Waytools Developers

@waytools Just out of interest, and maybe it’s a bit much to expect an honest answer here, but are any of your developers using the TextBlade to code the firmware?

I’m wondering if they adjusted quickly to using the TBs in a development environment or it’s too much of a distraction to adjust whilst trying to carry out your day job.

I believe @waytools has mentioned that their developers have been using the TextBlade for a while now, and that it’s helped them make sure it functions well for the sort of typing requirements programmers face (for instance, all those curly braces and semicolons normal people don’t use). I know I wanted to try using it for my work after reading that their engineers are productively coding on the TB.

Yep, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I’m hoping that the blade will help with the shortcut gymnastics we do as developers and not be a hindrance. I want to use it at work and at home.

At the very least their programmers are interested in using it. When I asked about Function keys and other esoteric terminal style support they indicated their programmers wanted that so its in there.

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