Typing speed improvements over time

I’ve had some issues with keyhero, especially on my ipad pro. I was getting “errors” when I didn’t think I made one. I’d look at the actual typing below and wouldnt see an error there - and certainly in the starting red section above. Other times I’d back up to retype and the red area would expand back behind where it was before! Hot can I only be deleting stuff and create a new error before I start typing again? Not sure if it was that bad on my mac, but I do know I was often surprised at what it did.

Yes, that happened to me too. Eventually it gets sync he’d back up. I think that is what happened in the big V in my graph-- at least that is the story I’m going with. :grin:

I think auto-correct may be part of the problem. I had to turn it off on my Mac and then things improved. You can also disable it under keyboard settings on the iPad.

I had turned off auto correct before and it did help with tha Mac before I even tried on the ipad. Turned it off there too, but still had problems.

TextBlde Baseline on first day. TextBlade texts start on the highlighted test (25.98 WPM)

So, I dropped to a little more than half my original. speed. Not too bad.

Finally tried out keyhero – pretty addictive. Got to 61 wpm after a few tries.

I seem to be having the most trouble with V/B.

I found that I type best if I pause slightly between words, and type the next word as fast as I can. Thinking one letter at a time is ruinous for speed; not pausing destroys accuracy.

Does anyone else type this way?

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Interesting to hear stories about the problems with V/B, and to lesser extent X/C. I had this exact same problem when getting used to my Ergodox that I began using around last Dec. The Ergodox uses the matrix styled layout, I’m guessing like the TB.

For some reason, I only had troubles with the bottom left row - ZXCVB - not the right. Are you guys doing okay with NM,./? Then later, only V and B were problems. Now, I’m so used to where they are, I can’t go back to regular keyboards. Now, on regular keyboards guess which keys are the biggest stumbling blocks? Yep - ZXCVB.

I hope being spoiled by the Ergodox will allow me to acclimate to the Textblade easily. Whenever the hell it arrives, that is.



Interesting you mention that because I, while I’m almost always typing words rather that thinking of letters, I also have noticed that I can often type the word itself really fast, but when typing sentences, I don’t necessarily get the focus I need to start the word and I have wondered about deliberately pausing after a space. Only tried it a little and couldn’t get the rhythm for it, probably because of the differing length of words.

Anyone on KeyHero play the “instant death mode”?

For me it tends to make a very short game! It has one problem that really bugs me though. It seems that, as soon an you make a mistake, it bases your speed not on how much you finished, but on the whole quote. So I’ll be typing and be doing well (over 60) and then make a mistake and it will say my average is like 20. How bad depends on how much is left. Meanwhile, the runing speed disappears so, unless I happened to glance up at it just before you mistake, you don’t know what your average was up to the point of your error.

Best score yet!

Happy Friday.

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Yea! New record:

72 wpm
75 wpm raw speed

Then I found out one of my 6th grade private music students types at 80 wpm normally and can hit 100. Amazing.


Two more top scores with one another record.

wpm…%… … … .Raw
72… … 99.2… … …74
73… … 97.3… … …82

Been quite awhile since I’ve been below 50. The record score of 73 was just me forcing mysef to push about as fast as I could go, and hope errors weren’t too bad. I’d say I got lucky! Still, that makes three times I finished the one minute test over 70 and all were in the past 5 days.

I’m regularly getting > 70 wpm now with close to perfect accuracy. Fast enough for my work. I don’t think I was as fast before on legacy keyboards. Definitely slower if I go back to 'em now; might test the reduced speed for a laugh …

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Go ahead and laugh!

—typed on MacBook Air built-in keyboard—


Ugh! After that short experiment, it took about ten tests back on the TextBlade before my speed and accuracy returned. Guess I’m addicted now.

Anyone know of a program where you can specify letters you have trouble with - maybe even combinations of letters - and it tests you with words that focus on those? I know of one that lets you specify letters or symbols, but it doesn’t give you words back. it just gives those letters back in random combinations that don’t form words.

Right now I’m developing words that I find I have trouble with and try to form them into weird sentences I type over and over, but that doesn’t give me a report on speed or accuracy that I want.

For example, I tend to hit an x instead of a k on dvorak (b instead of v if using qwerty). I find it is worse if the k is preceded by an i, such as typing “like” because the little stretch to the i (g on qwerty) means I’m less likely to pull the index finder back far enough to get the k.

If there was a program where you could enter individual letters with, say, a space in between, but also letter combos which simply wouldn’t have a space between the letters, that would be great if it then used real words for those letters and combos.