Transitioning from a Think Outside Keyboard

I purchased the Think Outside keyboard for my Compaq iPaq way back in the early days of windows phones. I have been using this keyboard for most things since then. I love the keyboard’s size and collapsibility. I had to make a small platform for it to work on my lap but it has been amazing.

Yes, the technology is very old circa 2002, I believe. But even though it is only Bluetooth 1.0 it is still my reliable old friend. I’ve used it with every device I have owned since its purchase. Through a couple Windows phone devices to 4 iPads, and then through the iPhone 4, 5, and now 6 Plus.

I am typing this using the device. But something happened in January 2015. I found a keyboard that would finally meet the requirements needed to replace it. Something smaller, more efficient, more ergonomic, better battery life (possibly), nicer feel, easier to transport.

Yes, I purchased a TextBlade back in January 2015 and then a second one in August 2015. I have been waiting patiently and I am hoping the wait will be over soon. I still have some unanswered questions to determine if the TextBlade will truly finally replace my Think Outside. Having the phone stand built into the keyboard is nice but I think this is something I can work around by possibly building a custom collapsible platform and phone stand that can somehow fold up and travel with me.

I am pretty confident I can transition the learning to the TextBlade as I am not a very good touch typist. I am a fast hen peck typist that can touch type a lot of the time but still maintain a pretty high speed. I am somewhat worried that the closer key spacing might impact my typing during the times I hen peck at the keys but hopefully not to bad to be an issue… we’ll see.

All in all I am loving the feedback from the TREG users and the guys at work are tiring of my continued excitement on the prospect of receiving my TextBlade. Some have been razzing me about throwing money into a project that will never surface in reality. I continue to ensure them it is real even though I have not seen a TextBlade in the wild yet.

Here’s to an early xmas present in 2016 and possibly the retirement of an old and reliable friend.

This last pic is with the keyboard collapsed next to my iPhone 6 plus.


I used to have a similar keyboard which I used with my Treo (Ahh, memories!). I believe you will find the TextBlade to be far superior in many ways. It really is a nicely-designed, nicely-executed piece of technology. So, as I have continually said: I suggest you wait for it if you can or use the refund button if you can’t.

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And just to help assuage the doubt, here’s a real, un-retouched photo of a TextBlade in the wild.

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I also love my old ThinkOutside. Here some pics next to TextBlade.
As you can see, TB is much smaller, but ThinkOutside can be used in your lap or on the knee, TB needs some kind of support. Maybe they’ll come up with a support device for lap use, or a more sturdy clamshell TB v.2 …


Your last picture says it all! Thank you so much for that spread!

As long as I have old faithful, waiting is not impacting me at all. Anticipation is sometimes painful though.

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Thanks for sharing. Awesome to compare the two.

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As soon as I get mine I will immediately begin working on a solution to use it on my lap with the phone on the stand.

My first simple mini lapdesk prototype:
9x6 inch clipboard from Staples, used a drill to remove the rivets so I could get rid of the clip.

Took the stainless steel plate from TB packaging and stuck it on the Backside (Enough magnetic force to hold the TextBlade even upside down)

Will fix the NanoStand securely with two hoops, so easy to insert and remove.