TextBlade with Magic Trackpad 2 - laptop orientation

With all the great reviews from TREG’s about using the TextBlade as their only keyboard, I have started to play around with the possibility of replacing my Magic Keyboard and using the TextBlade (when it ships!) with my keyboard platform and Magic Trackpad.

I did some mockups using a photo of the TextBlade. I would need to create a blank filler board (see third picture) to take the place of where the Magic Keyboard usually sits.

I was thinking the filler panel could also be used over my MacBook Pro keyboard so I could use the TextBlade whether I am at home with my external monitor or on the road.

Questions for the Mac TREG’s:

Do you think this orientation would work well?
Would the filler panel need a top layer of metal to prevent the TextBlade from slipping?
Any other thoughts or suggestions?



don’t you need metal tape to prevent palms from registering

The Magic Trackpad is sunk slightly lower. Your palms rest on the black edges on each side and don’t touch the trackpad.

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It’s pretty much that exact orientation when I rest my TextBlade on the keyboard of my MBP and there’s never been a problem with it.