Typing speed from the intro video

I timed how long it took to type the thirteen words in the intro video and used that to calculate the WPM to get an idea of what kind of speeds can be achieved with this keyboard.

Starting the timer from when the man starts typing on the keyboard and ending when the last period is typed gets a time of 9.8 seconds. So, 61 characters (because spaces aren’t counted) in 9.8 seconds plugged into this formula[1] yields a typing speed of 74.5WPM.

Not bad at all for such a little keyboard. Far faster than most people type on a touchscreen. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

[1] http://www.speedtypingonline.com/typing-equations

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You can definitely type fast on this thing JTrilogy. We had to ask the engineer typing the “Real keys” line to slow up at a few spots for emphasis.

Think you’ll be happy to hear this: the news is even better than the 74.5 WPM you quoted.

The precise speed for this clip is 105.5 WPM (even with the intentional pauses) .

Each of the typing scenes in the longer Smarter Keys video is 100+ WPM. Some are quite a bit faster.

Think you’re really going to love it JTrilogy.

(Put a little math below in case anyone is interested…)

Source Data

• For the short 30 second video, the typing clip (where you see the screen) is 7.6 seconds long.

• The footage of typing from a side-view, where you don’t see the screen, isn’t included (we made that clip longer so folks could take in more of the whole scene. I think you counted this in your estimate, which is part of the difference.)

• “Real keys,” is already on the screen, and 67 characters are typed during the scene (inclusive of spaces + return).

• The official WPM standard is 1 word = 5 characters, including spaces and punctuation (but not backspaces or shifts). The reference link you posted is a good one, and it talks about spaces: “Spaces, numbers, letters, and punctuation are all included”


• Number of Words: 67 chars / 5 words/char = 13.4 words

• Minutes: 7.6 sec / 60 sec/min = 0.127 min

• Words Per Minute: 13.4 words / 0.127 min = 105.5 WPM


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