[TREG unit] It's SHIPPED - by the end of the week even!

9:59 AM (California time), my unit arrived in Memphis, TN. Always amuses me to see something shipped from California, to Memphis, before coming to Hawaii. I assume, to get here by Monday, they will have to be flying here by tonight.

Sounds like FedEx. There is a nightly ballet where FedEx planes from all over converge on Memphis carrying packages bound for various destinations. The packages are sorted and organized. Then the planes fly back to where they started from carrying all the packages bound for that destination.


Do you recall when and where mention was made about being able to “reinstate” orders? I’ve not been able to locate that, so far.


I don’t think it’s an official policy. Other users who have cancelled their orders have been able to have their place in line restored after contacting @waytools

I am genuinely encouraged by the release, but not so much that I’d recommend anyone pre-order TB just yet.

With that sentiment out of the way, my imagination is on autopilot thinking of possible WT style updates to follow the apparent TREG release:

Great news everybody! Today we wrapped up analysis of data received from the test release group. The good news is that the TREG units confirm the positive steps we’ve take to addresses certain minute snags in the development of new die architectures planned for the general release group build.

We are of the intention to be able to hopefully commence selecting members for the new die architecture consideration planning committee that should be imminent.

This is a big step, and all we can think to say is “Shazzam!!” mission accomplished.

That’s tongue-in-cheek, everybody :slight_smile:

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I search quite a few phrases and these are all the related posts I could find:

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I actually found it! And from the way it appears, it is, indeed, their policy.

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Continuing the discussion from I’m back, and I’m out!:

And wouldn’t you know it… by the time I got done writing this and trying (and aborting some fancy quoting because it didn’t work) someone else has beaten me to it. Figures.

But it is important information and I am glad that I found it (as well as others.


Mine got to Memphis too, which is weird, because packages coming from my company’s head office in Sunnyvale just get driven to Oakland and flown straight from there to Tokyo. I guess it’s more efficient for packages from SoCal to be flown to Memphis and then Tokyo rather than just driving them up to Oakland and putting them on a plane.

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Thanks for finding that. Hopefully there will be a few who are helped by it.

And thanks DBK for original mention of the week policy. Will see what happens but thanks for remembering and posting it for everyone.

Mine left Memphis at 2:54 PM California time. Wonder if it will stop in California before coming to Hawaii!

No problem. Glad someone found the actual description - I had no luck in my searches.


I often see packages loaded up in SoCal and then ship up to Portland before going back down to Southern Oregon.

It’s in Honolulu (“destination sort facility”)! 11:49 PM California time.


Nope, that was FedEx Flight #77 from Memphis to Honolulu. Mine’s currently on FedEx Flight #5230, due to arrive in Anchorage at 2:21 AM Alaska Daylight Time.

Ah, reminds me of waiting for my iPhone and Apple watch deliveries. I know there are places where you can track the flights from China and there would be people talking about which ones were coming from the “right place” to be carrying these devices - often disagreeing with each other. People would be tracking those flights all night! I’m not that bad - well, not usually. But I would check what people posted from time to time as my delivery date got close.

This isn’t as big a deal as those items were to me, but knowing it is on the island is still a relief after all the delays we’ve been having. Just got to the point where I didn’t feel I could depend on anything going right!

One of the things my company does is server repairs. We get several shipments a week from California by FedEx, but there have been more than a few times when I’ve had to use the flight trackers to go out to the airport and intercept packages before they get handed off to the local delivery agent, who add an extra 24 hours that we sometimes don’t have. So I’m no stranger to watching for FedEx flights, but this is the first time I’ve ever done it for anything besides the daily Oakland-Tokyo flight.

Looks like we will be getting calls again to give details on testing and answer questions. I was asked to give available times for Monday so it could be that calls are made before the device is in hand. Seems a little odd, but we’ll see.

DBK, as you’re good at digging out the details of what’s expected to happen when.

Do you still have or remember the rough timeline once the TREG units are in people’s hands ? I’m trying to get a feel for how long it will be before the non TREGers are likely to see their units shipping. I know it’s a “How long is a piece of rope” type of qn but I think there was a rough timeline somewhere. I have a vague feeling it was planned to be within a few weeks of TREG units shipping (subject to no majore flaws being found) but that might have been before they had to do the latest set of HW re-work.

If you do have a call with WT could you ask them that please ?


I would also love to know exactly that as well. I do not want anyone to break any agreements about sharing TREG sensitive info, but it would be great to have some idea of how long testing is planned and then how long after testing ends that the first consumer units will come out!

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It isn’t complicated at all. They said TREG testing could be as short as a week if no important problems are found. Otherwise, well, depends on the problems and fixes.

Only qualifier I’d put in is when the week begins to them. I mean, yeah, looks like deliveries will start March 28, but will all testers have them by then? And if they do, will there be some period they consider to be for giving instructions before an official start? So I could see allowing a few extra days, just in case.

Even if no TREG user finds a single problem, we can expect a cleverly worded update from WT saying something like “We are now focused on correcting a few issues that were found during our TREG release.”