Time passes quickly, except waiting for TextBlade

As of today it’s been 5-1/2 years since ordering. That’s 66 months or OVER 2000 days.

Even an elephant delivers in 18 to 22 months.

While the elite treggers enjoy their text blades, those of us waiting for the elusive “general release” remain frustrated day after day, month after month, year after year in what appears to be an unending delay of something that was promised to arrive much, much earlier.

There, got it out of my system. Maybe I’m good for another 5-1/2 years, if I live that long!


We aren’t “elite”. We are fortunate to have been chosen.

And most (maybe all), are frustrated that it hasn’t shipped yet. We have not forgotten what it was like before getting in Treg. And we can use common sense to know how it would be more frustrating the longer you had to wait.


Just canceled my order. I ordered on January 14, 5, and a half years ago.

I initially ordered 2 then upgraded to a 6 pack when on the forums Waytools said in October of last year that it would ship in 2019, and now zero.

If they can come on the forum to talk about the new ARM CPUs for macs, mini LEDs for ipads, talk about the weather, they can post an update that was promised more than a year ago.


Just cancelled my order as well. Now I can go about my day without OCD checking the website to see if the keyboard has shipped yet. I’m sure when the thing is finally released, I’ll buy it, even though I’ll probably be in retirement before that happens.

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I also OCD check the forum. But I believe that cancelling the order but still wanting the product puts you in greater need of doing that. With the order left you can decide to just sit and wait for information of the delivery.

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