Typing speed results

Just wanted to encourage people to post their typing speeds - on any device (just identify it). Any online typing site will do, though I’ve mostly liked:


One of the options (near the bottom) is “Phase Shift Correction” which basically moves to the next word if you hit space, I think - this prevents a situation where you add or leave out a letter in one word and thus cause a chain reaction making every ensuing word “wrong” even if every letter is correct. I turn that on.

Usually I do 1 minute tests, simply because I get impatient waiting to finish a 5 minute one. But I think 5 minutes is probably going to give more real world results. As I mentioned before, I’ll typically be in the 60s at least and over 97% accuracy (usually over 98%).

But just now, even though I didn’t feel “in the zone”, I set it for 5 minutes using the custom text of problem words - the ones which have letters I tend to miss. For example, using a dvorak layout, I have a problem hitting “T” instead of the “W” right under it.

I was pleasantly surprised that I had 70 wpm at 98.6% accuracy. Especially since I actually seemed to speed up a little the longer I typed. My text usually takes just over a minute to complete so it repeated almost 5 times. I don’t expect to do these longer tests normally though. 1 minute is fine.

This test allows you to correct errors, which I think makes it more realistic. A corrected error still counts in the “Accuracy” percentage, but not in the WPM. I think this is how it should be - you lose time making the correction already. Any unfixed errors subtract from you WPM. In a one minute test, each remaining error subtracting 1 from your score.

My basic policy for correcting or not correcting is this - if I can tell by feel that I goofed, I usually fix it. If I can only tell there was an error by seeing it on screen, I keep going.

Hope others will give their results. My summary:

70 wpm
98.6% accuracy
25 errors (17 unfixed)
Textblade, dvorak, 5 minutes


I’m looking for typing software I can install on my iMac - preferably for free or with a decent trial period so I can make sure it meets my needs.

I have found with the online tests that my accuracy is greatly affected by even really tiny delays that are more a matter of feel than being able to measure them. Might be from the bluetooth connection or the internet connection. So I figure having a program actually contained on the computer could avoid this issue.

I’d like the program to let me create my own text for tests if I want. Of course, I want basic stats like total characters typed on a test, number of errors, number fixed, wpm.

Also would love to be able to specify focusing on certain letters. I have one that does that online, but it doesn’t use actual words. It creates gibberish from the letters you list. If I specify a Q, I just want a lot more real words that include Q.

Any suggestions?

I have used this:


Hmm, downloaded the “try it” version, but says the developer can’t be identified so my Mac won’t let me actually run it.

You should be able to hold down control or command or option or something the first time you run it to give it permission to run. After the first time, you won’t need to do that anymore.

Just got it - I had to adjust preferenences temporarily. Haven’t had time to do much testing of the app - time for bed.

I’m messed with Master Key a little - still haven’t decided whether to buy it for extra abilities.

But I do have an issue with it. Right now, I just want to type stuff without numbers. But I select the drill that leaves them out and when I finish the drill, the only option seems to be to go to the next drill - which includes numbers!

Is there any way around this, other than restarting the app? It seems too odd that you can’t just stick with a drill you want.

What you may have to do is to copy the drill file and remove the numererals. Then save the drill file(s) under different names.

Not an optimum solution, to be sure, but I think it will work.

I did find a way to keep it from moving to the next lesson - set a goal I simply can’t reach. But it is still weird because I set it to an even earlier lesson with a goal I could reach but it didn’t move on to the next one anyway.

In fact, the only way I seem able to select any different drill is to quit and restart the app. Unless this is something that only comes in the paid version, but I don’t recall seeing anything about that. I don’t mind paying, but if various issues remain in the paid version, I wouldn’t be pleased!

Meanwhile, I’ve spend a little time with the “full keyboard” test. I’m terrible at it since it has a bunch of symbols in there that I simply have never used, like: ~

Besides that pain, you may not get the same symbols enough to help remember them. Don’t want too many, but it would be nice if you could specify one or two at a time of those I’m not used to rather than have more than half a dozen!

Also would still like my own text so I could work on specific problems. I guess if you can edit the drill files, I could manually add my own though I don’t know which files are which on my Mac.

Hmmm, found some drill files - the ones based on various literature sources. Since they are listed as Txt files, I figured it would be easy enough to edit. So, for a test, I picked one which, prior to the real text of the document, had a bunch of introductory info about the source, etc. So I deleted that part and saved the new file in with the rest.

