Waytools, I can't access my TB app account


Not sure when it started, but after upgrading to a new iPad Mini as well as iPhone Pro Max, I have not been able to use the TextBlade app. It could have happened sooner - like maybe after upgrading my prior devices to iOS 15. I just haven’t had to use it in a long time.

But now I need to change the map assigned to a slot and I can’t. Right now it is set to Qwerty, but I no longer need that. I want to use that slot of my new iPad mini with dvorak.

I get the page where I request an activation code, but I never get the code. I can’t access the area to post a problem to WayTools either, so I’m posting here in hopes you can help me get back into the app.

My problem may be unique since I’ve heard others on the Treg slack channel who have no such problem.

I believe someone else (I don’t remember who) had this problem after upgrading devices and the issue was on the server end in sending out the activation reply email.

I don’t think it’s due to an iOS 15 upgrade as mine is working fine after the update.

Sounds like there are still issues with the WayTools server. It also sounds like something that you won’t get rectified until WayTools or Mark notice this post.

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I have the same problem. My TestFlight is empty now that I have switches to an iPhone 13Pro and updated my iPad to IOS 15. I went though my emails to find a link. All I have is an old email from July, but that link has obviously expired. Any idea on how to get a link to the current build of the Textblade app?


I can comment that I upgraded my phone to a 13 Pro Max and and I can also access the TB app no problem.

I know when I upgraded I did a “full” iCloud backup and restore from my previous phone (all apps, etc.) and it all copied over. I did not choose the option to start as a “new” device. Did you start as a “new” device and not from a backup? I wonder if that might be the issue?

I copied direct from my prior iPhone. Hope WT let’s me know what to do next.

You copied or restored? There is a difference.

Restore will also restore any of the permission keys installed where a simple copy of the app from old to new is only copying that app and not the permission stuff.

I don’t recall the terminology, but it is where you connect the old and new phones by aiming the camera on one to see a weird moving image on the other. Then it transfers everything, supposedly.

I think that method depends on what you have turned on for iCloud settings. It may not be backing up your keychain data for example, so that would not get restored under that method.

This method is more convenient for users, but not as through as the old method of connecting the old phone to your computer and creating a backup through iTunes and then connecting the new phone to the computer and restoring that backup to the new phone.

I’m pretty sure everything is backed up to the cloud. I have thought about resetting the phone and restoring it from my backup on my computer - hopefully it hasn’t been changed. But I remember I had a hassle getting my watch to switch over and I’d have to unpair it again - not looking forward to having that problem possibly again!

Well, I’m going ahead and trying to restore my phone from my iPhone 11 backup that was on my computer. I think things have changed some since I last did this. It reset my phone and then gave me the option to select what backup to use.

But after doing that, there seems to be NOTHING to show progress. In the Finder, it shows the backup I’m using, but it still shows the window that let me choose the backup and the “continue” button. They are both now grayed out, but I would have thought it would show something different after selection. Mainly I thought it would show something about progress!

If this was the only thing to look at, I would have not known it was doing anything (if I tap on the phone screen to wake it up, it just says “Restore in progress” - again, nothing about actual progress.

Finally, back on the finder winder, I noticed that on the device list it now show the name of the backup and a slowing filling pie graph. So I guess there is progress, but why they don’t make it MUCH more obvious, I don’t understand.

I’ve noticed this trend in other things where you download an iOS update and it downloads it, verifies it, and then installs it. But the words for some is tiny and not where I would expect to see it (I expect it to be added to the bottom, but it is sort of in the middle).

Almost done filling the pie graph so hopefully it will work and I’ll see if I get access to the TextBlade app again. I’ll report back when I find out.

Looks like it worked! It did have to update the TextBlade app (which I believe it did also when I first got the iPhone 13). I can now see my custom maps so I should be apple to adjust my slots accordingly.

However, I saw when I updated the app that it only has 9 days to go! @WayTools needs to do an update!

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Ran into a problem with my iPhone backup. Someplace along the line my iphone11 backup ballooned to over 100 gb. When I first backed up the iPhone 13 - which had everything copied from the 11, it was about half that, which I still felt was big.

After restoring my new phone from the 11 backup, it became over 100 gb.

I noticed that the phone said it had 102 gb of photos, yet the iPad mini is like 17. The settings on both seem to be the same (optimized and using icloud photos). So I can’t figure out why the memory is so different.

Another weird thing is when trying to cut everything down as much as I could, for now, I saw a number of TV shows listed in the iPad so I unchecked them all and synced. But every time, as soon as the sync was done, the same videos were checked again! I finally had to go into the iPad itself and in it’s settings, manually delete them all.

I’ve been trying to find info online. Maybe I’m using the wrong words, but I haven’t found any help yet.

