TREG Agreement signing

Well, apparently I’ve been invited to the TREG group! YAAAAY! Holy heck I am so excited, I can’t even–

And that’s the problem, I can’t even. I can’t seem to read and accept the TREG agreement. Clicking on the link provided in the email got me to an error page in both Firefox and Chrome. It says something about “view in TextBlade app”?

Any help you guys can offer would be VERY much appreciated, because I really want to jump in and do this!

Not typed on a TextBlade–yet!

You should go to the iOS APP store and download the TextBlade app. The link will open the TextBlade app and present you with the agreement. It’s pretty easy from that point. But it all starts with the Textblade app.



It’s been a long time for me, but does he need to get TestFlight too?

Don’t think so… he’s got to sign the user agreement before TestFlight eren comes into the


(Typed on TB)

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Yeah, you’ll habe to download the TextBlade app. Once you have it on your iOS device, open the app and sign in using your email. To do so, opem the TextBlade app>Settings>“Scroll all the way to the bottom”>Your account. Once you do that, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Open the email then follow the link to officially be signed in. After that, go back to the tREG agreement email and open the agreementih the app.

If that doesn’t work, such as what happened with me, @waytools will send you an email with the same content as the agreement and will ask you to digitally sign.

I hope that helps and welcome on-board.

(As you can see from the typos, I’m still not fully accustomed to the TB)

Well, at the same time that I posted this topic, I also sent an email to WayTools, and they have sent me the email for digitally signing and all that, so I have officially been accepted into TREG! Looking forward to joining all you fine folks, and finally getting a TextBlade under my fingers!




Congrats and welcome to TREG Hermes!


Oh, and usual request when you get to talk to Mark - confirm that you have the latest hardware (though I can’t imagine you wouldn’t).

Right now that means getting the new PCB boards, new keycaps, and the new lamination process. We’re trying to create a list of who has what and what they report as problems to help us testers get a better idea of progress.

It is also always possible they’ve made some other tweak since those three so we’ll definitely want to know if they did. It has happened before, such as a tiny movement in where some spacers were located.


We also need your info - what keyboard layout you normally use (qwerty, dvorak, etc), what country you are from, and what OS system you use:

iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever

Colemak all the way. From the States, Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a Win 7 laptop, Android phone and tablet, and I guess I’ll have to borrow iThings from friends/family to do updates and so forth for the TextBlade. (I’ll also have to have said friends/family do the work on the iThings I borrow, since my bioelectric field tends to freak out anything made by Apple.)



Well, that is interesting! As far as I know you are the first person chosen who doesn’t have an iOS device!

I wonder if that will turn out to be important?

TestFlight and the TextBlade beta version comes after he accepts the agreement. In order to read the agreement (as black_jaquar stated) the Apple App Store TextBlade app must be present on his/her iOS device before clicking the link to view the agreement.

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Surprised me too. I’m hoping that either they have a working beta of the Android app that needs testing, or my Dad’s iPhone will be good enough. I think it’s a 4s? I don’t keep track, and honestly, Apple stuff all looks pretty much the same to me–inflated price, shiny exterior hiding underpowered and uncooperative (in my case anyway) innards. Hopefully, things will work out alright, because I don’t want to let my chance at being a TREGer slip away for lack of iStuff!

Eh, WayTools has seen my order, they know I didn’t list iOS on my devices. I figure they probably won’t yank the rug out from under me now. (Please don’t?)

@BobWhite: WayTools has already sent me an email version of the agreement, which I digitally signed and sent back, so I have been officially accepted into TREG. Actual testing will, hopefully, work out with a borrowed iPhone 4s


It would be great if they got you an Android app!

So the test program, like the main webpage, simply refuses to accept the existence of any other platform than iOS? Waytools didn’t see the problem last time I told them that the webpage tells Firefox users they need to install Firefox instead of displaying anything…