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to paraphrase miracle max, why don’t you just give me a nice paper cut and squeeze some lemon juice on it. (c:

seriously though, i’m glad it’s working for you… i frustratingly await my own unit to arrive…

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[serious for a second - promise it won’t last long…]

Is the iPad “magnetic enough” along the spine for the Textblade to cling to the back of the tablet along the spine when it’s nude?

If not, are there many super-thin covers that might have enough magnetism for it to cling? I liked the idea of having a thin steel strip between an iPhone and the cover so Textblade’s magnets could stick, but it is an excercise in beginning to add bulk. Having my iPad as minimalist as possible would be the ultimate.

I don’t use a cover so I’m not familiar with what’s out there and what’s normal/unusual in the “tablet cover world”.

[seriousness now officially over!]

Tested with an iPad Air, without the nano stand, yes, the TextBlade will cling to the spine but not the back of the iPad. Note that this configuration is not very stable and I personally would not trust the connection.


I do understand the pain that people feel when I say It has been a good week. Before 2 weeks ago, I was in the same boat as others who have not been chosen for TREG. I don’t try to guess why I was selected for TREG but as I was I will try to let people know how things are going with the unit. I am trying to assume I received it as a general release unit and use it as I had always intended to use it. If that will help others as we wait for general release. All the better. Anyway, I am open to any questions people have about my experience. I am willing to try various things within my ability to test.

Yes @WeirdoSmurf, it appears to be strong enough, but only if you do not use the nano stand. While I am at work I am not using the nano stand but I do use them when I leave work or general outside transportation. I will include picks of both below. Please note that the magnet only works strong enough with the bottom of the space blade on the screen.

Please note that I would only use this between meetings and would always have my hand holding the iPad so that …just in case it slipped my hand would be there, but inside between meetings I would think it would be fine.

Four images with cover and two without cover

With cover

Without cover


Great pics @tlrogers. It shows that the Apple SmartCover has enough magnets for the textblade to stick.

What i tested for @WeirdoSmurf was a “naked” iPad and the textblade will stick to the spline where the Smart Cover magnets would attach but not to the back of the iPad like he asked. Like I said in my post above, this is not a configuration I would use comfortably,but it will stick.


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I adjusted the images to group by with cover and without cover. The TextBlade just needs to be on the screen side of the device.

Hmmmm. Doesn’t seem to stick to my screen in iPad Air, just the side.


A number of people don’t understand that no matter how frustrated non-Treg testers are, this should have ZERO impact on how testers post. Consider the alternatives:

  1. You post exactly how you feel, based on your actual experiences.

  2. You don’t post exactly how you feel, but instead adjust it because some people are upset with delays.

I submit the second option makes no sense at all. I would want a person to tell me exactly how they feel about the device, unaffected by the emotions of others. Sure, it may also make me more frustrated if I didn’t have mine yet, but I don’t see any actual benefit to a different approach. If it causes me so much frustration that I can’t stand it, then I don’t go to forums about the device!

Those testing, imo, have an obligation to give information to those not as lucky. That’s one reason I pound the daylights out of this thing, looking for anything that might be worth relating to WayTools AND to others. And that information should be an honest opinion, untempered by the attitude of others.


Then you need to turn off the logging and keep a record of type of use and battery time. Pretty much everything else has been reported.

Weird, I wonder if there is a difference in the magnetic properties between the iPad Pro and the Air. I don’t have an Air so I can’t test the differences… I might need to take a trip down to the Apple store at the mall and try out different devices and takes some pics.

Yeah, I don’t have logging turned on. I only turn it on when I find something and only long enough to record the issue and send to WayTools. I am trying to use it any time I am entering text. I can try to do a better job of keeping track of data entry volume but forcing myself to type non stop to determine how long the battery lasts is not real world for me. I want to see when it dies. I am using the keyboard probably off and on 4-6 hours out of the day. Once I get the Laird setup it will be way more since I’ll use it for the Windows devices as well.

I disagree. Those testing have no obligation to give information to us whatsoever. If people choose to, then it’s nice, but not obligatory. Sometimes it’s even nice to know that someone “feels our pain” (that’s data…)
The whole “I submit the second makes no sense at all” kinda shows why you continually get yourself in to arguments DBK - just because you don’t see a benefit to a different approach doesn’t mean others might not see it the same way. You seem really keen to force your opinion “untempered by the attitude of others” on the world. You’re entitled to have it, but no need to “share” quite so aggressively :wink: - opinions are like a doodle (wang, pee-pee, little John Thomas etc…) It’s nice you have one and it’s even great that you’re proud of it, but it’s not polite to wave it about in public and ram it down peoples’ throats… :thinking::grin:

Now that we’re “one opinion all” [tennis] then I guess those opposing, entirely valid opinions cancel each other out now and @tlrogers can post in the thread he started just as he pleases…

Now @tlrogers; please continue your excellent and well received work… :wink:

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Yes, reading these types of comments can add to the frustration of those who are not members of TREG but I agree that should not affect how testers post. I also do not believe this frustration should be directed at members of TREG - WayTools is responsible for creating these circumstances. Thanks are due to the members of TREG who have done the job they were ask.

My main concern right now is the silence from WayTools. I cannot recall any time when a prolonged silence from them was followed by good news.

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They’ve ever posted good news?

I here I was thinking it was a long, long series of disappointments… I guess being selected for TREG might’ve been good news… for those fortunate chosen ones… :wink:

Fine, but like I said, “IMO”. And, as I said, were were lucky, considering all the people who could be chosen, to have been selected. So, yep, I feel we should give back what we can.

I don’t know how that counts as “data”, but as for feeling your pain, you can get plenty of that from those who are not testers, but only testers or WT can give you actual information about USING the TB and only testers can give views not coming from people directly impacted by the desire to sell a lot of product.

Then show us how, adjusting our reports based on someone else’s feelings of frustration is actually a good thing. Love to see the logic there.

Can’t disagree with that at all.

Sure I can… I can disagree with anything till the cows come home if I decide to be stubborn… You’re just as practiced at it as anyone else, it shouldn’t be an unfamiliar concept… :cow2:[cow emoji]:wink:

(Just to help out your understanding, “feeling pain” both physical and non-physical is a datapoint. Might not be one you’re interested in, but it’s still a datapoint nevertheless. If I were a company, I’d be very interested in how my actions were making customers feel and if my practices were frustrating people - feelings drive consumer behaviour. Just because you don’t value it doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable (and in your defence, @Waytools don’t seem to be overly interested in customer feelings of frustration either :wink::smirk::thinking:)
Let’s just make it for the sake of the forum and “moving on” that I am the one interested in it so there is now a reason for it to be included if someone chooses to. That way you can lay blame on me and not the poster eh?.. :wink:)

The logic is - having empathy is nice. Lacking empathy is rude. Not the most scientific of concepts, but certainly the most civilised… :wink:

[Wow! Just learned that new users can’t refer to more than 2 forum users in a post. Seriously?..:thinking::confounded::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:]

Now… @tlrogers back to your excellent and highly valued posts. My apologies for the rude interruptions…:wink::grin:

That was in response to GregE’s post so, if you feel a need to disagree with his comments, take it up with him. I agree with him, hence my comment.