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(Fair point there pal. I read it as “[You] can’t disagree with that…” as it wasn’t linked as replying to anyone. I made the conclusion it was in reference to the prior post to yours which was my post…)

Quick update … Life is better now. After purchasing 3 different bluetooth dongles along with the Laird 820 and not getting any of them to work with the TB on my laptop or work desktop both running Windows 7, I was about to give up. All of them were running the CSR bluetooth stack. None of them would see the TB. It was getting very frustrating.

I purchased yet another dongle… this one … Amazon Link, the Orico dongle arrived tonight and I installed what appeared to be the same CSR Harmony bluetooth stack software and drivers that each of the other dongles (except the Laird). Everything installed just like the previous ones (note that I have uninstalled and reinstalled each of these drivers many times and uninstalled all the other drivers before installing this flavor).

Anyway, I am now typing on the laptop with the dongle. I was able to get it working and it saw the TB and it instantly installed in HID mode and then I added the portable mouse I use for work and it installed in HID mode.

Tomorrow I will install onto my desktop and I am hopeful that my problems are resolved.

I have been using the TB with my iPad Pro nonstop without issues. My typing is slowly improving as I go. I understand that it will take time as I wasn’t an exceptional typist before.

I’ll let the group know tomorrow.


I’m typing on the TREG TB on my desktop now! Ran into one problem. The CD that was provided in the package for the second dongle (pictured above) was the wrong CD and the online drivers at the company were wrong…were not CSR Harmony drivers. I neglected to bring the CD from the first dongle, which was correct was at home. Fortunately, since I’ve purchased 2 other dongles with similar drivers on CD, I did have one of the other driver CDs.

After a new install and reboot, I have both the mouse and TB running on both Windows 7 devices and have had no drop out issues that I had previously had with the BLTE drivers on the laptop.

I am now actively using all 6 of my bluetooth slots.

You mention installing drivers, and you also mention you have a Laird 820 dongle. Have you tried getting the TextBlade to work with the Laird so that it acts as a USB keyboard to the host so that no drivers are required on the host?

I’ve tried for three weeks to get the Laird working with no luck. Nothing but errors going through the instructions. No clue but neither my Windows 7 computers or Mac book pros would work for me to get the Laird setup.

It might be interesting to let someone who has a Laird 820 dongle successfully used with the TextBlade look at yours to see if we can work out why it is not working for you. It could be something to do with the dongle or something amiss in the instructions on the wiki. I would volunteer, but as I am UK based it would not be easy to get your dongle to me.

I would be open to sending my Laird to someone else to test it. I think my issue was more of an issue due to Windows 7 systems not working with the setting up of the Laird appropriately.
Please note that with the dongle I am using now, I have not had one issue moving my keyboard between devices and taking the keyboard to meetings and back to my desktop the next day and it working immediately once I switch the Bluetooth ID.

I assume, however, that you are not able to use the keyboard on systems that do not have Bluetooth support? That was the big feature I get from the Laird dongle.

Sorry, I am joining this conversation late. I have a Laird 820 in HID mode and it worked fine with Windows 7. When I plugged it in, Wxndows recognized xt as dumb USB keyboard and xt worked immediately.

I used a 2010 MPB running VirtualBox on top of MacOS El Campo (10.11) to setup the dongle. The interesting thing is that I recently tried to re-setup my dongle under MacOS Sxerra(10.12) and ut would not pair. The same issue my GMYLE dongle was having. There is evidently some issues with 10.12.0 related to Bluetooth that will be resolved soon with 10.12.1. Rumor has ut that it should be released this month.

Sorry for the typos, my “I” is not always working. Maybe this is one of those PC board mini fractures in the wild.

If it is working in Windows 7 in HID mode then that should mean that you can remove the Bluetooth drivers and it will still work - is this the case? Did the dongle arrive already set to HID mode (which I have not heard before) or did you have to go through some steps to get it into that mode? Also if it is genuinely working in HID mode it should work fine on any machine as the Bluetooth support on the host is by-passed.

Another week along the path of the TREG unit. Work is going very well.

The only thing I had to do was remap a change I had made back to the factory default… I had remapped the delete full word to the green layer backspace and I was loving it until I had my windows devices working…then I realized I could no longer get Ctrl-Alt-Del working since I had moved delete to the Green space layer and therefore could not make the key combinations working and keep the delete full word in the green layer…since Ctrl-Alt-Del required Ctrl (Z-X) - Alt (V) - Del (Space-Back Space) when in the default setting. With my change the delete key was now Green Space so I had no way to use the shift key on either blade since I also needed Z and backspace…So in the end I have switched back to default for that particular key combination. All good, I’ve been able to get my memory back to using the delete word back using green space back space.

Excel, PowerPoint, and Word is going better and better all the time with the TB now that I have no more problems connecting to the systems. I have not used a legacy keyboard on any device for a week now. I haven’t missed it even though I still need to look at the keyboard from time to time for the green layer special characters especially for characters I do not use very often. @#-=)(*&:; are almost completely memorized. I do sometimes kit the key next to the one I need.

