Two space bar. one for each hand

Hello TextBlade,
Thanks for your keyboard, I was dreaming of it since 30 years… I am a french SF writer and I was expecting from a long time a separate keyboard like that…

I think you should sell as option, a second space bar, or two more little space bars…
So, it will be possible for the user, to put each keyboard on the arms of a chair, or side by side by laying in a bed or a transat… or, also, to put the spacebar under the feets…

Here an image of an old installation I did, to write my SF novels in bed…

Thanks for your device and attention

Not sure that could work as the different parts of the Textblade are linked magnetically. That constrains them to being in contact.

Agreed. The blades require physical connection for both data and power. The bluetooth aspect is just for connection to the target system rather than between blades.

The closest solution would be to have a complete Textblade for each hand, assuming the target can accept two keyboards simultaneously. Obviously that means each side will have a redundant keyblade.

This approach will still fall short because access to the alternative layers is often best done by activating that layer with the opposite hand and this won’t be possible as each Textblade will be an independent entity.

This concept was (sort of) in this forum before.

Do you have a special mattress to avoid getting bed sores, too?

No, I have excellent nurses :wink:

Living the dream!
Maybe that can be the free gift for early adopters. Free nursing.