The Ideal Mouse WishList

If it truly is a new paradigm, should it even be called a mouse? Naming after another rodent may be more appropriate. Gerbil, perhaps? Or TextWeasel™?

It will have a name distinct from legacy mice.:blush:

Ah, “the spider”! :slight_smile:

Ok - color me very interested.

I was going to start a new thread to find out whether you were still accepting TREG applications - I’m working on a project that would provide an ideal test case for the TextBlade - but now I’m doubly curious about the new mouse project. Will current TREG participants be offered the opportunity to roll over into the new project, or will this require a new application?

Yes, TREG contributors will get early access to validate the mouse.

We have already shipped some other unannounced products to a set of treg users, and they are using them now for validation. User feedback on the pilot build for these other products has been favorable.

We’ll add those products to our public online store after we finish some patent work on them.

Mouse treg will start after general release for TextBlade, which is our main focus right now.


I got it!
Leave both hands on the Text & Space Blades and move the whole thing around like a Ouija Board. :grin:


Like this? KeyMouse. Having your keyboard moving around seems like bad ergonomics, but the physical layout of the keys on the model that does not have trackballs is superior to a lot of layouts. The non-trackball KeyMouse has possibly the best thumb clusters I’ve seen.

Beyond the merits of the device itself, the trade name “KeyMouse” reminds me of my first childhood invention: the Forknife, half fork, half knife, 100% tricky to use.

Not sure that you move the keyboard pods. The “mouse” activity seems to take place via thumb action on the rollers on each pod or the trackballs on each pod. But the concept is still interesting.

Oh, so that’s why your handle includes IP, you are an inventor.

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I mean, we are all inventors, right?

Speaking of which, I came across a really neat old bamboo item in a flea market the other day and it occurred to me how it might be useful with a TB.

It was a rolled mat type thing. You roll it up, and store it. If you unroll it and flip it over, the tongue/grooves cause it to become ridged, like a flat little table that won’t roll up. Similar to those stretchy metal watch bands that curve around your wrist in one direction but not the other, but with a lot more give. I instantly thought: what if the nano-stand was made like this from a strong polymer or carbon fiber or the like, held around TB magnetically with a slot cut in to hold a phone? You could unroll it, flip it over and have yourself a little flat, ridged surface with a phone stand. I guess finding the right materials to handle the weight of devices w/o making such a stand bulky or too heavy is challenge, but it’s a neat concept for achieving flat/level surface large enough to support a TB anywhere.


The alpha unit (with the scroll wheels) really does function like a traditional mouse. Cursor movement is controlled by moving the entire unit (left or right). That’s why it has less keys than the trackball version (less weight and smaller size to push around the desk).



Yup. I have both models of the KeyMouse, and I’m using the trackball variety to type this. (I struggled for a while with the mouse version, but part of that challenge was that the cognitive load of the work I was doing was high enough to start with, that the additional cognitive load from the keyboard/mouse change was just too much.)

It’s a well-done project, and the company behind it has some real dedication to the goals and to their customers.

(And despite any complaints about WayTools, it certainly appears that they’ve kept after their goals with this project, through some pretty big challenges. Wishing them the best of luck to bring it over the finish line!)

That makes it even cooler. It would be fun to try, but not at $500. However, I can see why they may have developed a trackball version. As you move the mouse version, your hands are getting out of alignment and you always have to pull the “moved” unit back into alignment. At least that’s the way I envision it working. Probably not so with the trackball version.

On the other hand, the TextBlade is small, lightweight and portable. I look forward to the “mouse” solution they are developing.

I understand all the kids are playing that these days.


Thanks for my TREG unit!

Unfortunately when my unit arrived it looked like the delivery team ran it over with their truck! I’m trying it out anyway but it doesn’t seem to hold liquid snacks very well. Is that a side-effect of it being run over? Also, the tines don’t hold my solid snacks very well, but it does work excellent with popcorn.

Snakke hvis snakkebladen.

Plus it would make a good sushi rolling mat, you know, just in case.

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That is somewhat true, but it turns out to be fairly natural. There is a button assigned to freeze that hand’s mouse, allowing you to “move the unit back into alignment”.

The key-mice work either wired (USB) or wirelessly, obviously re-charging from the USB, and they allow you to daisy chain one from the other (using that same USB connection). I use the alpha wirelessly, and the track via USB (since it doesn’t have to move around).