USB Activity Troubleshooting

Off-topic from the TextBlade… I know there are at least a few developers in here and I’ve exhausted my other resources.

I have a DSLR connected with a CamLink 4K to USB (has to plug into a USB 3-to-USB C hub) to use as a webcam. It had been working fine until recently. Now it goes black after a random amount of time.

I did add some stuff to my setup recently, notably a Luna Display so I can use my iPad with a teleprompter.

What I’m looking for is a way to monitor USB activity. I’m using High Sierra OS. I am not a developer so don’t have access to those kinds of tools. But do I have any options? How can I monitor what’s going on with my USB? I’m looking to see what is interfering with my camera signal to cause it to crash, or whatever is happening.

I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!