Things Waytools need to change

Can’t seem to delete this post, I had not finished writing it, so here is the first draft:

In short:

  • the way they communicate order delays: mostly the details are on the order page which is inaccessible unless you first click through a link in your order email, which was sent forever and half ago.
  • The way they communicate in general: sometimes there will be a tweet. sometimes there will be a macrumors blog post (link retweeted). Sometimes there will be a forum post in a reply buried deep in a thread. About once a month, a much delayed and overly optimistic blog post.
  • The website design. I don’t know how you did it, but the website STILL doesn’t load at all in Firefox on a mac (Safari and Chrome are fine, so is Firefox on Linux).
  • The website design: an iPad mini is the best way to present your content? nope nope nope nope. I have a huge screen, and resizing the browser just makes the ipad bigger. This is very much like a flash app: nothing exists outside of my borders. I have a huge screen, the ipad mini just looks weird.
  • Autoplay videos: Annoying at best. I can see why they do it but still annoying though.
  • No sound level control on the videos: seriously!!! nope nope nope nope GDIF.
  • Autoplay video on the forums: WTH are they thinking??? I’m looking at you Apex thread.

I’d be happy to put up with all of that if I were typing this post on a Textblade. They could replace the entire website with a video for Nyan-cat for all I care, as pretty website does not get me closer to the delivery of the product.

If it helps just think of the textblade as existing in superposition, both ready to ship and not ready to ship simultaneously. When you attempt to observe its status you collapse the waveform to a single state.

I’ve taken up typing by face-rolling my existing keyboard, as it increases my WPM and reduces the strain on my fingers, back and wrists. I will probably perfected the chin-tongue-ear combination required for Ctrl-alt-del by the time this beautiful device ships.

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@nico_h, I am currently composing this reply on my late 2012 27" iMac w/optional 3.4 GHz Core i7 processor. I’m viewing this forum (and your post) through the Safari 9.0 browser, but opened Firefox 40.0.3 and must say, the waytools website opens and functions very similarly to the Safari browser. From the View menu in either browser, one may apply a ‘check’ to zoom text only which works on the waytools site in both browsers, but I can say that in Firefox, I’m unable to zoom the waytools site graphics at all, where that feature is available through Safari.

I haven’t the understanding to address your particular difficulty with Firefox, as you complain without offering hardware/software information. Perhaps my ‘world’ is different than yours because I’m also running OS X public beta 10.11, El Capitan. I may be a neophyte compared to your understanding, for I had no idea what GDIF stands for. I habitually use the dedicated volume keys for my iMac and the volume buttons on my iPad; why expect sound level control on the videos? Why use multiple exclamation / question marks in your post, for that matter?

The way I think waytools should change is to become more realistic in their assessments. For all the other stuff it does work more or less.

Correction: The actual problem isn’t so much that the site is not loading as that the page does not render (although the end result looks the same).

I have no problems with the forum which, I believe, is a discourse instance, separate from the the (likely different and bespoke) CMS on the product website.

I am also running Firefox 40.0.3, on Mac OS X 10.10.5 (macbook air 11" late 2012, core i7 2GHz) . Here is a screenshot demonstrating the issue:
Safari with the website scaled up at the back.
Firefox in the middle, with version window and some reported errors/warnings.
Chrome scaled down on the right.

In an old post I mentioned the problem and gave version numbers, but do not recall anyone asking for further details, or you know, actually fixing the problem.

“nope”, “!”/!!!111ELEVENTY", initialed exclamations like GDIF/GDIAF & WTH are common markers of high emotional intensity in internet slang (although they might start to be dated) and were used to convey the strong, in this case negative, emotions experienced by the speaker/writer with respect to the mentioned experiences. It is true that they may not be the most cross-generational way of conveying excitement. As for why I excitedly expressed myself, it was to try to convey the above mentioned extremely negative feelings I experienced in the occasions I was affected by the mentioned issues. Also to try and keep it somewhat concise and to not YELL IN A PUBLIC FORUM.

The reason I rant against the lack of volume control on the video is because I do not always have access to hardware control for the sound. I can give you more cases where that decision can prove to be user hostile:

  • You may be listening to music and then the waytools video plays and I like my music better than theirs.
  • I boosted the volume to listen to a quiet passage and the waytool video is at normal volume but that still blows my ears when the playback start.
  • The sound start to play in a tab I opened but switched away from.
  • I may be at the office and forgot that the sound is on and I/the video suddenly disturb my colleagues.

Should you wish, I might be able to provide you with other examples where not having software sound control on the playing media can prove to be annoying or inconvenient.

As for the main feature I wish for, I tried complaining about the lack of transparency, ranting about the lack of transparency, cursing about the lack of transparency, for the good I expect I might as well wish for more transparency.

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To sum up nico_h’s rant.
Cal Naughton, Jr.: Hey, when you have the stereo and TV on, how do you change the volume on the stereo?
Ricky Bobby: “If you have the stereo on…” Why do you have the stereo on while you’re watching TV?
Cal Naughton, Jr.: 'Cause I like to party

It’s funny but I think you got it backward:

  • When you have the tv and the stereo on, how do you change the volume on the tv?
  • When you have the tv on? Why do you have the tv on when you listen to the stereo?
  • Cuz I like to listen to my music when I watch Xtrem Sport videos.

Would be closer to the fact that you CAN’T ADJUST THE SOUND ON THE BLOODY TV. But the @waytools TV doesn’t yell, at least.

( edited to remove tame “extreme” before Xtrem. btw, the go pro show reels can be pretty nice).

I typed the above post on my iPad (retina mini) and really wish I was typing on the text blade I ordered 8 month ago. Also really wishing the typing experience on a text blade really is better than tapping on glass.


Yeah feel the same pal, I’ve got stuff i need to stick to my fridge. I wish i was doing it with the Textblade I ordered 8 months ago.

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