The 'designer', going opposite direction

Another keyboard-like gadget. Not really sure how adding more physical keys helps your productivity.

Bring your comments…

I can see how as a designer it might be useful since you can use the wheel for a lot of quick functions and a smaller keyboard for any hotkeys.

If you’re holding a pen in one hand, having a full keyboard is pointless since you dont want to drop your pen to use the right/left side of the keyboard. So half the keyboard is useless anyway. I can see a niche case where compacting the one half you can use to basically a tiny keyboard plus thumb wheel mouse could be beneficial

But its fairly niche for the designer market

Think of it like those separate numeric keypads that accountants love. Again super useful for a very specific market.

This is not a keyboard replacement, but an enhancer. It does not replicate the left half of a normal keyboard. Other than Ctrl, shift, enter, Alt, Fn, Num lock, it has number keys (not laid out in a normal keypad) and Z, X, C, V keys.

The intent of this device from my understanding is that for all of these keys, you can assign custom functions or macros to save key presses on a normal keyboard (i.e. something that would take 10 key presses on a normal keyboard could be assigned to one key on this).

Designers and possibly gamers are the intended audience.

added photo of delux designer keys

Yeah maybe it’s the combo of some keys and the mouse scroll wheel in one place that is a good improvement.