The importance and power of good design

This week’s Ted Radio Hour is an inspiring show about the significance of design.

The first segment is an interview with one of the original iPod designers, and is of particular relevance to those interested in design issues for consumer technology. All the segments are interesting and thought provoking.

Great reference, thanks idea2go.

This is Tony Fadell’s TED talk on topic.

Message: Habituation often numbs us to tolerate old limitations.

Transcending them, let’s our minds find better ways.

Just out today, Sean Carroll has a Mindscape episode interview with Ge Wang about Artful design. Mindscape has a wonderful variety of interesting topics which I almost always enjoy, and the description of this one sounds fabulous. I’m really looking forward to hearing this one.

[(podcast link)]


p.s. For those interested in physics or science, Sean also does a monthly AMA (ask me anything) podcast for his Patreon supporters.

I finally had the opportunity to listen to this design discussion with Ge Wang and thoroughly enjoyed it. The first half is a fairly general conversation but then the second half delves much more into design philosophy. Please note it is (even) less a talk about the “nuts and bolts” of design choices than Tony Fadell’s talk but instead focused more on principles motivation and philosophy of design.

My favorite quote from the talk:

“We shape our tools, and thereafter they shape us.”

This defines so well my relationship with TextBlade. I purchased it based on a general set of characteristics and qualities it had, but then receiving it inspired me to change my work environment and habits.

I’m eagerly awaiting the rumored new products such as The Perfect Pack WishList and The Ideal Mouse WishList and already daydreaming how I will reshape my products and practices to transform based on the opportunities the new designs will make available.