This is not a rant - alternative keyboards

Wow. Those 2 devices look great and with more use cases having Win 10 / Linux. Also interesting price points
What draws me to the Gemini is the keyboard which looks to be very similar / exact replica to the Psion’s which were awesome

But yes. The best outcome would be to get the TB.
Hope it comes out sooner rather than later. Hear that WT ?


Ockel = options/versatiliy
Gemini = practical portability
GPD = Novelty

I canceled my TB after the first 20 months on order. I still check back, just because I want to believe that this product will actually ship before I die. Just over a month back, I got this: Zagg’s Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard. Paired with my iPhone 8 Plus, it’s exactly what I imagined the iPhone and TextBlade would be, back when I carried a 5s and ordered the TextBlade. Compared to the TextBlade, it’s poorly designed, large, clunky, limited in that it doesn’t have chording and other features. But you know what it does have? Physical presence in my life, so that I can actually pull it out of my pocket in a cafe and write on my phone. And that beats the promise of perfection that WayTools has been spinning all these years. As Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship.”


Backed and waiting for the delivery this month. Going to get it way way earlier than the Textblade for sure :slight_smile:

I have the GPD pocket as well. Nice device for sure. But still think Gemini would be a better fit for me (have backed and waiting for it to be delivered this month. This is called actually delivering to their backers, and treating them with respect, without years of … ah well :slight_smile: ). Am a old Psion user as well and loved those keyboards.

Anyway best of luck waiting for the TB :slight_smile:


My problem with the gemini is that it doesn’t seem like their device will be supported by many kernel trees to install different linux distros. That gives it more or less the exact same restrictions as any android phone.

The format however seems awesome and it will most likely work well with remote desktop applications as well as some basic apps on the device.

Just ordered one of these whilest I wait… $17 and ships in 2 days.

I do like the touchpad included. Maybe someday a future TB version will have something similar.

I can picture a 4th piece that, for example, may attach below the space blade and you could have both work together to act as a touch pad. There would be that little separation between the two (even when in contact0, but from what I’ve seen of how the firmware works now, I think WT could make moving your finger across it work smoothly on your devices screen as if it was one piece.

Or have a little square piece you place above the TB (but connected). You’d have to leave the home row, but it would be handy to have something that close.

Yeah, I’ve had similar ones before… It’s ok–better than nothing. I could probably hold off if we had dates, but it could be another year (or more :frowning: ). I travel for work too often to not have something.

And having the TB do it would be amazing. Please don’t try to squeeze in some functionality there before shipment! Perhaps an open firmware for devs like myself to … help?

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Like I said - FUTURE TB version. There are a bunch of things I’ve suggested to them which were not intended before shipping and, in their response to each, those they found worthy they said would come after release. And those were just firmware matters, not hardware.

I haven’t seen anything in ages that involves new hardware and the last several hardware issues were not about new capabilities, but about solving basic problems. So I wouldn’t worry about that.

Fair point. But a lot of people are waiting to build all of that for it. Lets see how open it is. I for one am looking to get Kali Linux running on it! Anyway main point its here its delivered, sure might have drawbacks for some. But its here. In 1 year. Thats delivery :slight_smile: I am backing them for their ability to deliver a full blown device, not just a keyboard. If enough people back them they will fix the niggles in the next version. Not wait to polish it forever in V1 cough cough . :slight_smile:

I wish you luck. I really like having only one device to charge as well. I’ll try to follow the development.

rberenguel, what is the name of that keyboard and where can I get it? It looks awesome!

Penna, it’s an Indiegogo/Kickstarter campaign. I think next batch is for March.

Good key feel, 5 BT slots. I miss the “cling” of CR on a real typewriter on it though :smiley:

I just got this today. Mechanical green switches. Good quality and pairs fast and reliably with 3 slots over BT and 2.4. The typing experience is great. Not THAT portable but very happy with it. 48 bucks. Operates on standard AA batteries.

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Dual Mode 2.4G&Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard


One of the things I’ve been curious about the various keyboards that let you switch devices is how fast do they switch once you have them set up. Can you tell me how this one does, assuming you’ve paired more than one device to it.

@dabigkahuna, it is instantaneous. You have 3 “channels” and you switch among them immediately after pressing the corresponding channel button you see in the pic above in the top left.

You can be typing in one, press the button and continue typing in another. I have set it up with both my iPad and my Note 8 and have switched back and forth with no issues. That is why perhaps I do not get why with the TB is more complicated if such a basic keyboard from an unknown brand seems able to do it very well. Perhaps I am missing something.

Also initial set-up is fast and painless.

Does it keep the Bluetooth active on all three channels, or reconnect when you press the key?

Just a pic with the 2 devices. I need to try pairing it with my Macbook Pro or iPhone to test it further but so far have nothing to complain.

I just miss the arrow keys and I do not like the FN+key combination to circumvent that. On the plus side it has a number row and a function key row with standard sized and spaced keys…AND an awesome tactile and clicky feel !

It is not programmable in any way, nor offer any kind of customization or macros, but “it just works” a la Steve J. In the end, it is just for typing stuff.

It is a sizable (but light) thing to carry around…I would like very much to enjoy my TB instead…wink, wink WT…

I don’t know the ins and outs of bluetooth, but I assume your 3 channels means all three are connected at once so that would be instant just by changing the switch. The TB just connects to one at a time so there is a short delay when you switch.

I was curious because I’d seen a report long ago about some keyboard that would take like 30 seconds to switch!

It may explain some of the difficulties with the TB since jumping involves changing things with just one channel. But it doesn’t cover everything since often the jumps just reveal a problem more often. If you are only sticking with one device, the only time it has to connect is any time you power it back up. You may jump many times a day, giving more opportunities to experience a problem.

Also, remember that we are getting reports from people using a lot of OS systems, different versions of those, and all kinds of hardware. I wonder if they had just made it for iOS or macOS, etc, if we wouldn’t see problems?

Most of the time, once a problem can be duplicated by them or a log sent to them, they’ve fixed it in short order. Reduce the number of variables and you shouldn’t have nearly as many problems to find - not to mention fixing one could cause a problem with another!