The Dating Game

Seems like an appropriate title!

So, we are in December with the following noteworthy dates coming:

An announcement recently by WT that there will be an update coming this month. That covers all 31 days.

December 21st at 8:28 AM California time - first day of winter so any change in shipping estimates should come before then, accompanied by lots of information on what’s happening.

December 25th - Always a good day for a Christmas surprise (a positive one!)

December 28th - exactly 3 months since the last major update.

December 31st - Another good day for a positive surprise announcement.

Of course, I’d rather any positive announcement happen sooner. December 2nd would be good!!! :slight_smile:




I’m much more in favor of an “announcement” than another “update”. :slight_smile:


Me too, but, other than sometimes expressing that I’d like to hear that shipping is starting, I don’t focus on that. Simply because until WT thinks it is ready, it isn’t going to ship. But the things I do push for (updates), are things they can do any time regardless of what problems they are needing to fix.

And you left out my birthday on the 30th!

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Same as my sister’s birthday. Coincedence? :smirk:

Other birthdays (a small sampling) in December:

Beethoven, Taylor Swift, Walt Disney, Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra.

None are Treggers.


Haven’t seen any posthumous orders yet, and can’t do much for those folks.

But Taylor Swift - now she would be an awesome user.

She’s very gifted on the guitar, and would probably take to it, well … very swiftly.


Some people say there are no coincidences.

I had someone tell me that just today!

I nominate Beethoven for TREG. He has a very unique test case:

Maybe macros would help??

(BONUS — back up and play the entire clip. it’s a great scene, even if you don’t know the context which makes it even more powerful)

I can just see Beethoven “pounding” on the TB keys!

Good movie, btw.

I see WT gave a brief update in another thread, which I appreciate. Seems to match up well with what I’ve seen from treg reports. But I hope something much bigger is coming for the status page this month!

Meanwhile, I just got new fiber internet installed this morning. Supposed to be 1 gbs download an 100 mb uploads! It isn’t working right yet on the download speeds. Still very fast compared to my old 20 mbs (1 mbs uploads), but typically below 300 mbs. The installer said that for some reason Macs can take awhile before they get the proper speed. No idea why as that tech stuff is over my head. So I’ll wait a couple days and see what happens. If it doesn’t go up, I’ll call them about it. But this faster speed is still great!

What brief update? Which thread? I don’t see it. Thanks.


It’s just a brief note.

Shipping estimate just changed to Winter.

So now we need a really useful update on how things stand more specifically.

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I initially purchased in March of 2015. After about 2 years waiting, I gave up. I tested lots of portable keyboards and came back - with a later date for delivery. I really hope the TB can help me persevere though my pain with constant typing. The ergonomics are key for me. Agree with the dabigkahuna. A more detailed updated would be appreciated. I am also impressed that dabigkahuna still comments as much as when I cancelled. Very helpful.

Actually, two years ago I was posting a lot more! Just hasn’t been as much to report now and I’ve covered most stuff I can report with my hands on with the TextBlade stuff.

The stated shipping times remain meaningless with no context. The updates stopped having much value, other than fulfilling intellectual curiosity, again, because we have no context. There was a time when WT would tell us what the gating issues were. They stopped listing these some time ago (months, a year?), which leaves us with no way to understand the value of any improvements, or even to imagine if winter refers to the season that starts in a few days or a year or more from now.

WT clearly has reasons for not stating gating issues. Since we can’t have those, perhaps we could have the reason they won’t give us gating issues. That might start to give us some context as to how to think about long term prospects for delivery.


I guess we haven’t gotten some official list of gating issues - and I’d love to have one. But I think we have a pretty good idea of the main (maybe only) gating issues from their statements over past months. Most of it seems to keep coming back to connection issues. And for awhile we had swap issues, but I’m not seeing reports on that lately so hopefully that one is at least satisfactory.

Connection issue can have multiple effects and I supposed some things that may look like they could be caused by connection problems could be caused by something else - actually that’s why I’d like a list. Not so much to see what is on it, but what is NOT on it!

So, back to connections and possible effects:

An obvious one would be you start the TB and nothing happens when you type because the connection failed.

Another obvious one may be not being able to pair to a device.

But what if you are typing and suddenly you get nothing and then it starts typing again a few characters later - did it lose connection briefly?

Or a similar situation, but while the characters are briefly delayed, they all still show up in a couple seconds. Is that a possible connection issue?

How about key repeats? As I understand it, a signal is sent to the computer about a key being pressed down, but when the key is released, another signal is sent to say so. If you lose connection before it comes back up, the computer (or other device) thinks it is still down and repeats the key.

Or maybe it messes up only after a jump. Still could be a connection issue.

All of these things could be related to connections. Or some may not be. A list may clarify that. Since I know there are people with connection issues, then it would be nice if I knew all the problems were the same root cause - fewer things to fix!

I’d also love some data on how widespread problems are. This could be about the percentage of people who have them and/or about how often they happen to those who experience them. Big difference in having a connection issue once a month compared to several times a day.