The Updates Have Happened

No, I have not lost my mind. We have been getting regular updates, just not the way we think they should be given. To wit:

  • Bluetooth issues
  • Wired connectivity while charging.
  • App visibility on screen when typing instead of backlit keys
  • Firmware rewrite.

There are others as well, which I’m sure you folks can find and list. They’re just not on the update splash page. @waytools has been communicating. We’ve been engaged and listening. Those are updates. :smiley:




And two of the four are new features, not needed for GR.

Agreed that there have been some small updates over the last year. What worries me is that they have slowed to a near standstill over the past 3 months.

i’m just worried…

P.S. Straus, My guess is that those 2 new features will be part of GR. (Chasing after new features is so tempting… it’s hard to resist!)

Actually, there is a lot more in this thread:

It starts with a review of their many statements about a big update being imminent. And then I have a series of posts that point out the many things they have said that could be considered “updates” of a small kind.

Last one I put up was for April 25th. There may have been something they’ve said since then, but they have been rather silent since then so maybe not. Certainly not a lot.

Given the track record, I think we can safely assume that Waytools will communicate when they have something to say, and in the meantime ranting about it does nothing but harm, making yourself angry and adding to a negative atmosphere where Waytools will be less likely to participate freely.


Much as I love what WayTools is creating, I have to at least point out that what you are describing is “not a good look”, and there are relatively simple alternatives (e.g. predictable communication) that would be much more crowd-pleasing.

I’m not terribly bothered by the lack of communication (it’s #9,357,263 on my prioritized list of current worries), but I do understand that others are far more deeply impacted by this situation, and understandably so. It just seems like such an easy win to provide periodic summary communication of the status and progress of the project. Even when it’s not great news.


Correct. It’s not just that I would like to know when it will be released, but I’m curious about the progression. Why is it so hard to give a weekly (?) update what the expected release will be and what has been done in the project.
2 lines is enough and I think we deserve it as loyal followers (for years).

To be honest, I don’t have a clue how far they are.

I can’t find any relevant information between all the complaining posts. Updates will reduce those to I hope. :wink:


I would say 3 of the 4 are not needed for GR. Fix any bluetooth issues.

What concerns me is the way they are treating us as customers now becomes how they treat us as customers once the product ships.
While I don’t have a product in my hands I’ve exchanged money and therefore consider myself a customer of waytools And the customer service Is severely lacking


Exactly. Well said.