The key I actually have the most problems using is when I need to hit R after T. I am so fast between these two keys I often do not get the R so even my name Trace is usually Tace. I just do not raise my index finger enough to trigger two key strokes. It is really on me and not the TB per se. I’ll get there… The other keys I struggle with continually is the A key and the P. My pinkies still struggle as I have not been using them appropriately for typing. I extend my pinkie too far for A and hit the home key or the shift key accidentally and I hit the backspace of the ’ not getting my right pinkie where it needs to be. I’ll get there.

SQL coding and Excel navigation is going much better.

I am using the TB at work and at home and battery life is about a week for me. At least I charge it on Sunday whether I need it or not.

Hardware evaluation update… Occasionally, now, the space blade is stuck in the down position when I rebuild the TB to use from a collapsed position but I simply tap it and it pops up and works great all the time… Most times now the YHNUJM blade is also in a stuck down state when I rebuild the TB to used after a period of time in a collapsed state. Again I tap it and it will pop up and it works without issues no matter how long I go.

I have yet to find mistyping that is not because of my poor typing skills. When I look down after an incorrect key it is my fault…

Life is good.

There are no special drivers on this Window 7 machine. Having drivers installed might cause problems, but I don’t know. The manufacture’s ID remained the same after enabling HID mode, but much of the other information changed. So I don’t think the drivers will interfere.

No. I had to put on my Geek hat and install VirtualBox so that I could run some tools developed by other TREGers. There tools are fairly fool proof now, once you get the virtual Linux environment up. I think that if Waytools started selling an already paired Dongle that would be great, but it would have to come with the TextBlade. You have to pair to the Bluetooth dongle first and then switch on the HID stack.

You are correct and must have had your Geek hat on. :grin:

My “I” is working better right now. Nice. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Hiser, post:52, topic:4701”]
No. I had to put on my Geek hat and install VirtualBox so that I could run some tools developed by other TREGers. There tools are fairly fool proof now, once you get the virtual Linux environment up. I think that if Waytools started selling an already paired Dongle that would be great, but it would have to come with the TextBlade. You have to pair to the Bluetooth dongle first and then switch on the HID stack.
[/quote]OK. For some reason I thought you had not gone through this process. I was concerned that you had tried it and not been successful and that some troubleshooting of the VirtualBox VM was going to be needed.

[quote=“itimpi, post:53, topic:4701, full:true”]

I went through the same geekery without success over several weeks and finally gave up. All I ever received was errors in the virtual box when I tried to connect the Laird to the virtual box… so I was never able to get to the step of connecting the TB to the Laird.

I know the Laird will work in HID on windows 7. Just that I was not able to use my Laird with my TB to get it set up on either my windows devices or my mac devices… I am usually pretty geeky but I always got the error of device in use when trying to connect the Laird to the virtualbox

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That is nice to know. I am only on that version of macOS which could be my problem there… windows 7 just sucks… anyway. I don’t really care any more as I have dongles that work so my life is very good now.

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At this point no, but it does work on all 6 of the devices I am using it on…

IPhone 6+ (blte support)
IPad Pro 12 (blte support)
Work laptop Windows 7 (dongle shown previously)
Work desktop Windows 7 (dongle shown previously)
MacBook Pro - kid’s (blte support)
MacBook Pro - wife’s (blte support)

Oh boy, (That was a Quantum Leap “oh boy” BTW) so, you could not get your text blade to connect to the CSR Harmony stack at all?

The new bluetooth dongle is using the CST Harmony stack and it connects just fine. I just couldn’t get it to connect to the VM when I was trying to set up the Laird and get the TB to be in HID mode there. I have absolutely no issues getting everything to work with my new dongle and it is WAY smaller than the Laird and at $10.88 buying 2 was still cheaper for me than the Laird. I realize I purchased 4 different sets of dongles before I found one that works but I am very happy and have no concerns that i don’t have the Laird working. There are many competent people working with the Laird getting the setup more and more simple and I hope that in the end in general release that those who want to use the Laird for HID will have instructions and functional details to help it work every time.

Another week. Another 7 days with absolutely no use of Keyboards other than the TREG TB. As of this morning I have made another mod to improve my ergonomics when I am on the laptop in our satellite location during the week using my laptop and iPad dual monitor setup. I purchased a large clipboard and cut it to fit my laptop keyboard top and added anti-slip tape underneath. I just finished it but already it is nicer to have the TB closer to the screen. I’ll only use this when I will be somewhere for a full day or throughout the week but I can already tell it will improve my efficiency.

Continuing to improve my typing on the TB and I am making fewer and fewer typing errors. I am still working on not occasionally looking down at the keyboard it is getting better overall. No complaints this week. No no mods to the keyboard layout this week. Battery still lasting about 5-6 days of use throughout the day.