But it doesn’t show up in the app! I have absolutely no idea why not.

Been paying closer attention to the errors I get - a lot easier since I don’t get as many! Right now it seems to me that as many as 90% of the errors are either me not hitting a key firmly or my moving the wrong finger. I think I’m generally getting 99% accuracy so that would mean only 1 key strike in 1000 COULD be something other than my own fault and it is almost certain that it is far less than that.

I’ve been doing longer tests the past couple days. In the past I usually did one minute tests (in most test sites, the shortest you can choose), or I did a site where no matter how long it took, you had to finish the material given (sometimes probably took less than 30 seconds but could take closer to a couple minutes), but the test would end as soon as you made an error.

Last couple weeks I also started to spend more time on one site where you could test for as little as 30 seconds - simply because I wanted to get results sooner.

But I’ve also wanted to see how I could do when typing longer, because I tend to get stressed if doing well and don’t want to screw up my score - but that stress also tends to cause errors. So on that same site, I’ve been doing 5 minute tests. So far my accuracy has always been over 98%, usually 99% or better and, just now, I managed 99.9% (1846 characters with just 2 errors! And I think both of those were on the same word (“snarled”). That was typing at 74 wpm, which is also better than my average though not a record - usually I’m in the mid-60s and my best is 84 wpm.

I no longer really try to push my speed to its limits. For one thing, even if I don’t count errors off, I have typically found my fingers just don’t seem to go faster than an 84 wpm rate. Often, in fact, my scores when trying to push myself aren’t any faster - and can often actually be slower - then when I just try to be more steady. It feels like I’m going faster, but the scores say I’m not.

In the 60s is fine to me. After all, before getting the TB, I was usually in the 50s. Only real reason I’d like to go faster would be to make my “worst days” still be in the mid to upper 60s.

My main goal for some time has been to improve accuracy. I still don’t like the “standard” I’ve seen in my research that says 97% accuracy is good enough for most typing jobs. I want at least 99% and most of the time now, I’m getting that.

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I’ve tried the typing tutorial websites. The best I was able to achieve was 40 wpm without any special charactors or symbols. Though, to my defence, this is days #4 with the TextBlade with a total of about 3. 5 hours of typing (not usage as I spent a fare amout of time trying to pair my TB to my dongle. I still do a lot of typos though mainly due to hitting the wrong charactors, ALL THE TIME lol.
Wish me luck to finally overcome muscle memory restrictions!!!

I considered 40 wpm to be fine when I was adapting. It wasn’t much below my old average for one thing. And it is fast enough to not feel like it’s a real drag. And to do it so quickly was more than enough to make me feel confident that I’d at least match my old speed, which I soon did.

But the real question is, what was your old typing speed?

Also, I’ve found some sites seem to give me better speeds than others and I can’t figure out why! Maybe more responsive (I know even a minuscule noticeable lag in seeing what I typed will throw off my rhythm). Or maybe somehow easier to read. Just don’t know, but it seems pretty consistent for any given site.

Finished 40 tests at Speed Typing Online. They were just 30 second tests. My average speed is 69.5 wpm and my accuracy is 99.3% (one error every 143 characters). I’m not real sure of those stats though because, to take one example, it presently says my fastest speed is 73 wpm, but I’ve had a bunch over that and my fastest during this time is 84 wpm. I’ve also seen myself finish a test which was higher or lower than my average but seen the stat average go in the opposite direction! Weird. But in spite of those strange things, the averages do seem to generally be about right.

I’d still say most of my errors are either hitting the right key, but too lightly so it doesn’t register or my fingers just moving wrong for no good reason. Typing errors where it feels right but I get an error are almost always getting a T instead of a W (on dvorak - that would be K instead of comma on qwerty). I just need to improve a little more on getting my finger to hit lower on that key.

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Thanks @dabigkahuna for the updated typing speeds. I just ran one of the Speed Onliune Typing. After about a week+ with the TextBlade I’m averagihg at 50wpm with an error or 94%. I think with time and training I can improve these results. I’m still having hard times with the “p” and the “backspace”. These two character are very hard to hit with my right pinky. Even if I I hit them with my right ring finger, I still have took look down at my blades to reposition my fingers.
Another issue I’m alsl encountering is hitting the “enter” instead of “backspace”. I’ll need to re-educate my fingers to start thinking “new layout” verus thinking of hitting the letter with my old habit. But then again, these issue are inherent to the way I type and none of which are linked to the TextBlade or its hardware.

