Today’s date on webpage display

Just checked on my order for any updates and it shows the order date as today rather than 2015.


Are you going off the date on the top of the page?

Or the date toward the end of the page:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/c/c26e07c60257492a4d32d41ac2edab909db2500a.png" width=“300">

I was going off the top but I see March 15 at the bottom? I guess it doesn’t show the year.

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They removed the year from the order date a while back. I guess they were hoping people would not remember what year they placed the order, making it seem like they (eventually) deliver faster?

Before that they removed the date from the TREG status page altogether, saying just “In Review” instead. Originally it would also show when you (tried to) sign up for TREG.

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