The Ideal Mouse WishList

I could see this being accomplished with a sensor for light touch on the space blade. For pointing or menu selection you could use your thumb which is already there. For more exacting movements you might hit a chord and then switch into a mode where you use your index finger for exact movements.

I was wondering how capable current hardware is at figuring out what a finger is doing on a key. I found that if I strike a key then move it around that TextBlade treats this differently to when I slowly depress a key and then move my finger around. Maybe this has something to do with adapting to mouse use.

I also noticed for the first time the different sections sensed on the SpaceBlade. Very cool.


This thread was a lovely distraction from fundamental question of “when is GA”, but seriously @waytools any rough feeling / idea when GA is? This year, next year or the year after? I don’t mind really when, just some kind of semi-realistic expectation setting would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

PS - MacBook quality touchpad / spaceblade thing would be great (does anyone really use a mouse these days? Certainly not on a Mac, and for a good usability reason). Doesn’t need to be the massive thing like that on the 15" MBP to be effective. The smaller one on my MacBook 12 worked just fine

No offence to whoever suggested it, but footpad thing will never work (not enough fidelity) - and it’s a fine balance at appealing to the masses with something they are already familiar with (trackpad/mouse) than something else radical that will never take off / sell well enough to fund the next amazing endeavour

Just saw this on IndieGogo. A strap around the hand, circling palm and back. Something similar failed badly as a keyboard, but might be functional for gestures.

Kai - A Revolutionary Gesture Controller | Indiegogo

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Neither of these is for cursor or screen control, but demonstrate alternative methods of controlling i/o by Gesture using a ring on your finger

Xenxo S-Ring
SOS, Bluetooth call, file storage
Music playback control,
NFC payment
Xenxo S-Ring - The World’s Smartest Smart Wearable

Allows Musician to modulate sound effects
Neova | A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians
This one is worth watching for the 10 seconds of jam at the end

And now it can be pre-ordered.

I have a Swiftpoint GT mouse that is the precursor to this one, but Swiftpoint just posted a new Kickstarter campaign for the ProPoint that ticks most of the boxes I’d like ticked for the Ideal Mouse:

The biggest drawbacks in my mind are the cost and that it is really only an option for right-handers.


Oh heck! And I just recently bought the SwiftPoint GT Mouse. My typical timing… :disappointed_relieved:

Couldn’t resist… just backed it. GT sells for way more than earlybird ProPoint however @ $117. Still way more expensive than it should be though

I still reckon touch sensitive, slightly larger spaceblade would do the trick quite nicely. I never press / click down on my Mac trackpad and only ever touch one or two fingers for left & right mouse click, so a touch sensitive spaceblade could easily distinguish between press down for space and multitouch for mouse buttons.

Couldn’t do gaming in this style of course, but who has time for that these days anyway? :slight_smile:


I ended up backing it too.

I recently changed mice, and as no one has mentioned this model I may as well be the first…
The Kensington Slimblade is really comfortable to use and although it is not readily portable, neither is my keyboard so that’s not really an issue for me.

You just made me spend $131 ($117 for mouse and $14 shipping). Thanks (I think). Now let’s see if Swiftpoint makes their Oct 2018 target date for release.

I came onto the forum to check this thread and mention the Kickstarter but y’all beat me to it. Lol. I think I may have to purchase it as well. I haven’t used a swift point device before. Are they really that much better for your hands/wrists?

I’ve been using the SwiftPoint GT mouse and I really love it. It’s more like holding a pencil than a mouse. In my opinion, it’s better than a traditional mouse almost as much as the TB is better than a traditional keyboard. I can’t wait to see what WT comes up with for a mouse, but I think SwiftPoint has a real contender.

Does the swift point support multiple Bluetooth device pairings (jumps)?


No jumps with the Swiftpoint.

Only pretend jumps:

Been using a SwiftPoint GT for years. It’s way better than a regular mouse, and it completely demolishes any mouse in its size class (and many that are lots bigger) in terms of accuracy, ergonomics, and functionality.

The SwiftPoint is one of those devices where after you use it, the predecessors that you made do with before will never be good enough ever again. Every time I have to use a regular mouse, it feels like I’m pushing a USB Pet Rock around the desk–huge, heavy, and generally sub-functional. I also invariably tilt a normal mouse to the side and then wonder why the heck my document isn’t scrolling, or why the app switcher didn’t come up as I try a gesture.

SwiftPoint is not, however, perfect. Its main detractors are a lack of ambidextrous operation, and a lack of jumps slots.

I recently managed to break my SwiftPoint dongle (left it attached to my laptop in the bag, and then jostled it enough that something broke), so now it can charge my Swifty but not connect to it. As a result, I’ve had to use the secondary Bluetooth pairing to get my mouse to talk to my computer.
That would be alright, mostly, except that I dual-boot Windows and Linux systems, and they have different bluetooth IDs. This means that every time I switch which OS I boot into, I have to go through the hassle of erasing my prior pairings from the SwiftPoint and also my computer’s bluetooth device list, then re-connect the SwiftPoint. The process takes about a minute each time, and sometimes I have to do it more than once before things will work right. The hassle is so bad, I caved and ordered a new dongle, and I’m eagerly and impatiently awaiting its arrival.

Lack of jumps is totally normal for bluetooth devices–I have to deal with that on my BT headphones, my SwiftPoint, and it was an ugly and inevitable problem on every folding bluetooth keyboard I ever bought before the TextBlade. You don’t realize how amazing jumps are until you’ve got your hands on the one Bluetooth device that supports six pairing slots at once and can fluidly, naturally, switch between them.

I’m curious. I use the Logitech Performance MX mouse, for a very simple reason - lots of buttons which I can program:

left, right, middle click
tilt wheel left or right
Side button I program to enlarge the text and another side button that reduces text.
Another side button that closes active tab, etc.
And a final side button that does a force quit.

I find those text adjustments and closing tabs to be really nice time-savers and would not want to lose them. BTW, I have to use a special app (Steermouse) to let me make full use of it as Apple has this bad habit of limiting what you can do with extra buttons - one of my big annoyances with Apple deciding their way is the only way.

Anyway, I assume the SwiftPoint would not have this much flexibility?

@dabigkahuna You might find that the SwiftPoint gestures cover most of what you describe. The new ProPoint on the KickStarter also introduces a third button, so I assume that this can be assigned to one of your tasks. (I can’t say for sure as I don’t have it yet, but what else would it be for?)

LOL! Perfect description. :laughing: