Visually Pinged

A while ago I setup to monitor my order status page. We use it at work to keep appraised of stuff like Apache Tomcat, or Postgres releases without having to subscribe to mailing lists. So it seemed like a natural fit to temper my excitement and allow me to only check my order status when changes were made.

Fast forward and visualping is starting to alert every week with single pixel shifts of the header image.

Are these being done intentionally? Are they to keep the waytools pages “fresh” in the eyes of web crawlers/search engines?

Km96 - no, not intentionally causing the pixel shift at our end.

More likely an artifact of the server code, or the visual ping monitor algorithm.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Got it. Thanks for responding!


If you would like to reduce the number of hits, you can tweak visualping’s tolerance for change.