Treg requests status


I submitted my Treg request years ago. How can I find out if I’m still being considered or shouldn’t have any hope at all

Thank you

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You can see at the end of your order status page. WayTools haven’t stopped adding people to TREG. I think my first contact was a message saying WayTools would like to call me to talk about TREG.

For a couple of years, I kept holding out hope I’d get into TREG. But now, when I see that they’re still adding people to TREG, that only depresses me more because it means they’re still no where near to general release.


WT hasn’t said, but my suspicion is that they’ll want some new people to test the new fork - not just old Greg members. In any case we know there won’t be general release until they send that out for testing, so nothing really matters till then.

But WT has said that treggers will continue after GR.

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Ok, I missed that they would want to keep their old cadre of treggers after release. I guess to use as a pilot group for any updates, maybe.

Apparently I am still considered… it’s been years though. I was one of the first ones in 2015
WT… any hopes that I will be a Treg user… loyalty anyone… :slight_smile:

Your good faith is much appreciated, and the reason we do this work. More users coming in April.

I had contact with waytools back in 2018. They called me about a chance to see a Textblade in flesh, because some Treg-Member was in my area. I was excited to finally see the product and be amazed by its size and feel … sadly it was just a phonecall with no follow up on where and when it would be possible. It was a glimpse, an error in the matrix.

Now its back to reading the forum … and to wishful thinking … there will be a day when i can carry around some keys in my pocket, proud to be a member of a new society. … and then will be the time when i can tell my grandkids about this episode of my life, where i was staring at my screen, pressing cmd+r to reload a shipping page … and looking inside the mailbox every day believing that if i look hard enough, maybe i´ll see it. maybe it´s soooo small, that i just overlooked it yesterday.
… lets see if the shipping will happen before my first born is taking his first breath on this planet or not :wink: (he is not even in R&D just yet)