I have the problem on my new iPhone as well. I had a bit of trouble when I loaded my new phone as I had already upgraded to iOS 15.1 (developer version) on my old iphone. This meant that the iCloud backup was iOS 15.1. I had to setup the iphone as a new phone (with no backup), add the profile for the developer program, upgrade to 15.1 and then do a restore from backup. All this meant that I have the app on my phone but I cannot do anything with it since its not registered. Luckily I have an ipad running iOS 15 and works fine. I hope someone reads these posts as I have sent an issue report on this and not received a response.

Yeah, there are some odd things about iOS15. I’ve read a lot of people get messages about being almost out of iCloud storage when they actually have plenty. But I couldn’t find anything about my backups taking so much space.

I did get a pleasant surprise this morning when I checked the storage and instead of saying photos took over 100 gb, it was down to 56. Since the iPhone 11 backup I used had somehow grown so big, maybe the new phone took awhile to correct it? I still think the total is high since the iPad shows 17 gb for photos and the total number of photos and videos in the photos app is the same. Maybe it will improve some more. I did another computer backup and the the size dropped a lot, but so far my computer free storage hasn’t changed. I’ll check again later.

But another problem was when I looked at my mail this morning and there was nothing! Normally I can expect around a dozen. When I went to my computer, there was plenty of mail. Seems my most used account had to have me enter the password. Don’t know why it was just that one since all should have been transferred the same when I did the restore.

On a side note, I’m very excited about the power of the new Macs. Doesn’t help me though, because I want the same thing, but in the Mac Mini. Maybe in the spring? Or maybe they’ll do an M2 with an M2Pro and Max version next fall!

I may have overlooked some things, but I did a little comparing with the M1 MB Pro and 14 inch MB Pro with the M1 Pro chip (not the Max chip).

First I upgraded what I could on the 13 inch model to get as close to the new 14 inch as much as possible. Basically that meant $200 to get 512 GB storage. That brings the price of the 13 inch to $1699.

So, what more do you get for $300 to buy the 14 inch?

Well, obviously a bigger screen.
And 6 power cores with 2 efficiency instead of 4 power and 4 efficiency.
Graphics cores jump from 8 to 14.

I couldn’d find bandwidth for the 13, but since Apple made a big deal about the 200 Gbs in the new ones, I assume that is a big improvement.

Ports go from 2 Thunderbolt to 3, plus adding hdmi and an SDXC slot. Also the facetime camera is 1080p not (I think the 13 was 720?).

None of this counts stuff that are probably just better anyway, such as the screen quality.

To me, that sounds like you get a lot for $300 extra.

Only negative so far is the hdmi is version 2.0 instead of 2.1. Seems like a strange restriction for a pro machine! I wonder why - like is 2.1 much more expensive or something?

Didn’t they say that 200 Gbs was 3 times that of M1?

I don’t recall. I was up very late the night before and only had a few hours sleep before watching the show at 7:00 AM. Made it hard to concentrate and I went right back to sleep when it was done!

But that would really be impressive!

If you don’t know why it is good for you, then you probably don’t need it. The old M1 is still faster than anything you can get running Windows.

As for me, I ordered 2 of the new notebooks as soon as they were available. It’s a no brainer for what I do (including that I need a working keyboard on the notebook).


True, there is always the issue of whether you “need” something. Otoh, buying my “toys” is my one really big vice!

Taking the upcoming (hopefully) Mac Mini, there would be the question of buying a base model (comparable to the new 14 inch MBP), or going with the upgrade to more cores, or going to the Max version. Which should be good for a good number of years.

OR, instead of going to a higher level, stay relatively low, save money, and be able to buy something even better, sooner. It would be nicer if I was sure what Apple was going to do. I mean, they didn’t do much with the Mac Mini for a long time before fairly recent big improvements. Are they going to keep up with things every couple years - or switch back to letting it lag behind?

One thing I would really like, but is the most expensive upgrade, is MUCH bigger storage. Yeah, I get by with my 512 GB now, but that required moving all my photos, etc, to an external drive. maybe not a big deal on a desktop, but I’d prefer not to have to do that. I certainly don’t want to do that AND still have to keep my eye on how much free storage I have.

I figure I’ll at least go to 1 TB for that second reason. But if SSD prices weren’t so high, I’d be the guy who buys 8 TB! :slight_smile: But that wouldn’t be enough to fit all my photos and videos on. Just my separate data drive where I keep ththose things is over 2 TB by itself.

Photo storage on the iPhone dropped again - down to a bit under 17 gb which is actually a tiny bit less than the iPad shows. Sure seems strange that it took so long to make whatever adjustments it was making! The backup of the phone to my computer is down to 20 gb (it had been as high as 102 gb).

Meanwhile, my Mac Mini now has the “other” storage back up over 100 gb again.

It isn’t the numbers jumping around that seems strange to me, but just that it seems to take so much time to do whatever cleaning up processes it does to free up memory on the phone or computer. I would think that letting it sit overnight would do everything!