Treg requests status


I submitted my Treg request years ago. How can I find out if I’m still being considered or shouldn’t have any hope at all

Thank you

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You can see at the end of your order status page. WayTools haven’t stopped adding people to TREG. I think my first contact was a message saying WayTools would like to call me to talk about TREG.

For a couple of years, I kept holding out hope I’d get into TREG. But now, when I see that they’re still adding people to TREG, that only depresses me more because it means they’re still no where near to general release.


WT hasn’t said, but my suspicion is that they’ll want some new people to test the new fork - not just old Greg members. In any case we know there won’t be general release until they send that out for testing, so nothing really matters till then.

But WT has said that treggers will continue after GR.

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Ok, I missed that they would want to keep their old cadre of treggers after release. I guess to use as a pilot group for any updates, maybe.

Apparently I am still considered… it’s been years though. I was one of the first ones in 2015
WT… any hopes that I will be a Treg user… loyalty anyone… :slight_smile:

Your good faith is much appreciated, and the reason we do this work. More users coming in April.

I had contact with waytools back in 2018. They called me about a chance to see a Textblade in flesh, because some Treg-Member was in my area. I was excited to finally see the product and be amazed by its size and feel … sadly it was just a phonecall with no follow up on where and when it would be possible. It was a glimpse, an error in the matrix.

Now its back to reading the forum … and to wishful thinking … there will be a day when i can carry around some keys in my pocket, proud to be a member of a new society. … and then will be the time when i can tell my grandkids about this episode of my life, where i was staring at my screen, pressing cmd+r to reload a shipping page … and looking inside the mailbox every day believing that if i look hard enough, maybe i´ll see it. maybe it´s soooo small, that i just overlooked it yesterday.
… lets see if the shipping will happen before my first born is taking his first breath on this planet or not :wink: (he is not even in R&D just yet)

Any luck becoming a Treger. I ordered in 2015? …

Thank you

A lot of us ordered in 2015. I ordered in Jan. We’re not treggers, either. I’d personally be pretty po’d if they took yet another batch of treggers. That would mean general release was still at least another year away.

Uh, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure about two things:

  1. That there won’t be new treggers until they are ready to send out the new firmware.

This is because they haven’t added any known treggers in a long time - and no new firmware in a long time. Thus it seem they don’t think they need more people to test the existing firmware.

  1. They will add new treggers when there is new firmware. I think they have said something to that effect, but I may have forgotten details. But it would make sense. After all, they learned last time that when they thought the firmware was ready back in early 2016, that treggers immediately found a lot of problems. So logical to, first, send it to treggers before GR and, second, to see how well it works for new users. After all, existing treggers have gotten used to things. A major firmware change really needs fresh users with no existing TB habits.

Now, that leaves the question of whether that means another year or more. Certainly, considering how long it has been delayed so far - heck, how long the update has been delayed! - it is always possible.

But that certainly doesn’t mean sending out to treg adds a year. Last time they thought 2-3 weeks (IF it tested fine with them). IOW, treg was simply a final, probably expected, confirmation that it was ready to ship.

Even with that not working out, they could take exactly the same approach - get it to the point they think it is good enough, and then just a final treg test process as, hopefully, just a formality. But a logical one.

I don’t expect it to just be planned for 2-3 weeks, though that is possible. I figure, since they learned a lesson last time, they will aim for a month. Or more. But I don’t think it will be a long process as long as no big problems are found. They don’t even seem to want to send it out to any treggers now. Apparently they won’t until they really feel good about it, solving problems they know about, before having people reporting new ones.

Personally, I hope there will be a balanced approach - don’t wait to send it out any treggers until they think it is ready for GR. I can see a logic to not having to deal with lots of outside reports if they still have many things to deal with. But once those known thing are reduced enough, then I think having to deal with some reports from treggers as well shouldn’t be too burdensome and can save time.

In any case, barring us finding issues, I don’t see treg testing being planned for a really long time!

But in the meantime, we need @waytools to get the darn update out! Failure to do so just makes people put everything else in a more negative light.


Dbk - you’re definitely feeling better now, back in full feisty form🙂


Yes. Though I’ll know better if tonight goes well (nights are always worse).

But the real solution is to give the update! Then I can be feisty about Treg release. Well, sorta. Because I can at least imagine reasons for delays on that. I can’t say the same about the update!

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Some of us applied for TREG pretty soon after that was announced (I think I held out for maybe 1-3 weeks?), and have evermore been “In Review”. Woot!

I did actually have (unofficial) access to an engineering sample for a little bit early on, so I did actually get to hold that in my hand, so knew relatively early that there actually is (were?) a real product. But … that is years ago, now.

Sigh. Update? Add me to TREG? Or even better, release already?

WOW so many things I disagree with.

I predicted at the beginning of this the new firmware would go to TREG this past summer and General Release would be 2020. I was very wrong.

When has WayTools ever thought it was good enough. I believe they have a product that is good enough with the current firmware. But, they chose not to ship and instead are rewriting the firmware. Which is taking years.

When has anything taken WayTools months. They only seem to be able to count in years. Over a year since the last update. Over a year to rewrite the firmware. Years since TextBlade orders began. Ad Nauseam.

TREGGERS reports, request and suggestions is why WayTools decided to rewrite the firmware. WayTools wanted to add the features that were suggested by TREGGERS.

While I was convinced that we would see the TextBlade in 2020. I am not sure that WayTools will ever ship the TextBlade. Because of the amount of time it takes WayTools to accomplish anything, WayTools listening to TREG suggestions and WayTools perfectionism.


Well, we can start with the obvious - that if a company does NOT think a product is good enough, they generally don’t ship. But they did think it was good enough back in late March 2016. Which was when they thought it just needed 2-3 weeks of Treg testing to confirm. Turns out they were wrong. While a few didn’t find problems, most of us did and some were very serious. If they had shipped anyway, it would likely have failed completely.

While it is true that NOW everything can be measured in years, in past it was not always so.

Well, some things needed to be added - such as a way for users to adjust the timing for layer filters. Some things didn’t have to happen yet. And a bunch of things that have been suggested with approval from WT have been announced as coming after GR.

If they didn’t listen to us, the serious bugs would still be there. Nor are they trying to make it perfect. People can argue about where any such line should be drawn, but only WT has enough info to draw it.

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Once again, I still can’t think of a reason for so many delays in the update over such a long time.

I keep hoping that an update will provide information that may give an “ah-hah” moment that explains it but, frankly, I’ll be shocked if it does. Partly because if there is a reason we could understand, it is more likely to be something a company wouldn’t reveal anyway.

But one thing I am sure of, the longer it takes to give the big update the more people will expect the update to have when it does come - to the point that no update, other than a shipping announcement, could match expectations!

Remember, it is a “update” - thus not something that has to be delayed until some number of things are “settled”. You could have nothing settled and still provide an update about that!


I agree. Barely 2 weeks left until the end of the year. We need a time line - this nebulousness is doing more harm.


Uh, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure about two things:

  1. That there won’t be new treggers until they are ready to send out the new firmware.

Notice you didn’t nullify my point? I stated that if they take on a new batch of treggers, that pushes release out another year, minimum. You then replied there won’t be new treggers… Until they are ready to send out the new firmware. So new firmware = New treggers = release pushed out another year.