Typing speed improvements over time

Just thought people may want one place to see how people are adjusting to the TB.

My personal suggestion is that each person put up one post, but edit it over time as they test so another person can see the patterns of improvement better.

My testing was done with speedtypingonline

Pre-test with Apple wireless keyboard for 5 minutes:
58 wpm
Raw speed 62 wpm

First real test with TB
20 wpm. I did see it around 30 for a little while. But it was a long test of 5 minutes - I definitely get worse over time! Done with almost no practice. Lots of issues with numbers and especially punctuation that require two keys.

Second test after maybe 30 - 60 minutes of typing total:
35 wpm
Raw speed 49 wpm

I did take out some of the odder punctuation for this one.

Starting with the third test, I changed the time to one minute since in the past on the Apple keyboard that is what I normally used. Besides, its frustrating to take 5 minutes to test each time. But this change also means I do better since my fingers tend to drift out of position over time.
56 wpm
Raw speed 64 wpm

I saw my corrected speed sometimes be close to 70. In prior tests on the Apple keyboard, I never got better than 72, I think. But most were in the 50s to 60s range.

I’m nowhere near that consistent with the TB, but I can see how this may well be faster than a regular keyboard for me, eventually.

As I’ve mentioned before, a huge problem for me is the angle of the TextBlade. I think more horizontal would help me a lot. My arms and wrists keep turning inward causing me to miss a lot of keys. One thing that has helped is to adjust my chair. It is a pretty versatile task chair. I lowered the arm rests down and that lets me place my elbows on them so it kinda serves as a reminder to keep them further out. Fewer mistakes as a result.

Last night (March 31), almost exactly 3 days after first typing on the TB, I did a test which gave me:
43 wpm at 95.3% accuracy.

Today (April 1), I hit 51 wpm at 97.3% accuracy.

This is not remotely consistent. I’ll have streaks that are really bad. It also seems that I’m much more likely on a TB to hit a series of wrong keys in a row, which makes it a bit harder to correct or adjust to where I am in the text. Not sure why.

Still using speedtypingonline because it just suits me better than the other choices, but still not ideal. Main issue is that it marks errors with color, but doesn’t show what letter you accidentally typed. It would be useful to know specifically how I made the error.

More from April 1:

50 wpm 98.5%, raw speed 52 wpm
55 wpm 98.6% raw speed 58 wpm
55 wpm 97.6% raw speed 60 wpm
50 wpm 97.8% raw speed 56 wpm
57 wpm 97.5% raw speed 63 wpm
62 wpm 99.1% raw speed 64 wpm

I still get plenty of tests that are much worse, but I’m definitely getting good one more often than before.

wpm… accuracy… raw speed April 2
66… …99.1… … …68
61… …97.1… … …69
61… …97.9… … …67
50… …96.7… … …54
64… …97.5… … …72
67… …99.1… … …69
52… …96.2… … …63

I’ve still left out the worse ones, but even those were in the 40s so I’m pleased.

For April 3rd, I am putting up all my tests, good or bad. The first one was almost the first typing of the day. I did spend about a minute typing “this is” over and over because on Dvorak layout, I’ll keep getting z instead of s. For some reason, I’ll often miss ‘I’ too. I always need at least a little practice to get my hand position working decently, but I just did a little.

So I’m quite pleased with these results, starting at 42 wpm.

wpm… accuracy… raw speed April 3
42… … 92.7… … …68
53… … 96.0… … …66
54… … 97.9… … …58
62… … 98.5… … …67

What site are you doing the test on?


I added that to my original post

I was under the impression that the angle was for ergonomics, but it would be bad if that was detrimental to speed.

Can others comment on their perceptions of the angle?

Don’t misunderstand - it probably is more ergonomic. Certainly is similar to other ergonomic keyboard designs. But since I’m not used to an angled keyboard, it WILL cause me more errors simply because I’m not used to it. It’s also part of the reason that I hope the next version will allow the blades to pivot some so we can set the angle where we prefer. After all, even if it is the most ideal ergonomic position, individuals will always differ even if they haven’t formed habits with other keyboards.

Maybe pull it closer to you? If it is centered right in front of you, your arms and wrists would need to point in to reach it.

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I’ll try that

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Try using keyhero.com

If you get an account they gather your typing stats and display a graph of your improvements over time. That is basically doing all the work you want for this thread…

If each TextBlade user uses this account ONLY with a TextBlade (say three times in the morning every day) then we’ll be able to compare improvements…


I will give this a go

Just signed up. My three tests averaged in the low 40s. I’m usually get about 80 on online typing tests. My first tests on TextBlade were in the mid 20s. I’ll keep testing every morning and post a graph after a while.

I’ll check it out later today. Right now my testing is on my own text because I don’t want to deal with the major changes yet. I just want to see how I progress with the basics where the only big variable is the size of the keyboard.

Keyhero results:

Without TB:
Avg. Speed: 44.37 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 91.65%

with TB:
Avg. Speed: 42.46 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 88.73%

On keybr I find that I’m a little bit slower than on the MBP keyboard, but it’s getting better. I’m very used to the green layer mapping of course, so getting to correct punctuation is easy for me. I am 100% blind-typing on it.

Most typing mistakes come from just not being awesome at Colemak yet, but there is a fair amount of hitting the wrong subkey, mostly on my pinkies and index fingers. My most common mistake is hitting B instead of V due to being used to having to go down-sideways, but I’m super happy I no longer have to do that.

I’ve been using the TB as my main keyboard all day, and it’s been going well. I disabled the built-in keyboard and put the TB on top of it so I can reach the trackpad, but I also keep it before the machine, depending on mood.

Update: after some practice, I am at
Avg. Speed: 48.34 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 91.10%

I’m getting the hang of the index finger keys.


Silly question maybe, but how did you put the TB on top of the MBP keyboard? Just straight on the keys? Or on something and then on the keys? Is it stable? I want to do something similar so was curious.

Yeah just on top of the keys. It feels a teensy bit wobbly but I can’t tell the difference in typing speed so it’s all good.

Notice the beautiful metallic ink of the legends…


that’s one nice picture.
Do you think you can take an overhead picture?. From this angle, it seems like some of the keys are obscured.

Interesting. Cool. Thanks for the picture. Can’t wait to try it out myself.

I’ll add some more pictures to https://goo.gl/photos/xDXAf4oWKANPMtbP7


Wow, it already looks well broken in!

And interesting to note that the symbol layer is gray and not green like in the promotional videos. I think i like the gray better.

The symbol layer is actually green. It’s the light, the legends are metallic ink, and thus they don’t all have the same brightness. I added an overhead shot to the album above, it looks like new there :smile:

Oh okay, interesting!

I can’t wait to get mine…