they pursue different purposes.

Entertainment inspires emotion, and engineering builds the power to perform.

Once in a great while, a product might be both. So satisfying to use, and so innovative compared with its predecessors, that it is both emotionally fulfilling, and functionally indispensable. All in one product.

At their best, Apple does that. What Steve Jobs called the “intersection of technology and liberal arts”. It wasn’t just a marketing slogan. It’s true. And that truth built one of the most powerful companies in history.

The rare chance to change the keyboard for the better - it’s real. Treg validation has proved this.

So right now, we’re heads-down writing code to support mass deployment, not marketing narrative, because that firmware gets TextBlade in all users hands sooner. And we believe that’s the best use of our team’s talents.

No narrative can ever satisfy like the widget in hand. The folks using TextBlade right now can affirm that.

So that’s our job, and our focus.


Maybe WayTools could better manage customer expectations with more succinct communication, like posting a sign on the forum landing page.