WayTools TextBlade Virtual Hands On Webinar - Q&A - 05/09/2020

Thanks @bulters. Has been fun to learn all this. Def can improve my presentation skills. Combining a bunch of technology together is actually satisfying.
Here is the setup:

  1. Presentation created on iPad Pro Keynote. Airdropped to MacBook Pro. Opened in Keynote OSx saved as HTML. HTML opened in Safari.
  2. iPad Pro 2 Screen mirrored to Mac using QuickTime Player in Record Movie Mode pointing to iPad.
  3. Laptop Camera for my headshot
  4. iPhone On Laptop Stand pointing straight down, running ManyCam iOS app, zoomed to iPhone.
  5. Extra iPad Pro 1 running Duet multi monitor software. It’s screen used as an extra monitor for laptop to show zoom session.
  6. ManyCam software running on MacBook Pro with 9 different scenes created with different combinations of 1-4 above showing
  7. Work Laptop under LapDesk for demo of key sizes
  8. Typed 24 page script for the presentation in Pages on IPad Pro 2 airdropped to MacBookPro with various levels of detail for the presentation.
  9. Easel purchased this week to hold foam poster board behind me for headshot backdrop
  10. Large LED Lantern sitting behind Laptop illuminating my face (brightly unfortunately) for headshot consistent lighting
  11. Articulating desk lamp purchased this week to provide consistent lighing to TextBlade for TextBlade shot
  12. All the peripheral things being shown during presentation.

During Presentation:

  1. Scrolling through script
  2. Changing Scenes in ManyCam
  3. Clicking through HTML presentation
  4. Toggling iPad Pro apps for demos and presentation.

Fun coordination but easily worth it.


@tlrogers any chance of posting behind the scenes photos of your setup once this is over?

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Here ya go @idea2go. I committed to my wife not to shift her things so I used a very tight space with a clutter all around me. The magic of strategic cameras hiding reality ;^)


Super impressive!

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Thanks so much, @tlrogers, for putting this all together for us unwashed non-treggers. I really enjoyed your presentation, and how comprehensive coverage - well, until my internet failed (rural internet in New Zealand is truly horrible). The Textblade seems to be everything we dreamed it could be and more.

Unfortunately my internet didn’t hang in there long enough for the Q&A session at the end. The only real question I have is one that’s been asked on this forum already many times. You’ve been using it as your daily driver for 2.5+ years: if it can handle that, what do you think can possibly be holding back GR?


I am glad you enjoyed it @mataaho. I am actually almost ready to post the composite video to YouTube and will be sending you a link in advance of it going public. Bummer about your internet. That is a great question in GR. I will choose to agree with WayTools that the firmware was at critical mass and a rewrite was needed. I think the rewrite could have been accomplished post General Release, but I am being a couch sitting quarterback and am not privy to all the intricacies of the impact of a general release before the rewrite.

I, myself, would be happy with a TB with the hardware, the app, and latest firmware I am using today. But I definitely cannot speak for all the other TREG participants and possible issues they may be working with WayTools to address.


Here is the YouTube link to the composite webinar.


***** Video Topics Shortcuts

I would appreciate feedback on the description as well as the webinar content. Especially where I may have misspoken about any part of the functionality.


Very great and informative so far (about 1/2 way through)!

A small criticism for your new career as a content creator. If you could add time stamps for the various segments, that would be even more user-friendly.

Obviously watching first time through it’s all new to me. However, if I needed to jump back in future to review how troger did it, would be awesome to navigate right to that spot.


@JimmySStewart, Great Suggestion. On it! Will have it posted to the next hour all the topic and bullets.

Thank you so much for putting this on, It was great to see all of the features in action. I had missed how customizable the TextBlade is, I didn’t realize you could make your own key maps. If you are interested in making more videos, I would love to see more details about how the TextBlade has improved your workflow. You mentioned excel, it would be great to see how you navigate using the TextBlade.