I assume you mean an ACCURACY of 94% !!! Would be scary if your error rate was that high!

In settings you can adjust some boundaries which may help you with some of those errors, though I waited awhile before changing them. There are 3 positions for each of the ones you can change. Middle is default or you slide to the character you want to get more emphasis.

For example, there is one for Enter/Backspace. I slid it to emphasize the backspace. There is also one for P/backspace which I left alone.

I do suggest, when you change any, you start with one and see how it works for you rather than doing a bunch and maybe developing problems because the changes don’t work for you but having a hard time telling which ones do.

It also took me some time to keep my hands in position - or automatically returning to home position maybe. Gradually I got a bit better at feeling the home key circles though most of the time my fingers may just hover above them when not striking. So I think I just notice better when they do hit whether they are in the right place. Hard to tell when typing at speed, but I definitely make fewer errors.

I also vary how I type - sometimes pushing my speed and other times being more focused on accuracy.

Oh, and my favorite - writing down words I miss and creating my own sentences - usually meaningless ones since I’m limited to those words - to repeatedly type in a text editor.

For that I use http://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/?lang=en

Because it gives you both a list of missed words and how you misspelled it. Very handy for noticing what you are doing wrong.


Yes, you are right. I meant 94% accuracy.
Although the learning curve is pretty steep, it’s amazing how fast you get adjusted to this keyboard and then you start asking yourself “where has this device been all my life?”

I could adjust the settings for the “p” and the “backspace” but I’d rather try and adjust my typing pattern first prior to have to fiddle around with the settings of the TextBlade. I’m getting more comfortable in typing the “p” by educating my pinky to hit that key. Thus far it has been working but I had to force myself to practice using words predominantly having “p” such as “proportion”, “prepare”, etc… By doing so, my pinky now thinks of hitting “p” rather than any other character. Yet, ironically, the backspace is right next to “p” but I still tend to hit it with my right ring finger. I get this habit will surely die hard.

Other than that, typing has improved thanks to forcing myself to type just to type and by using the typing websites you have provided to another TREGer. One thing that I found hard to kill, which I also find weird, is how I’m tending to tP my Macbook Pro screen as I’m using the TB. To clarify, I was having issues connecting the TB to my 2009 macbook pro via the dongle I have. I finally got this working today after 2 weeks with the TB. Now, I tend to tap my laptop screen in an attempt to either press a button or navigate the screen. I’m not sure why, it’s like my brain has auto-magically associated the TB with a touch input device. Not sure if other TREGers have witnessed the same behaviour. For example, as I was about to post this comment, I physically tapped my screen on the “Reply” button!!!

For those still waiting for GR, hang in there because, you’ll see, once you get it you will ask yourselves “where has this been all my life?” (trolls, please let the GR release comments pass, I know as much as you know there is no metric into gaging when GR will actually start shipping).

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Making a slight change in my approach to typing tests. Normally, I often didn’t bother to fix the error if I didn’t catch it right away (only needing to backspace one or two characters). With the test I’m using right now, the errors still subtract from your accuracy, but my wpm is almost always based on completely accurate final results. There are occasional exceptions. Sometimes I just don’t notice the error. Or the error happens just as time runs out so I can’t correct it.

Another change is that I’m taking on some tests that I usually skipped before because they were less “normal” to me. Something heavy with numbers or with lots of upper-case letters or with unusual words that I both normally wouldn’t see, but also I have to slow way down to think about individual letters rather than the whole word. Those things would all cause me to type slower and make more errors.

Yet in the past 25 tests, I’ve been running around 99% accuracy at 65 wpm. Really good since almost all of that 1% error rate was actually corrected and so better represents an “effective” typing speed.

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40 more tests. 65.9 wpm. 99.1% accuracy (one error every 111 characters) while taking the time to correct almost every error and doing some of the harder typing tests.

Update: Just 10 more tests, but averaging 70.3 wpm, all errors corrected, and with a 99.7% accuracy (one error every 333 characters!). I can tell you one thing - at this point I tend to get more nervous. After all, even one error in a 30 second test can drop that test more than half a percent so two errors makes a big difference. Or, to look at it another way, one error would typically mean one for every 175 characters. Two would be one for every 87 characters. Both great scores, but a big difference in those numbers.