Things that could be done with the TextBlade?

I’ve been interested in the concept of the Luna display making it possible to use an iPad as the actual display for a Mac Mini. And that got me to thinking about what WT could do.

Since Verxion is the only one who knows much about what is coming and he isn’t telling, I thought I’d see if I could come up with some ideas what would be exciting to me. Not that I particularly expect them, especially when they relate to Apple, but maybe I’ll be surprised!

If, as I suspect, these are not part of the plan, WT is free to adopt any of them in exchange for a free unit (including any upgraded versions) of every item they ever make, plus some other considerations :slight_smile:

So, how about the ability to sort of take over the interface of iOS/etc phones and tablets? I know Apple would not actually allow that, but maybe a workaround would be acceptable? I was thinking of an app that would pick up where your apps are located (which screen and in what folders). It would essentially recreate that visual within a separate app. Thus you aren’t directly manipulating the underlying system - you are manipulating a recreating of it.

So, visually, your screen would look the same (other than something to let you know you are within an app). Now the TB could be used to do a number of things somewhat like a mouse lets you do with a computer.

I could see edit controls that let you jump from screen icon (app or folder) much like you move around text or a spreadsheet. One on an app, if you press Enter, it launches (if a folder, it opens and you can then move around inside it, etc). While I sure couldn’t write it, I can see how it should be possible for a TB app like this to tell what you selected and then pass that info to iOS to do the actual launching.

Likewise, keys would let you move to list of all open apps, select on there or remove it from the active list.

This would, at least for this much, let you use the keyboard more when working with phones and tablets rather than have to reach out and tap the screen.

Now, that would still leave working with some apps after they are open. Those that require taps to do things may still require you to touch as I can see the many possibilities could get too complicated, but maybe not. Especially if, besides the jumping from home screen icon to others, you could make finer motions, more like a mouse, that would let you select individual controls for some apps.

I have a Luna Display waiting for me in Spain (I’min London now, will pick it up tomorrow when I can go to the post). Looking forward to using it to enhance my mobility around the house, although it will be with the Brydge on my iPad

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I’ll be interested in the pros and cons.

Yup, although I feel the main pro will be in the office in London. With the Luna I can leave my macbook plugged and sitting in my desktop and bring my iPad with the Brydge keyboard attached to it to meetings instead.

At home, since I usually don’t have it plugged to a hub I can just pick the macbook and move it around.

Let’s see, I’ll keep you all informed

Interesting. Will the Luna Display still use the iPad as a second monitor if I already have a second monitor plugged in by a DisplayPort cable? In other words, would it be used as a third monitor?

I’ll find out tomorrow :wink:

I wrote support and they said it “could” but depends on the exact model of the computer and iPad.

Is that any better than what Duet has been doing for years?

I am about to test mine, but the difference between Luna and Duet is that Luna has a hardware dongle on the computer side that makes the computer see the iPad as an external monitor. By tapping directly into the computer’s graphics hardware Luna is supposed to be much smoother and more useful, too.
Mine was delivered today and is waiting at the Post Office - I live too far out in the jungle for the mail or couriers to reach my house ;-). I will most likely pick it up this afternoon, or at the latest tomorrow. After the weekend I will be able to report back how it went.

FYI, here’s my normal work setup when I’m traveling (ignore the computer and printer in the background – I’m currently traveling to my parents’ place in Canada and those are theirs). It’s not as nice and comfortable as my usual Laptop + 2 monitor setup, but it’s still decent.

Got the Luna (USB-C) today. Works very smooth (more than Duet, I have been used duet since its release, but I’ve also had Astropad for ages). On my Macbook Air late 2018 (is 3 weeks old) I can use both Luna and an external HDMI screen just fine (WELL, I need to plug the external after enabling Luna, go figure).

A minor “deal breaker” though, I have colemak layout on my iPad, and the keypresses are sending as qwerty. So, can’t realistically type on it.

Also, the colour is horrible :smiley:

How are you liking the wedge mouse? I just ordered one when I saw the price…

It’s okay… I prefer Magic Mouse when I’m at home or in the office, but I got the Wedge Mouse for traveling specifically because it’s easily portable, fits in my pencil case, and takes a single AA battery which I can buy a replacement for anywhere.

I just watched a review of the wedge mouse … looks pretty interesting. I wonder for a $70 product how much margin they are saving by not having a built in battery?

Funny thing before I saw it being used I assumed the slope would slant it up away from you, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

Got mine for 17€, have seen it for 14£… it’s a steal

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Just letting you know that after many stellar years of good service, the Microsoft mouse died about 2 days after I posted how much I liked it.

I think if I’d been in my own office with my own tools, I might have been able to save it, but I was in my parents’ place with unfamiliar tools and dim lighting, so it wasn’t to be.

For now I’m using a 300-yen wired mouse as a replacement.

Check replacement price. If you can grab it for 15$… what was the cause of death?

The mechanism that held the battery in place was no longer making contact with the negative terminal.

Have you been able to fix it?