@Patrick, Great idea. I think I may do some follow up YouTube only videos (using the same recording techniques). Figuring how to get a much higher resolution screen shot of the LapTop screen.

By the way Patrick, I see you joined the forum a long long time ago. Thanks for making my post your first entry into the forum.

TextBlade by WayTools Presentation/Demo

Full Video

Quick Topic Shortcuts

*** Click on the time stamp to bring up the video at the designated location.

Disclaimers: 5:11

About Me: 8:18

My TextBlade TREG History: 9:12

My TextBlade Accessories: 13:03

Initial Overview: 18:48

  • Collapsed TextBlade: 19:09
  • Compared to Apple Magic Mouse: 19:31
  • Compared to library card: 20:00
  • Compared to laptop keyboard: 20:45
  • Turning On/Off TextBlade: 36:50
  • Charging TextBlade: 30:20
  • KeyBlade self-aligning magnets/storage: 35:09

TextBlade Parts Overview: 24:04

TextBlade iOS App: 38:34

Features Setup: 1:15:50

Keyboard Maps: 1:22:20

  • Base WayTools KeyMap Library: 1:22:53
  • Custom KeyMap creation: 1:24:09
  • Custom KeyMap PDF creation: 1:26:28
  • Bluetooth Jump assignments: 1:26:56

Macros: 1:30:27

TextBlade Support: 1:32:18

My TREG Issues: 1:36:56

  • Sticky/dirty keys: 1:37:02
    – Removing/cleaning under keycaps: 1:37:25
    – Comparing 2 year old used keycaps: 1:41:53

  • Intermittent keyboard issues: 1:43:29
    – Resetting some TextBlade Modules: 1:43:50

  • Rest of issues: 1:44:47

Final Thoughts: 1:47:43

Q&A: 1:49:06

  • Can the keyboard be used without the NanoCharger in place? 1:49:22

  • What do the lights on the SpaceBlade mean? 1:50:26

  • How long did it take to be comfortable using the TextBlade? 1:50:43

  • What alternate layouts do you use? 1:51:50

  • What are your favorite customizations? 1:52:41

  • Is the Keycap made of conductive material/capacitive sensing? 1:53:48
    –Answer during 3rd webinar (earlier in presentation): 1:32:41

  • Can you propose new TREG users? 1:53:48

  • How would you compare the key feel to other mechanical keyboards? 1:55:23

  • How are the ergonomics of the TextBlade? 1:56:16

  • Are the PDF of the KeyMaps available to non-TREG users? 1:57:29
    –With WayTools permission I have published several of the one page PDF TextBlade KeyMaps here in Imgur including QWERTY, Dvorak, Danish, and Coleman

Conclusions: 1:58:06


I watched the whole YouTube video. Looks good but where is that update? With every passing day, I worry it is more than just the firmware that is keeping this from being delivered.



Thank you for doing this. You did a very clear and complete job.

I appreciate the time you must have spent on this.


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Quick update. WayTools approved my sharing of some of the KeyMap one page pdfs of several layouts. I picked QWERTY, Colemak, Dvorak, and Danish. Someone requested some be shared during the webinars… I added the link to the Q&A section of the quick links above. I also wanted to add the link to the Imgur post HERE as well.

For those who have not seen these… enjoy.


They still don’t include the green layer for the num layer. Perhaps that was never intended to be use, but I use it, mainly for operators. So main number layer for actual numbers, and every time I do add, subtract, etc, those are under the four home positions on the green layer.

How do you access the num layer?

That’s still NDA info. Not sure why, but that’s the way it is.

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Thanks a lot for the great presentation, @tlrogers!
I was starting to lose hope for the TextBlade, but your presentation made me feel enthusiastic again.

@pela, Thank you. I am glad it was helpful for you. I have a busy work schedule right now but in the coming month I plan to do an additional video on its day to day use in the main applications I use it for work. This first video was about the BT and its functions. Hopeful that showing the benefits of the blade during the workday or evening will also be beneficial.